Cousin Needs A Hand Part – 1

So, I’ve been a reader here for a few years and have enjoyed the stories people post. Most times, I think the guys are a bit full of themselves with their stories of 8-inch dicks. Frankly, the Indian average is quite a bit less than that  But whatever, if you look past that, it’s great personal experiences.

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I live in Bangalore right now, not that that’s relevant to the story. This happened a good 10 years ago. I was 26 at the time and I had a cousin who was quite a bit younger than that.

She was a precocious girl, by which I mean, she was curious about the body when she was just a kid. I lived abroad all my life and would keep coming back to India for family summer visits and I’d meet her once every few years. And on a few trips, I remember her peeking in at me when I was in a towel but you don’t think anything of it, right? She’d also like to sit on my lap a lot.

So, this trip, she’d grown up quite a bit since the last time I saw her. She was 5’4, had long her down to her waist, and looked amazing. She was pretty, had a sweet innocent face, big breasts, a small waist and a perfect ass, not too big, not too small. I knew right away she’d grow up to be a beautiful woman.

My uncle’s place was a 2 bedroom, so all the adults slept in the same room and the “kids” in another. I and my cousin were sharing a bed and a blanket and we were talking. I was asking her how her studies were going and there was just a night light that was on, but bright enough that we could see each other.

I must’ve dozed off while we were talking but I woke up when I felt my hand moving. She had it in her hands and she was moving it slowly towards herself. I just lay there and let her do what she wanted, to see what she would do. She took it, slowly kissed my hand and slowly put it on her breasts over her nightshirt. And she slowly started squeezing my hand with hers. I looked at her and she just smiled shyly. I took over and slowly started squeezing her breast. It felt so soft and perfect. I could feel her nipples hard through the shirt so I ran my fingers over them, teasing them.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. I decided to take my time and enjoy myself. I caressed her breasts all over, ran my fingers, tracing around them, the side, under and in between and moved my hand over to the next one. I was on my side for the best view and I took my time squeezing, pinching and pulling on them. She was loving every moment of it. All this was still very much above her shirt. I put my head down and kissed her nipples through her top. And sucked on the side of her tits and she started to moan.

Right away, she grabbed my hand and moved it lower and under her shirt and her slip (I think it’s called) and placed them right on her breasts directly. I went a little crazy, I leaned in, pushed her shirt up and started to suck and kiss her breasts. While I was licking her nipple, teasing it with my tongue, my fingers were doing the same on her other breast. I started to suck on her nipples and with my hand I was pulling her nipples, getting a little rough. All the while, she was just breathing deeply and moaning.

After spending around 5-10 minutes enjoying that, I decided to let my hands explore the rest of her. My hands ran over her stomach, I kissed her navel, licked her sides. My fingers ran to her armpits and I could feel some soft, silky hair there. I know a lot of people think shaven armpits are the best but my fetish is a little different. Seeing girls with underarm hair is a fucking turn on. I also love the natural smell of a woman. I think the scent she gives off when she’s horny is better than anything that comes out of a bottle. I took my face to her underarms and took a deep breath. I could see she was surprised but she was still loving everything I was doing to her. I took several breaths and licked her armpits slowly. Tasting her, loving her smell. My hands were still playing with her tits while I was doing this. The hair there got matted with my licking and I ran my tongue from the side of her boobs all the way up her armpits and back again. And then I switched to the other side and did the same.

She was turned on like crazy and moaning and writhing under me. While I had my face buried between her tits and armpits, she took my hands, into her panties and left it just above her pussy, pretty sure I knew what to do. I could feel some light pubic hair just on her mound and ran my fingers down either side of her clit and pussy. She arched her back with a loud moan. I ran my fingers lightly up and down, caressing her lips and clit but not quite touching her. Her hips were jerking wildly and she whispered, “Please…” in my ear. I took my hand out, licked two fingers and slowly found her clit… and pressed.

I could feel her body shudder under my touch. And I massaged her clit slowly. And while I was doing that, I kissed her for the first time. I gently placed my lips on hers and kissed her deep. After a few seconds, she opened her mouth and I kissed her a little more deeply, all the while, my fingers rubbing her clit faster and faster. I briefly touched her pussy and she was dripping. She took my hand and pushed two fingers into her pussy.

God, I can’t tell you how tight and warm she was. I could feel her pussy just clench around my fingers. Her legs closed around my hands squeezing hard. I went down, took a nipple in my mouth and started to suck as I was fingering her. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. She spread her legs to allow my hand movement and was finger banging her hard and fast. My fingers deep inside her, I touched her G-spot because immediately, she came hard. My hand was soaked as she shuddered and shook while her orgasm overcame her. After a minute, she relaxed and slumped a little and you could feel her body just loosen.

I took my fingers out and slowly licked my fingers. I’m very sensory in my appreciation of sex. I love the sight of her body, the sounds she makes when I touch her, the smell and taste of her and of course, how she reacts to my touch.

She was smiling and all the while, we hadn’t said two words to each other. I still had a raging hard on but I was so focused on her. But now, I took her hand and put it on my boxers and she started rubbing it slowly from the outside…

Well, I think I’ll pause here but if you wanna know what happens next, give me some feedback (positive or negative) and I’ll get back to you with part 2. Cheers guys 🙂

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