Cousin’s Marriage Party With Mahima Di

Hi guys and girls, I am Manohar and this is a story about me and my neighbour cum sister Mahima Di. This is a story about how we had sex at her cousin’s marriage after knowing that we had craving for each other.

Mahima Di asked me to come for her cousin Sapna Di’s marriage. Mahima was the pet name of Mrinal Agarwal, the heartthrob of our colony. At the age of 21, she had developed a sexy figure of 34D-26-36. Her upper body was full and bosom was juicy. Waistline so thin that one could hold it with 2 hands. Hips which swung sexily when she walked, 36″ in girth and ass protruding out like two hemispherical volleyballs. She killed with every move she made. She was goddess of lust. It was the wedding day.

I went there along with my family wearing a black suit with white napkin in the top pocket and white shirt underneath and matching formal pants. I thought I was looking nice but then I spotted her.

She was looking fucking hot. Wearing a yellow sleeveless, backless padded choli held by just 2 strings at the back which showed her full cleavage every time she bent forward, pairing it with a netted lehnga having red satin underneath it. Everything in between her bosoms and 4 inches below navel was revealed through a reddish yellow netted dupatta which was of no use other than gagging her to stop people from hearing her cry while I entered into her tight pussy. There was also a silver kamar-band right around her waistline and hiding something beneath the navel. She was looking like an angel. Pure goddess. Goddess of beauty and lust.

She saw me. She saw me watching her. I was staring at her like I would eat her juicy lips while kneading her full swollen tits and fingering her till she cums twice. I was wanderlust in my own world. I couldn’t get the hint. She actually wanted me to fulfil my fantasy and her desires. Doing it here at her cousin’s marriage. Now, my hormones were controlling me. She started walking towards Sapna Di’s house with her 4 inches blood-red heels and her middle finger with red glitter nail- paint pointing towards me as she entered into her house.

She was seducing me with every bits of hers I could see and couldn’t.

I followed her. I followed her like a honey bee following a flower. Trapped in its own desires. I entered the house. It was big as hell. There were 4 rooms at the ground floor. The house was empty. Everyone was busy seeing the varmala. I was confused where to go.

Then I gazed upon a piece of jewellery lying on the stairs. It looked familiar. It was her navel-piercing top, oh this was it what was hidden below her kamar-band, I reckoned. I picked it up, as well as the hint. Went upstairs. There were 3 rooms and a big hall up there. It was all dark. There was just a faint red-blue-green changing LED light oozing from decorations of the marriage lawns. I entered the room.

As soon as I entered the room, there was a thunder sound as if someone locked the room. She was hidden behind the door. A lot of thoughts were going on in my mind. Before I could speak something she placed her both hands on my chest as she stood on my back. I pulled her immediately in front of me and tried to smooch her. She stopped me from doing so keeping her palm over my lips. Now she was in front of me.

She opened my suit in just a fraction of second and then my shirt successively. I was standing topless. She placed her hand on my bare strong chest and pinched my nipple in between her middle and forefinger. I felt aroused. There was nothing but that LED changing its color and sieving through her netted dupatta on her bare stomach, navel and hips, creating patterns on it. I couldn’t resist. I placed my hands over her choli and started pressing her boobs. She wishpered dheere ‘chotu’ and placed her hand over my pants on my semi hard shaft.

Now I couldn’t resist. I kissed her. I kissed her wildly. Within seconds I was exploring her mouth with my tongue while pressing her boobs over her choli. Oh, the softness couldn’t be described in words. It was softer much softer than sponge. I could feel her aroused nipples over her choli. Now I flipped her so that her back was pointing to my front. I was still kissing her wildly and kneading her bosoms with one hand and other hand pressing her throat. She was moaning softly. She started feeling suffocated as well as aroused soon.

I removed the kamar band and it fell on the ground making a chann sound. She unhooked her dupatta, I stole it away from her and placed it around my neck.

I opened the knot of her choli, the upper one first and the top portion fell down revealing 30% of her top boobs. I opened the lower knot too in quick succession. While all this I kept exploring her mouth, exchanging saliva and fighting with tongue. Now I was expecting strapless backless bra or at least pasties. But I found none.

When I placed my hand beneath her choli, there was nothing which could hold me from touching her aroused nipples. Now I figured out the reason why I could feel her nipples over her choli. She bent forward and choli fell on the ground. OMG, the scene was erotic, the beauty surreal. Mahima didi, girl of my dreams standing topless in front of me, with her lehnga 4 inches down her navel. I could have masturbated myself to death at the pic of that sight. But this was real, why would I masturbate.

I was dominating for a long time. Now the wild mahima woke inside her. I thought of opening her lehnga but she stopped me from doing so. She placed her round ass on the bed and skid back half a meter, with her legs hanging at the edge of the bed. She pulled me towards her using her crossed legs. She pulled her lehnga up to her thighs.

I got the indication. I pulled the netted cloth down again and pushed the red satin below the net till her hips, now the light was falling through the net of the lehnga at her red lacy panty. In that dim light also, I could figure the difference in shades of the panty, a patch of her juices. I sniffed it. It smelled rosy Jasmine added with a peculiar smell, maybe of her love juices. I touched her above the patch. It was moist there. She felt electrified. I placed my lips above her panty and tried to suck in all I could. She held my head with both her palms, pushed me deeper into it.

When I was done licking the juices off the stained piece of her lacy floral underwear, I pushed it a bit on the side of her pussy so that I had access to her pussy without panties. I found something glittering there. It was a clitoral piercing or say piercing on her labia majora. She had friends who were models and it is common among them. I was aroused.

I put the piercing in my mouth and pulled it. She moaned, aah! Pulled my hair and then caressed it. I put my tongue back into her pussy, fucked her with it and savoured all the juices I could lick. Meanwhile, I kept stroking her clitoris with thumb of my left hand and right hand was used to stretch her pussy with my palm resting on her big ass and thumb stretching the pussy. She was mad with lust. Moaning like a bitch who needed some harsh treatment. She started leaking some thick fluid(precum) which I drank and then she reached orgasm and came heavily squirting all her liquid on my face. We dried ourselves using thick white fur towel.

Now I opened my pants and was standing in briefs. She touched me down there, craving for it to be put inside her. I obliged. But before I could sense something she put her hands inside my underwear and took my 6.5 inch semi hard organ and squeezed it. It started growing even more. She took it inside her mouth within a second and started stroking the portion outside with both her hands and licking the head with her tongue.

Now she wrapped her lips around it and took it whole inside her mouth. Sucking it, blowing it, rolling her tongue over it, I had a very hard time controlling my orgasm throughout. Her cheekbones looked so sexy while the blowjob that I wanted to fuck her right there right then. I pulled her by her hair. She placed her hands on the dressing table edge and faced her back towards me. I could see her in the mirror, her topless with just lehnga very down the line. I pulled her lehnga up to her hips and held my now fully aroused 7.25 inch dick at the entrance of her pussy. It was fully tight, the girth must have been more than 4 inches. I entered with a jerk, and quarter of it went inside her. She moaned, its paining. I started moving slowly and then pushed more, she cried in pain, it was pain of pleasure. She pleaded to put it outside for a second. I didn’t care. I pushed harder, now her pussy lips were wrapping around my shaft. She took all of it inside her.

I rammed into her pussy like piston of a formula 1 car at its top speed. She was moaning, crying as loud as she could but demanded more of it. She was craving endlessly for it. Although the music was loud, it was not loud enough to hide her voice. So I put the dupatta which was around my neck deep into her mouth, now she couldn’t scream. She started panting like a thirsty bitch in heat. She engraved her 1 cm long nails in my buttocks. She begged me to explore her depths. She pleaded me to enter harder. The room was filled with the sound of thap-thap, thap-thap, my thighs on her thighs, my scrotum on her ass. I fucked her deeper and deeper and suddenly I felt a gush of watery liquid on my member. She reached her orgasm, she was squirting perhaps. I was also near my edge. I tried to pull my dick but she insisted me to ejaculate inside her, this time her nails dug deeper. I did as she commanded. Our love juices met. It was warm and humid inside. I pulled it back. I was never satisfied this much in my life. The glow on her face even through her exhaustion, showed how relieved she was.

She smooched me once for a while and then switched the lights on. I could see her lipstick smeared, and colourless-white liquid dripping down her pussy. Sweat beads glistening her body like pearls. We sweated and panted in 17°C Ac. She looked like a pornstar, Brandi Love, my favorite. Then she kissed me on my forehead. I kissed on her cheeks. We smooched once again. We both washed ourselves with water and then wrapped ourselves in white towels drying ourselves. We hugged each other, it felt lovely. Then she started dressing herself. It took her 20 odd minutes to clad herself into her sexy attire back again. Ah boy, I could have lost control again when she understood the predicament and said naughtily, Sabar karle chotu. We kissed again.

I returned her back the hint, her navel piercing. She thanked me for the gift of lust which I gave. We kissed, she applied lipstick. It had been 1.5 hours almost. We went into the lawn like nothing has happened. Her friend asked her where she had been, she excused saying something fell on her dress. We kept playing hide and seek through our eyes, as the ceremony concluded.

Thank you guys and girls. Hope you had a good time reading this. If you really had, I would like you to contact me through my email [email protected] to express your views and comments. Do send me your feedback. Looking for aroused girls.

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