What Goes Around Comes Around

Hi all, This is Khanna here. From chennai, 26 years old. I’m back again with a new and rarest of all rare experiences one may ever get in their lives. I hope you find it interesting.

Enjoy reading this.. A bit unusually long with some twists and turns.. Invest your time and i assure you of benefits at the end. Ignore the grammatical errors.

I’ve penned down many stories here on ISS. This story(read: real incident) is two weeks old. I got a mail appreciating my writing skills and the encounters from a reader. I acknowledged it and i was overwhelmed by the praises thrown at me by a reader. We both exchanged a series of mails and got to know each other and made herself comfortable. We took the next step by chatting in Hangout.

She had to tell that she hails from Chennai too. She told her pet name as “Tinku”. Married. And gonna turn 27. She shared something about her new settled life and few things about her family. She asked me for my picture. And i asked her the same, which she denied and she gave an hint as to i would be surprised to see her pic and she doesn’t want to spoil my imaginations on her as she thought it would be cruel to spoil the party 😛 She kept me guessing and that’s what i love about women.

I shared my pic to her and she complimented on my looks. I’ve had this thing in my mind as i felt like i’ve known her all along my life and i’ve known her in person. However, i wasn’t sure about anything then and left all the imaginative thinkings for good and carried forward with her.

After two days of our intensive and never ending talks, she suggested on taking our formal talks to bit personal. I saw that coming and i never had a thinnest hope of getting laid with her as i thought it would be a distant dream for me. We played Truth or Dare. And things got bit naughty and erotic.

She: Truth or Dare?

Me: Truth.

She: What would you do if you were to spend an erotic day with me?

I was completely taken aback and shared things on her for 10 mins over the chat. I drenched her panties by my talks and she was in cloud nine at the end of the talks.

She: So, you know the trick on how to drive a woman crazy by your talks. I drenched my panty as the result of heavy downpour. It was totally insane and intense.. I’m totally wet and your talks refused to get out of my mind..

Me: I’m glad that you liked it and I’m happy to be the reason for your heavy downpour 😉

She: You wanna do all the things you said? 😉

Me: That would be my pleasure.

She: How about tonight?

I checked my clock, it struck exactly @ 6 p.m

Me: Done deal. See you at 9.

She shared her address and phone number. She asked me call her upon reaching her street.

I got ready with a nice Jeans and T-shirt. I went there in my bike. It was a 40 mins drive and trust me, imaginations are running all over my mind. My curiosity was about to kill me as to how and what she looks like and not to mention, other naughty stuffs too 😉 I reached her locality and called her mobile. She directly me accordingly. It was a individual villa with an ample space for parking vehicles. I parked my bike and rang the bell.

A voice came behind the door only to sat this, I was all excited and i couldn’t contemplate things as my mind was in a disorderly way full of curiosity. She yelled in a bit loud voice. “The door is open. Please come in”. I pushed the door. I stepped in. I took 3 or 4 steps from the doorway. I didn’t look back as i thought the door was automatic. I saw the Hall with couches. And *BANG*, she came behind me and blindfolded me with a piece of black cloth. That was the last thing i honestly saw with my naked eyes.

She whispered in my ears, “No one is here except you and me. I want to give you a surprise. Don’t panic. I’m sure you shall be surprised in the end and you’ll love it”. I just smiled, shook my head in affirmation and she took my hand and led me sit in sofa and offered me a glass of water. I returned the glass. And in a minute, she sat closer and ran her hands directly on my lips. I gave a peck on her finger tip, kissed it, sucked it a bit and gave a tender bite.

She: Ouch. You can’t wait for it, naughty?

Me: I can’t help it. And that’s the reason who both are present here. To get wild and naughty, aren’t we?

She: Very smart. You haven’t changed a bit.

Me: Excuse me? How long have you known me?

She: Nothing. Nothing. I’m sorry..

Me: That;s all right. *smiled*.

She: You may now unveil the cloth around your eyes and have a look at me.

I removed the cloth with a smile on my face and the moment i saw her, my broad smile turned into a puzzled look on my face. I was like, “What the fuck?”. Its Lakshmi.. My first love and my ex-girl friend. We were in love 5 years back. We made love to each other back in those days. I was totally surprised and never knew it was her. To be brutally honest, i never saw that coming as we ended out relationship on a very bad note and there she was sitting right in front of me, with legs crossed and sheepish smile on her face, with a purple top and blue jean.

She: Do you like the surprise?

Me: Are you kidding me? Is this for real? Lakshmi?

She: I happen to come across a story in ISS a month back. In the end, i saw your mail ID. And recognised it was you. Having not known you for the last five years, i clicked on your name in that story to go through all your stories. I was curious to know things about your encounter. You very first story was on how we made love to each other by losing our respective virginities. You got it spot on and flawless. That story was full of love and believe, i had tear rolling down my eyes without my knowledge at the end of my story.

Me: *i kept mum* Seriously?

She: Yes. I read all your stories after that. I took two weeks for me to muster some courage and come up to you and trigger my first mail to you by having a fake ID.

Me: you could’ve directly approached me.

She: It would be cruel on me to spoil the your imaginations and also thought of surprising you after so many long years. So, are you surprised for real?

Me: I am shell shocked and yet to recover from that. Never had a surprise of this stature all over my life. *hands down*, You win.

She smiled.

She sat closer to me. We spoke of many things about our life. She said she went to U.S after our breakup to pursue her Masters. She got married before two years and her husband is a busy bee with his business and rarely expressed any love nor shared his bed with her in a loving way very often. Even if he did, it would be part of his routine exercise with no passion or love or lust. He does it as he gotta do it and can’t stand long enough.

Me: You want me to do quench your thirst and that’s why you called me here?

She: Partly yes. But i can explain. I thought i would find love or a better guy in my life after we broke up. But i massively failed on that front and realised my love belonged to you always. We had many nerve wrecking spats during our erstwhile relationship, but never once i dropped any quantum of love. All these years, i’ve been fooling myself. I just wanna exhibit this foolishness by calling you her. Look at me. I’ve made the best loser out of myself.

I witnessed her eyes turned moist and about to break into tears. I consoled her. Kept both my hands on her face, covered her face and asked her not to cry. i saw “Love” in that moist eyes. She hugged me. Literally buried her face on my chest.

She: I missed you.. What a fool i am to have ended our relationship. I’m sorry Khanna. Will you forgive me?

Me: That’s completely all right sweetie.

She looked into my eyes and said this thing, “Make love to me. Like the way you did it last time at a resort. That night i spent with you was wonderful. You even penned that story in ISS. I’ve enjoyed the finest details of that story and loved every bit of it. “

(Trust me people, nothing turns you on more than a woman who is asking to make love to her. )

I smiled and kissed her forehead. “I love you ,too, Lakshmi”.

We both looked into our eyes and she started going mad on my lips by hugging my head with her forearms and running her hands all over my hair and face. She literally chew my lips and even gave a lovely bite on that.. We explored our tongue and exchanged our saliva.

She: God, I’ve longed to get a taste of your lips and tongue. I have them now.

Me: The feel is fucking mutual lakshmi. You still taste the same..

We went kissing again and i ran my hands into her top from below. It was fairly a loose one and had space to accommodate my two hands. I caressed her bare hip, let my middle finger in her bellybutton, She smiled in return by our lip lock as she felt ticklish. I went on kissing those lips and took my hands little further and placed them on her bra covered boobs.. I pressed them. She gave a moan and echoed inside my mouth as we both were lip-locked.

She: Crush them Khanna.. Press them, Harderrrr ….

Me: You need to remove your top for that first. 😉 and remove your mangalsutra too.. It may be disturbing. Forgot to mention, 34-D

She removed her top in a jiffy and she sat on me. I removed her bra and threw it away. She took my head and embraced in her boobs.. I buried my face deep inside that valley. I licked her cleavage, kissed all over the boob. I remember teasing her by biting and pulling the hair around her nipple. I did the same now.. She said i haven’t changed a bit and asked me to suck those melons like a hungry child.

I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked them while crushing her right melon.. She was moaning harder. She is turning wilder and hotter. I thoroughly sucked her boobs and enjoyed it to my fullest and sucked them till i got sore.. I changed sides to give the same pleasure to her right boob. I did the same with that melon. She removed my T-shirt. I’ve asked her to remove her jeans..

Her panty was completely drenched and soaked with her love juices. That very look made remove that by pulling closer to her. I saw her pussy.

She: You love it when it is not shaved for one month. Didn’t you?

Me: Absolutely. I love it with little hair. I’m glad you still remember about the way i used to like it.

She: How can i forget, Love?

Me: I’m going to give you another unforgettable thing. You may cherish it for all your life.

She: Let me see how you fare.

I removed my jeans now. I’m left with underwear. I pulled her closer to me. Smooched her again. Asked her to sit. I spread her legs. Knelt down and went seeking her love triangle. She embraced her legs around my shoulder. And started giving her little hairy pussy with kisses and started licking every bit of it. I spread her pussy with one hand and placed my one hand at clitoris by rubbing them.. I let my tongue go inside her pussy and swirled it at the best pace i could mange.

She: Khannaaaa…Feeling superrrrr.. Eat the pusssyy .. Shhhhh .. Ahhhh … Don’t stop..

Her moans made my tongue go wilder and drilled her pussy harder with my tongue.. She pulled my head too close to her pussy.. I didn’t have any breathing space. All i could smell was the flavour of her pussy.. I love the scent of her pussy as that was the first pussy i tasted in my life. After 10 mins of rigorous tongue fucking she came in my mouth with a loud groan and collapsed in the sofa.

Me: did you like it?

She: I loved it darling. Let me catch some air. You’re the best. My hubby never sucked my pussy. You made me go wildest.

Me: Time for you to rerun the favour? 😉

As soon as i said that, she came closer to me and smooched me by letting her hand into my boxer..

She: Let me see that little boy. Been many years since i got a glimpse of him.

He: Sure sweetie. Take a look. And drench him with your tricks. 😉

I stood up. She knelt down and kissed the tip of my erected circumscribed cock. She licked the side ways by holding my balls in one hand and dick in the other. She finally took it in her mouth and started the dick like a Kulfi ice. 😉 She looked me in my eye as i looked into hers while she was giving blow job. Her eyes smiled as she loves to see me enjoying her blow job every single time.

After 10 mins, i placed my hands on her head and gave many deep throated strokes. She almost gaged and she said she loves it. After few deep strokes, she started kissing my balls. Took one ball in her mouth, sucked it like a pro.. What a feeling that was.. She then took my dick her mouth and started giving me a wonderful blow job again with her fingers moving up and down on my cock. And i can’t stand more, i didn’t raise an alarm as i’m sure loves to drink my cum. I discharged my load in her mouth and she opened her mouth to show me how much i loaded just before swallowing the semen.

We both sat naked on the sofa. she sat on me. We were all blushing. And indeed felt happy that got back what we have lost. I smooched her madly now as my little man gained strength and he was back to its best. I asked her sit on me and ride, grind or do whatever the hell she wants to do. She spread her legs and sat on me by adjusting my dick into her pussy.. Ahhhh .. was the only moan i could hear as my dick entered a pussy.. I’ve asked her to go wild and don’t hesitate. She started riding slowly.. I gave her some leverage by placing both my hands on her ass. I helped her move up and down. Her boobs are so closer to mouth and i could see them jumping every now and then..

She: Khanna, this feels super and good.. I’ve always felt this thing whenever you drilled me.. Ahhh… Ammaaaaa ….. Fuck me… Make me your whore… Ahhhh …

She went on riding. After a few mins, she started grinding her pussy by rotating her hips with my dick still placed inside her pussy.. I’ve asked her to stop after few mins, I asked to her lie down as i wanted to finish things in missionary position. I loved that position always.

I inserted my dick in her pussy as deep as i could. “Are you ready, baby?”. “Yessss”, she yelled. I drilled her pussy in a very moderate pace.. Ahhhh, Shhhh … Ammaaaa … Superrrbb …. were the only things i could hear.. Her moans gave a shot in my arm to drill and ram her pussy faster and deeper.. I got little wilder as she used some swear words while i was at it.. I rammed her for 10 mins.. She chummed twice in the meantime and i splashed my load deep inside her pussy.. And i collapsed on her by placing a kiss on her eyes and her lips.

She: Now the wait is over Khanna.. You’re by far the best when it comes to pleasing me.

Me: The feel is mutual. You don’t have to say it. Up for another round?

She: Always ready.

Me: you gotta do something to wake up little man up and bring to its pole position.

She: The pleasure will be mine.

She started smooching me again. This time, she bit my lower lip and it had to take a little cut. But i was least bothered with that as i’ve given her a love mark or a bite over her boobs 5 years back. I could even see that mark now. It was more like my signature. She took my semi erected dick in her month and gave me a blow job. I asked her to stop it after 5 mins as my dick regained its pole position.

I asked her turnaround and sit in doggy style position. She knelt down on the sofa and showed her ass to me. I held her hip and sucked her pussy for two mins so as to lubricate it well for the drilling. I slowly inserted my dick, deep into her pussy. I placed one hand on her ass and i grabbed her pony tailed hair and gave all my strength in the drilling. She was going wild, which i could sense it from the way she moaned.

She: “This is even better… Ahhh .. Fuckkk me Khanna…. Like there is no tomorrow. Show no mercy…. Goo onnn …. Fasterrr …..”

I drilled as deep as i could and as faster as i can.. I held her hair and literally pulled it towards me at the end as i climaxed.. I took my dick out and splashed my cum on partly on her ass and took the remaining to fill her mouth..

Watch this space for the next part. I hope you enjoyed the story. Reachable at:- [email protected]

Do provide me your feedbacks. I’ll see you again soon with the next part of this series.

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