Crazy Romance With My Crush

Hey my name is Yeshwanth and I am from Vijayawada

Any couple or women who live in AP and Telangana can mail me if you want to have some secrate fun, trust me you will have fun we can have lot of fun we can even go to movies and long drives and do alot;).this is my first story in ISSi am big fan of this website

Coming yo the story this happen when I am 18 and this is my first time experience touching a girl and that feeling was really awesome

So coming to the girl her name is Swarna (name changed ) we are school friends and I had huge crush on her I don’t know her when I saw her I used to be like want to go near her and hug her and kiss her I had huge crush when I am done with my 12th standard I changed college and after like one year I got a friend request from Swarna in Facebook Andregularley used to chat with her and we used to talk on phones regularly and one fine day I told her that I used to have huge crush on her to which she replied she know it as I used to stare at her all the time

I was shocked and our regular talks continued and I asked her out once ona date to which she readily accepted and I planned a dinner and a second show movie.

On that day I am seeing her after an year and half an I am shocked she is the beauty and I got an instant hardon she wore a red tee ands blue pant where I can see all her assets BTW her size is 34-30-36 and she is fucking hot I just want to go there and hug her and kiss her but I controlled myself .

We had dinner and went for the movie here the real thing started . In dinner I remember telling her how beautiful she is and how I felt. In the movie I got corner seets and it is a flop movie( I wantedly took her to that movie ) and the movie started and I have no interest in watching it so I was staring at her slowly kept my hand on her and she just looked at me and smiled but didn’t tel anything and I started rubbing her hand and I can feel the tension in her as it is the first time for boath of us and I slowly kept my hand on her shoulders and started rubbing them after some time

I slowly inserted my hands in her tee and started to squeeze her boobs and to my suprise she is blot Wating any bra and I am shocked and she came to my ears and whispered that even she is expecting something like this so she didn’t ware anything .

I got an instant hardon and I just kissed her on lips ? and I think the kiss lasted for 15 minutes and that is the best kiss till date and after that to my bad luck interval for the movie so I wend out and bought some popcorn and nachos and the movie started we started to have popcorn like she used to take it in her mouth and we use to kiss and I used to eat and viceversa and after that i started exploring her pussy and it is cleanly shaved she told her vadina helped her to shave;) and i can’t wait so i just kept my hand in her jeens and started finger fucking her and I made her horny and with the other hand i and squeezing her boobs

I opened my pant zip and kept her hand in Italia and she started to’ squares my hard pennies and i am in cloud 9 and i wanted to’ ? lick her pussy so i slowly wend done as there are no one in my row and pour some cheese dip on her cleanly shaved pussy and started liking it and i liked it like5 minutes and she came all over my face and I drank all the juice and she told she want to lick my just like I did so I applied some cheese dip only dick and she went down and explored my dick and cleaned it completely and she. Drank all the cum of mine she told it is tasty and I noticed some of the cheese dip is o her face

So i started to’ lick ? it and cleaned it and then i slightly loosen her tee shirt and got access to’ her boobs and i can see them. I am seeing the boobs for the first time ad there are fucking awesome and i just kept my mouth on then and biting the nipples like a baby and she got too horney but yo our bad luck the movie is done ✅ and now we board are in a mood so i asked her why done we go I’m a king drive she readily accepted and we went to a place where no one can see us as we have a blue finishing in my car it is hard to someone to see us .

So we went to a lonely place and I took my pant off and her took her tee off we are half nacked we went to back seet and we are in69 possition a dot is the awesome time we have spend we kissed smooched for 30 minutes and we explored ourself Andre barley wanted more so I told her can we continue but she denied that she dont want to loose verginity until she got married so I respected her devotion and we again started toexplore ourself I have a silk chocklate in my car as I bought it to give her while saying goodbye

But I took it not andistartedto applyed it on her body and lick it completely and Did like that and kissed her every ware possible and she too did the same and we wanted to continue but it is already too late so we thought of going back and leaving Herat her home so we headed back the her home and while I am driving she kept her hand on my dick and took it out and started licking it and it is like the best moment my crush the most beautiful girl of my likens linkingmy dick wheni drivineg I am like In the heaven and we reached her house and no one is out as it is too late so she kissed me on lips ? and told good buy and we continued it for some more months seized to have sessions like this once or twice in a week and after that we got some misunderstanding and we broke up

So this is the ending my first experience with my crush and sorry if there any mistakes and if any girl or aunty ora couple want yo have fun then please mail me at [email protected]

And please i will be waiting for the reviews also so please feel free to contact me through my mail id

Bye everyone kisses ? and hugs.

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