Desperate Roommates Turn To Lovers – Part 2

Hi guys! It’s me again Paul. So this is the continuation of desperate roommates turn to lovers part 2. This is what happened when we came back from when we went to dinner, we both decided to go in shorts because when we come back we could directly start fucking and this time Jack also wanted to fuck me. Although we were caught by that old woman, it didn’t really bother us because we were extremely horny and we decided to give her a free show if she was there. So as we walk back, I had the key to the room with me.

I open the door and Jack walks in after me. I shut the door, lock it, turn around and Jack hugs me and we lip lock. We hold each other tight, moaning as we kiss. We pull each others pants and undies off and Jack pushes me towards the door and starts rubbing his cock against mine as we kiss. It’s kind of funny, the moment our cock’s touch, we get hard. So I take my hands grab his ass and pull it towards me, giving our cock’s a tight rub.

We don’t break our lip lock, we keep kissing and walk towards the sofa. Jack sits down first and holds his cock straight up and smiles at me. I go and sit on his cock and it slowly slides in up my ass. He didn’t fuck me, we just sat there with his cock in me, kissing, sucking each others tongues, flirting and saying ‘i love you ‘ to each other over and over again. I guess what was supposed to be 2 friends fucking turned into falling in love with each other. But we didn’t care at the time, we just wanted each others sex.

We then go to the bedroom, put the light on and open the window but that woman was not around. So we stand next to the window almost touching each other and start stroking each other cock’s, moaning and trying to get each other to cum. It’s so hot when another guy is stroking your cock and trying to make you cum.

We both kept stroking and he made me cum first. I shot my cum all over his cock. It was like i painted the head of his cock white and right enough, within seconds, he cum’d on my cock. It was so hot, our cum on each others cock’s. We then started touching our cock’s together, like as if our cock’s were kissing and each time they kissed we said Muah, Muah, Muah and made kissing sounds and each time we pulled our cock’s away, there was always a string of cum between our cock’s. We then desperately wanted to fuck.

So i go on the bed, Sleep on my stomach and bend my legs (like a frog). He climbs on top of me, pushes his sticky wet cock in me, puts his hands round my shoulders and at this point we are literally stuck to each other. He kisses me on my neck and starts to fuck me. He starts slow and then goes faster and faster. I moan and curse, ‘O fuck, yeah fuck me, keep going don’t stop ‘, his cock was so up my ass, I could feel his balls hit my balls.

Both our bodies moved like we were 1 person, screaming at each other ‘ I love you ‘, ‘yeah baby I love you ‘. He fucked me for almost 10 minutes non stop. My asshole was a bit numb after he was done with it. He then pulls his cock out of me, I turn round and lie on the bed and he sleeps on top of me. We kiss each other on our necks, we suck each others nipples and come back and lip lock. Then he asks me, baby you wanna fuck me? And I say O yeah.

Since we were fucking nonstop for so long both our cock’s started getting soft. So since he was on top of me, I take my right hand, hold both our cock’s together and start stroking them together and tell him, baby make love to me. He comes towards me and both our lips stick like glue, moaning in pleasure and within 2 minutes, our cock’s turn to rock. We switch positions, since I like missionary, he sleeps on the bed and I climb over him. He spreads his legs and I push my cock in his asshole. He moans as I do so.. he then wraps his legs round me and I start pumping his ass.

I Start slow and gradually Speed up and go faster and faster, as I do, he screams fuck, O fuck yeah.. I’m banging my cock as hard as I can in his ass because I wanted to cum so badly in him and right enough, I feel myself going to cum and tell him I’m going to cum. He says, cum on my cock baby so i pull my cock out and unload on his cock. We then rub our cocks together, getting both our cock’s sticky and wet. By then our cock’s were so numb we couldn’t use them anymore. So we hold each other and make out and kiss and kiss till we fall asleep.

Now the next day, what happened was, you can say a little bit embarrassing? As it was a Sunday, all the boys were there at the hostel. So when we left the room to go out for some breakfast, whenever we passed anyone, they would smile. It looked a bit odd actually and so we got a bit curious.

So we asked one of our next door neighbors why everyone was smiling. What he said kinda put us in shock. He said the two of you were screaming so loudly yesterday, the whole building including the watchman knows what you two were doing last night; everyone knows the two of you fucked each other. We were so shocked and embarrassed; we didn’t touch each other after that or at least till we got horny again.

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