Cuckold Couple From Facebook Part – 2

Very sorry for the delay in posting the 2nd part but life has turned upside down for the good in these past few months.Anyways continuing from where I had left last.

So Sangeeta asks me as if ordering me to go over to their place, hold my hand in front of her husband and pulls my arm around her waist. I hold her tight as if she is mine in front of Sunil, Sunil smiles and is happy to walk behind us. He calls the driver to bring the car up front. I flirt with Sangeeta’s waist and feel how smooth she would feel when I undress her. She is enjoying the new found attention she is getting.

A black tinted Mercedes is at the front door. Sunil kindly opens the rear door… I lead Sangeeta inside and I go next. Expecting Sunil to take the front seat with the driver… I wanted to show them both that she is mine for now… but to my surprise, sunil takes the back seat with us… I am sandwiched between them both… Sunil asks the driver to take them home…

I start caressing Sangeeta’s thighs, alcohol has increased our body heat already and she raises her dress above her knees to give me full access. I caress her under thighs and push my hand inside discreetly so that the driver doesn’t notice anything… we don’t speak a work and let our hands to the talks. I push my hand inside and feel her crotch, I can feel the dampness. I give her a kinky smile and she does the same.

I look at Sunil and he is busy watching and squeezing her lund on top of his pants. We don’t realize and we reach their home.

Drivers drops us next to the front door and we briskly walk towards the elevator. It is a posh locality with landscaped gardens and water bodies. We are high but somehow manage to stand still in the elevator as there is a CCTV camera inside. We reach the 13th floor which opens up 2 flats. Sunil scrambles to get the keys and push the door open. Sex is all that is on my mind. I close the door behind me and hold Sangeeta by her waist and push her to the wall and start giving her a deep tongue licking smooch… she is totally into it and opens her mouth to receive my tongue. We don’t even realize where Sunil is until he brings a bottle of champagne and breaks the silence.

Hold my face pour make me gulp some and does the same to Sangeeta and to himself. “cheers to us” he says and moves behind Sangeeta and open her gown chain from behind and slides her shoulder strap showing off her black strap… “we are yours today buddy” he says and pushes her towards me… I hole her tight and look into her eyes and she gives me her approval… I push my hand in her hair and pull her closer to me and give her soft long romantic kiss.

I push my hand behind her feeling her ample ass and start kissing her neckline and then her bra strapped shoulder. My soft kisses are causing havoc and she is moaning aaaahhh aaaahhhhh oohhh Sandeep uuuffffff I remove both the shoulders and let the dress fall on her feet…. She steps out of it slowly while enjoying my kisses… I push her towards her husband and look at her with lust in my eyes. She is in black satin bra and a matching panty with black pumps on her feet. She looks ravishing. All this while we are standing in the alley. I hold her hand and push her on the sofa. I sit on the floor and raise her legs and push her panty sideways and start lapping her cunt like a hungry dog.

“oh Sangeeta you taste so amazing baby” and I push my tongue deeper inside her. She is moaning endlessly. I see Sunil has undressed now and sitting opposite us and stroking his cock. I am on cloud nine. My fantasy of being with a wife in front of the husband is being fulfilled. She starts rubbing her feel on my trouser on my hard throbbing lund. I can’t take it anymore and undress. She immediately gets up and hold my cock from the base and looks at Sunil. Sunil looks at the thickness in amaze and Sangeeta looks into my eyes and says one reason we chose you over others was that you liked to try wild things and that didn’t mind being a bisexual bull.

“come here Sunil she orders her husband” she pushes her free hand in his hair and pushes it on my lund, I am so turned on seeing all this that I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. I myself start going to and fro in his mouth while he gags on it. Look Sandeep he is in love with your cock like I am. She gets my balls and starts teasing them with her wet tongue. I had made sure I am clean shaved and she liked the fact that I was hygienic and start relishing on my balls. I hardly manage to control my urge to burst. I remove my cock from his mouth as I didn’t want to cum yet and slap her face with my lund a few times.

I pull Sangeeta and carry her to the bed and throw her on the bed. Sunil follows I raise her legs and rub my lund on her clit, please baby doesn’t tease me anymore I have been longing for your cock ever since I saw those pics. But I am in the mood to listen to her and I am aware all this teasing in pushing her to the edge. I ask Sunil to spit on my cock and give me a few strokes and make it wet and even more slippery and he does so obediently. I get on top of Sangeeta and rip her designer bra and tug on her very very hard nipples. 1-inch big link pink arealos and her baby pink nipples are driving me crazy I suck them and tease them and bite them with my lips, she is moaning and the room is filled with our sex sounds. She is so loud that I for an instance feel that the flat next to theirs would be able to hear it all but who cares. We are all lost in so much lust. She pulls me on her lips and starts kissing me while Sunil keeps stroking and sucking my lund. I can resist anymore and get her in doggy position.

Go behind her and spread her ass cheeks and with a hard stroke push my entire lund inside her cunt, she shouts in pain and followed by loud moans of pleasure. Oh, fuck Sandeep my cunt walls are stretched like never before. I give her a few seconds to adjust and then start deep fucking her slow deep strokes. Sunil stands on the bed and feed his lund to her mouth and she hungrily starts sucking him. The bed is rocking and room is filled with our moans. I feel multiple orgasms go through her body. Sunil cums in her mouth. My orgasm is still a few minutes away. She is begging me to cum now, oh Sandeep tumne toh meri chut faad di aaj muhje apne lund ki deewani bana di aaj.

My eyes are fixated on her pink tight asshole. I spit on her asshole and make it wet and start rimming it with my thumb while I keep fucking her. Another loud orgasm escapes her mouth and I feel her legs shivering. With the other hair I hold her hair and ride her fast and deep, my orgasm is just moments away and I ask her where she wants it. Fuck Sandeep mera andar cum nikal do baby, cum deep inside my cunt baby. This is all I need to hear and I spurt after spurt I explode inside her while I keep giving her slow strokes emptying balls inside her. We both are all sweaty and I fall on her, Sunil hurriedly gets between her legs she willingly contracts her cunt muscles pushing all the cum possible out onto his lips. He licked it all and gave us both a very satisfied look but I was more concerned about Sangeeta’s satisfaction and saw that on her face.I knew when I saw her fucked face, that she is mine from here on.

Bahut mazza aya sandeep, it was the best fuck I have ever experienced. I was again sandwiched between them on the bed and we all dosed off.

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