Dad’s Friends – Part VI

Dear All, am Sheela, hope you remember me for my Dad’s Friends series. Thanks to all who’ve liked my stories and mailed me appreciating. My new experience am going to narrate it with Dads office client and client’s collegue, Dan and Fry (thats what he told his name is…lol). I was sick after my return from Chennai and didnt want to go back there, but it seemed my fate had different turns.

Almost after a month, I received a random call, it looked like ISD number ‘Hello’. ‘Hey Sheela, my sexy girl, how are you dear?’ i laughed by that sudden call thinking it to be wrong number and replied laughing ‘am very good hotty.’ He replied ‘hey you seemed to have got lot hotter. wow, this making me crazy when I see you’ The way he talked it made me a bit cautious that this seems to be some known guy ‘who is this?’ He ‘hahaha…you call me hotty. You disappoint me baby asking that. Anyways, am Dan, hope you haven’t forgotten our last meet’ I was bombed hearing that, the same guy who introduced me to vibrator key-chain and made me walk corridor with the vibrator plugged in and key hanging between legs down.

For some reason it tickled me and liked to hear his voice. ‘Oh yes Dan, of course I remember you.’ Dan ‘wow thats great. Well sweetheart am coming to India for two days work and in your city and I want you to join me’ Me ‘Oh Dan but am sorry, I would be busy in my work, I wont be able to join you’ It just went out of my mouth giving me shivers of the thought what would happen if I meet him. Dan ‘No way baby, thats a wrong answer. I will be staying in Hotel XYZ and also got a colleague with me. And making him meet my Indian girlfriend is sure gonna make him jealous. It sure is fun. You must come dear, see you on Friday night at 8 bye’ and he hanged call.

Well now the condition to me looked like this guy who i had spent a hard night is coming to India and he is called me to meet me in hotel to spend another hard night. But I thought the other way, he is my Dads client and maybe my friend too (such a silly reasoning I was trying to convince me. I cant define what it is). So I thought maybe I can just go and meet him. I informed my friend that my foreign friends are coming to meet me and she was impressed to see how famous I was 😉 There were two days to go and I spent a good time in makeup and all to look good.

On Friday night I got ready wearing a tank dress long till mid thighs and high heels. The dress got thin straps on shoulder making my bra straps visible. I took my car and went hotel. After I got walked the parking then corridor I could see guys, waiters noticing and I really enjoyed that. I stood in middle of reception and from behind someone held me from waist and kissed my ears. ‘Hello sweetheart’ Me ‘Ouch’ I turned back to see Dan standing with his colleague.

Both were tall black guys looking me top to bottom. Dan ‘wow Sheela, you’ve got even more hot than our last meet, especially your big boobs. I must say they are catching every guy attention here’ Me ‘Oh’ just smiled. Dan ‘so let me introduce. This is my friend, Fry’ I was like, what kind of name is this…Fry? I laughed on that and looking his black skin I asked ‘Fry…? you look fried’ Me and Dan started laughing. But that guy just smiled and kept looking my shaking big boobs. Fry ‘even my girlfriends say after a night that, you really fried me’ both Dan and Fry started laughing now. I didnt knew if to laugh on that or keep quiet, just smiled.

So after that we went to a table and started to chat. I was liking the way these guys chatted and sometimes even naughty telling about their girlfriends and how sometimes they failed in their hot sessions, we all laughed on that. I asked Fry ‘so how many of them you fried so far’ laughed. Fry ‘I feel you to be more worthy to be fried than those girls. I just feel they are zero when it comes to you, so my count is zero’ Me’oh comon Fry, you can be truthful, stop joking.’ Fry ‘you think am joking? am sure not. I really love your big boobs and the fair skin. And am sure if get a chance to lick it all wet, I must be the lucky man. Am sure it would set you in flames.’ He said that so boldly and without hesitating that made me a bit hot hearing.

Fry ‘how about one night with me tonight, if agree then Dan may also join us.’ Me ‘oh what you saying. No please, I mean its just dinner I was for ask.’ They both just smiled. Fry ‘are you wearing a panty?’ Me ‘Yes’ after answering just thought what the hell did I answer to. Fry ‘hmm but thats not nice, cos I never allow my girlfriends to wear any.’ I asked why so. Fry smiled and answered ‘you tell me dear, why would I wont allow them wear any panties’ I said a bit blushing ‘hmm so that you can fry them anytime’ I laughed blushing looking down. Fry ‘hahaha thats a perfect guess’ Me ‘but am not your girlfriend to get fried’ I laughed. Fry just looked at me and quietly said ‘comon remove your panty’ Me ‘oh comon, I was not joking, seriously’ Fry ‘seems you didnt hear me Sheela.

I said remove your panty’ Me ‘oh now here, please you dont want me to do that here’. I was talking nonsense jsut to skip to what he said. But then he just looked me quietly, dont know what got to em but I too looked his commanding eyes for a moment and slowly slided down my panty. Fry ‘good girl. So now we can resume our friendly talk.’ he smiled and changed the topic.

After all that scene it made me wet, I excused them and went to take a drink to counter. I was standing there waiting for drink and suddenly felt something below my dress and my pussy was pressed with a hand going through my legs from behind ahhhhh. I held the counter firmly and looked back to see Fry standing beside me. He was looking the bar guy and asked for another drink. Me ‘Fry, what is this, comon remove your hand’ Fry moved hand further inside to press my pussy more, I moaned at the counter itself. There were dark lights and not sure how many people there noticed it but his hand was busy playing my bare pussy.

The bar guy came with drink to hand over. He saw my moaning face ‘is everything alright madam?’ I unheard him and looked Fry “Fry, I did not remove my panty for this’ Bar guy was stunned to hear this and got even more excited. Fry saw him hearing the talk and again ordered drink to make him go. He got back to prepare but ears were all on both of us. Dan walked there on the other side and moved his hand too between my legs from front and pressed Fry’s hand over my pussy. Dan ‘its not Fry’s idea honey, I asked him to check if the dildo key-chain is still in there or not. Do you wear it?’ ‘ahhhh, no Dan’ Bar guy bought drink and kept it on counter. Fry looked in the glass and picked an ice cube and move that hand to keep on my pussy. ssssssssss ahhh. It felt so cold that for support I held Dan’s shoulder ‘Fryyyy sssssss’

He slowly pushed the ice cube inside my wet hole ‘ohhhh goddddd ahhhh’ The bar guy got hot watching my face just thinking what would be happening below the counter. Fry ‘tell me Sheela, will you be my girlfriend?’ ‘ahhhh ssss plz remove the cube’ he pushed it further inside with finger. Fry ‘answer me dear’ ‘ohhh yss I will be your girlfriend’ I thought what a unique way to propose. Fry ‘very good’ Bar guy asked ‘hey guys she is real hot, if you guys dont mind can we also join?’ Dan ‘how many of you are there?’ Guy ’till her holes are teared, maybe we waiter guys, what say?’ Dan ‘will you be able to afford her, it cost us five hundered thousand this one night’ he bluffed Guy ‘oh thats too much of an amount. then we can just think of some red light area and get releif. But atleast we can feast our eyes on this hotty’ he winked and these two guys smiled.

Dan got down and made me wear that panty, the cube still inside I was trying to push out but couldnt as it got stuck due to my panty. Gosh it was so cold, Dan and Fry held me by arms and walked back till our seat. The cube was melting making a thin line of water dripping while I walked. What an embarrassing scene looked like I was pissing. Fry made me sit on his lap and slided his both arms from down inside my dress above to cup my boobs. His strong hands pulled down my bra cups to open up inside that dress. He pressed my bare boobs inside dress ahhhhhhhh Fry pleaseeeeee. The guy came again wanting to see what happening and was glad to see I was being pressed. He might’ve signaled other waiters and they too walked the passage taking a glimpse of the happening.

Our seats were in a bit dim light and the last part of seating arrangement with not much people around. A waiter came there and asked us looking at my cupped boobs directly ;mam do you want anything?’ Dan sitting beside me looked waiter, picked ice cube and slided down between my legs to push inside panty ‘sssssss mmmmmm’ Waiter ‘seems mam likes ice. Should I bring a can full of it mam?’ Dan ‘ya sure mam would need that cos that would soothen her after getting fried’ all three laughed.

Dan got horny looking me and pulled down my panty and throwed to the waiter, the ice cubes poped out and fell on floor. Fry removed my bra and threw that too to him ‘if not the lady, take this as gift.’ Saying we got up and took me upstairs. At the room door step itself while Dan was opening door, Fry pressed me on wall and kissed me hard. My hands were down and he slided both my dress straps down the shoulders. Dress fell on floor, I was standing stark naked in that corridor. The waiters were peeping through the stairs corner. Dan opened door and Fry pulled me inside. Dan shouted the waiters ‘send me the ice can please’ door shut close with my dress lying outside on floor.

Fry held both my hands over head and inserted his finger inside my pussy, as I opened mouth to moan he kissed and kept doing that way for some time. I was really wet and getting hot every second his finger moved inside. Dan standing beside had already removed all clothes and got naked. Standing beside us he bent and took my nipple in his mouth started to suck. ahhhhhhhhh guysss. The door bell rang and Dan broke his sucking but Fry didnt.

As the door opened waiters standing outside peeped in to look me pressed over the wall and being fingered. They were few faces I could just look from corner of my eye. Dan took the ice cube can and took brief time so the waiters can watch in and closed door. This made me guess the door keyhole would be occupied all the time. Me ‘Dan, please thats too cold for me to digest. I cant take that in’ Fry held me with the hands tied position and gave space for Dan to push ice cube inside my pussy. ahhhhhhhh. Dan slapped there and kept my pussy pressed making me moan loudly ahhhhhhh. Fry ‘keep it doing baby. you are doing very good’. Dan picked me up and took on bed.

My hands were then tied to bed top and Fry pulled out one camcorder. He kep aside to record it. I got scared ‘Dan what is it?’ Dan ‘dont worry dear. No one will see this except we guys and your lovely dad hahaha’ Fry ‘this video will help make my girlfrinds jeolous of you’ Fry got in betwen my legs and licked my pussy sssssssssssssssss oh my godddd. I raised my waist with that tongue taste and started to cum hard. Dan sat on my stomach so I dont move waist and his long dick was between my big boobs.

Fry started to lick it more and more tasting the ice water and my juices mixed together. I kept moaning hard asking him to stop to give me some time to breath, he didnt and inserted another cube after first was fully melted. Dan held both my boobs and pressed them on his dick in the gap and started moving his waist to boob fuck me. ohhhhhh yaaaaaaa yesssssssss. I was getting very hot and these words just spelled out of my mouth. This made those guys more hard, Fry took another cube and pushed it inside my ass aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh sssssssss. With that cube pushed two fingers in my ass and same time once finger and tongue in my pussy. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy naaaaaaa. that made me real crazyyyyy. godddddd. Slowly Dan while fucking my boobs moved a bit ahead and his dick tip was touching my lips. He held my face in both hands and pushed dick inside my mouth aaaaaaaaaggggggggg.

My eyes wide trying to accommodate his big hard in that condition. He got on knees and was slowly taking position to sit on face trying to push more and more of his dick inside my mouth. Fry started to finger fuck me after continuing this way aaaaahhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. oh my goddddddddd am cumming again goddddddddd. I cumed that way , dont know maybe some four five times. After that act both got aside from bed and took drinks giving me some time to recuperate. The bedsheet was fully wet by the cum spray and my cum with the ice cube water too. I kept laying on bed with hands tied that position for some time, trying to gain some energy.

My friend called on cell. Dan opened my hands and allowed to speak. I walked that way naked in room talking on phone and both guys were real hard watching me that way. I rested my back on a wall and with eyes closed was telling my friend that am with my two foreign friends. Fry got up and moved both hands between my legs picked up and positioned his dick on my pussy entrance and pushed tip inside.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Friend ‘hey Sheela, are you okay, when are you coming home?’ Me ‘ohh noooo. will cum soon againnnnnn.’ the phone fell down from my hands on floor. Dan pushed me over wall picked up and dick went more in. He started doing in out . that was making me pain and pleasure both moaning louderrr sssssss ahhhhhhhh oh myyyyyyyy Fryyyyyy you really are frying me. He smiled and saw Dan was sitting on chair with legs parted and stroking his big dick with with both hands watching us. Fry fucked me that way for nearly an hour but didnt pushed his whole dick inside yet. However length it was inside, was too much for me to resist. I cummed again twice while being fucked against wall. He threw me on bed ouchhhhhh. I fell flat on bed over my boobs my back facing those guys.

Now Fry went and sat on chair, Dan got up and came over me. He parted my both legs and pushed dick that way inside pussy sliding inside almost half of his dick inside aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. I shouted ooooooooooohhhhh nooooooooooo. Dan ‘oh ya baby. you are perfect babe anyone can imagine to be with. Will you marry us guys?’ Me’oh what are you saying aaaaaaaaaah’ Dan fell on my back crushing my whole body down him and pushed more inside me ‘you sure get what am asking you’ Me ‘oh no, we can remain friends. moreover you will go your country’ Fry ‘We will take you you there. You can be wife of we guys.’ I didnt knew if they were teasing me or were serious. I said nothing.

Dan kept fucking me that way for another hour, I moaned a lot bearing that heavy weight of his body and his heavy hardon too ramming inside me. I cummed twice this time too. Dan moved aside from my body and slept beside me. I kept lying breathing high on my stomach and my back still facing up the ceiling. It was night around 2 am, Fry got up and prepared drinks for all of us and sat sipping it. Both were staring me while doing this , their eyes. They finished their drinks and Fry pulled me to bed edge holding my legs and buried his face between. ahhhhhhhhh. He licked it and with both hands opened the hole and spit the drink he had in mouth inside pussy oooooooohhh Fry.

He drank the spitted drink and licked me like hungry dog. Dan came the other side and buried his mouth to start lick my ass. oh my goddddd that made me real crazy. I cummed the instant my both holes were being licked the same time, both took each of my boob and squeezed them at once aaaaaaaahhhhh isssssss ‘be gentle plzzzzzzz’ both kept licking me down there, my both hands were in their hairs, legs parted wide trying to take a peep down there to their slurping mouths.

I kept moaning more and more and more, it continued, I held the bed above head to control myself their sucking was getting more and more deeper that made me cum four times, guess it went for more than an hour as these guys switched places few times sucking me down there. I was really exhausted after cumming so many times. Me ‘guys its morning 4, please stop now am tired. both moved away and Dan slept on bed beside me looking with a pretty smile on his face, he took my face in his both hands and kissed my lips, down there Fry picked me up and made me sit on Dan with my back to Dan and facing Fry.

Dan was already in position and Fry lowered me to enter dick inside my ass aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I shouted loud . Dan started stroking me in out my ass, Fry got down bed and bought the ice can, they were all melted. He opened door naked itself to see those waiters still outside on knees taking turns to peep in through keyhole Fry’Guys I need another can of ice cubes.’ The waiters pulled out a can from try beside them (as if everything was ready with them)

Dan increased his speed and was fucking my ass ahhhhhhhhhh I kept moaning and looking out. It was feast for those waiters to look inside to me getting pounded on bed, I was looking them with half closed eyes moaning out loud. Fry shut the door and came straight to bed, inserted two ice cubes in my pussy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhh noooooooo. Fry slapped my stuffed pussy. Fry ‘did that sooth your burning pussy my dear wife? Marry us and you would enjoy much more wild nights like this’ he pushed them more by pressing the cubes with two of his fingers. I shouted loud oooooooohhhhhh Fryyyyyy. He moved forward to ride over me and bending in knees pushed his dick in my shouting open mouth. I was getting mouth and ass fucked at same time.

They kept doing this, my body was getting weaker, with every melting ice it was stuffed with another big one. gosh it was so cold but that hot feeling made them melt in an instant. Fry kept fucking my mouth till it chocked my throat. As soon as he pulled out i coughed up with tears coming out of mouth, he pushed it back after I caught some breath.

They did this for quite some time. Fry moved back and got on knees, he saw all the ice cubes were gone, Fry pushed two fingers inside pussy and started fucking me. It was getting very hard for me to control. He could not stop and he pushed third finger and opened me more hitting my pussy harder, all this happening with ass getting fucked made me squirt. I screamed out letting out juices like never before aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooooddddddddddd. ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh.

Fry slowly pulled out fingers giving me no time to settle pushed his monster dick in pussy and both started to double fuck me.ahhhhhh oooooohhhhh sssssss Fry pressed both of my legs wide to part which pained me more and rammed me harder. Harder and harder kept fucking that way. The squirt kept coming out and stopped. Both exchanged positions and again fucked me, this squirted me again and again It was now morning 7am, Dan was on my top, he pulled out dick and turned me now to face down, again both holes were stuffed by their dicks

They both were fucking ruthlessly, I cummed again this time. The bed was so so wet with all that sticky thing, I could feel that and whole room smelled with cum. Those guys came inside me almost ten times that night. Finally around morning 10am those guys settled themselves and got out of bed. Both picked my fallen body and put me on sofa. Dan called room service to clean up and three waiters hurriedly came in to cleanup. They kept watching me lying naked. I could see them , Fry and Dan were also standing naked taking drinks. Fry asked them to hurry up while Dan took me in bathroom and made me bath, Fry also joined me.

Those guys cleaned me up for till afternoon, putting water on me, in my holes, sliding soap inside my holes was a lot lot harder and made sure they cleaned me thoroughly, before we came the bed was ready. They got call from room service that their flight was cancelled till next day. Both were happy to know that, they again resumed to fuck the entire day and then night and then till next day evening. I was real out of order by that. I must say they fully fried me. Room service had bought my dress and bra panty after washing and ironing.

I could see from the dresses, especially my panty filled with cum stains which sure could be of the waiters. I wore that dress only on third day evening when they left back to their country. I came home and straight way went to sleep feeling very much tired. Those guys took the video and gave me a copy of it.

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