My Marriage With My Son

Hello friends I got this story from my net friend Deepa a 42 years old housewife. She says the story is true. I found it very erotic. Please read it and rate the story. You can send your comments to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected].

Dear Iss readers, a big hello to all of you. My name is Deepa, a 42 year old housewife from Jamshedpur Jharkhand. I am new to this site and story writing. I used to be very innocent and very conservative Hindu lady. I am here because of my son who is now my husband too. Strange isn’t it, but it is true. I married my son under his tremendous pressure and unconditional love which I was missing since my husband’s untimely death.

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10 year old then. My husband’s family did not like me because ours was a inter caste love marriage. My husband married me against the wishes of his family and his family members virtually threw me out of their house and family. We are basically from Bangalore.

We had to live under severe hardship and Jaydeep was my only hope in life. My entire hardship vanished whenever I saw his smiling face. As time passed by he completed his studies and got into a very good job. His salary was in six figures.

I started looking at him with a changed stance not as a mother but also as a lover. I appreciated his looks, love and behavior. The idea of his marriage crossed my mind. I thought it was right time for me to scout for his bride. Then I felt a tinge of jealousy too for his bride. I thought how lucky she would be to have such a loving stud, sorry a person as a husband. So he just asked me to come for shopping. Hearing this I blushed like a teenager. I was little bit shy because nobody talked to me like that since my husband died.

He said, “I want my mom to look like a model or movie star in good cloths and also in good makeup. I want you to look like a real scene stealer. We will shop for latest things in fashion.”

I liked his attention but was little confused, so asked him, “Why this entire fuss son. I am happy with what I am. I do not want to look different. What will people say? I do not want to embarrass people and specially you. Why will you spend so much on me? Save some for your wife.”

He came near me and hugged me tight and said, “Mom you know I work for a very large company and I am in a very good job, so they have given me a posh bungalow in rich locality where people are rich and modern. So I don’t want my mummy to look old fashioned in front them.”

I laughed told, “Ok baba, as you wish, your mom is ready to fulfill your wishes. My lovely son……..”

My last sentence made his eye glow big. He took me to a very big clothes shop and bought me many chiffon sarees some of which were made from very thin material making it almost transparent.

I protested, “I do not like such material as even in my dream I not wear it.”

My son ignored my pleas and asked the sales girl for some matching blouses for which she asked for size. I felt shy to tell it before my son. The sales girl understood my problem and asked me to come to trial room.

I told the sales girl, “My size is 34. I buy bra for this size.”

She smiled at me, “I don’t think your size is 34 so I have to take your size. Don’t be scared dear. Please come to the trial room.”

She took me to the trial room. It was small cabin type with light bulbs above. I was getting hard breathing. It looked very scary.

She said, “Please remove your pallu as I want to measure your correct size.”

I did so and she took my boobs measurement and all other measurements. It is the first time I learned my boob size is 36 C. she gave out that mysterious sexy smile. While measuring my breasts she deliberately touched and pressed my nipples which I ignored thinking it must have been accident not intentional.

We came back from trail room she showed us different pattern of blouse. All of them are low neck, while some of them were sleeveless; some of them were back less too. I got jitters even imagining myself wearing those things. Such designs were a big no – no for me but my son did not listen to my words.

My son selected all the 3 patterns. I felt shy imagining how I would look if I wore it. My son also asked them to show choodidar suits of latest fashion too.

“Now what has he gone mad?”, I thought to myself. “What he thinks I am not going to wear choodidar suits. He is going to make a fool of me, his mother.”

I stopped his pranks and told, “I won’t wear them. So stop being naughty and let us get out of this shop. I will wear sarees only. Even this fancy blouse is not to my liking, understand. Now leave the shop.”

My son laughed at me as if I was like a little girl in big shop. He said, “Mom these are the latest fashion in town. All girls wear them and so will you. Not only you will have to wear jeans, t-shirts, middies but also you will have to wear skirts and tops for me.”

Ignoring my pleas he asked sales girl to show lot of varieties which she obliged. My son selected as many as he liked. I stood there like a dumb child pricking the floor carpet with my toe nails. The lady asked us to come by evening all blouses will be ready.

There I came to know my waist is 34. Some of the middies which he bought finished just above knee and god did they look really sexy. I have hairy legs and thighs. I dare not wear that trendy stuff.

I took my son to a corner and told, “I am not wearing those stuffs, no matter what comes. So stop buying this. I will arrange your marriage in near future and you fulfill your desire by buying such stuff for your wife.”

My voice got louder when I saw he was not listening to me. I clutched his arms and tried to pull him out of the shop. I tried to reason out with him. How could I tell him that I have hairy legs and thighs.

Hearing our conversation the owner of the shop told, “Sister now a day’s fashion has changed its face. Even ladies of my age are wearing such dress, so there is nothing wrong in it. Many young boys like my son also want to see their moms in these fittings. You are not too old for these dresses.”

I didn’t understand first but quickly understood when my son Jay took me to another section of the store where they displayed variety of lingerie. They had a range of mannequins wearing sexy, lacy and god knows what type of different lingerie. This was the first time I was visiting such section with my adult son. Earlier I used to purchase myself or with my husband.

By looking at those things I really felt very shy but my son was acting as if he was from another planet. He quickly selected so many bras for me, his mother, what a shameless fellow my son was. He bought bras which were cupped ones, stuffed ones, padded ones, even lace ones where entire breast is visible and a hole in the nipple area so that the nipple sticks out.

He wasted no time neither asked me anything as he already knew my boobs size. He bought bras of different colors, mostly light shade ones (like pink, sky blue, white) and few hot dark shade ones (red, black, gray etc ). God in my entire life I had never seen such things. I was feeling shy as well as proud of my lovely son for purchasing so many lovely bras for his poor mom.

Then he asked the sales girl for panty section. She showed us lot of varieties.

She asked, “Which size?” He asked her, “She is here why don’t you measure it yourself because I don’t know.”

The girl gave a very naughty smile at him and took me to a trial room, took my buttocks measurement which came to 40inch. I know I had big ass.

She asked, “Is the man your son?”, I said, “Yes, why you asked?”

She told, “He got a very good taste. He really wants to see his mom to look very sexy. How will you show him how this fits?”

Saying this she pinched my tummy. An electric current went through my body as result. I could not react to her act as I felt very shy and hid my face in my hands. Any other opportunity I would have slapped anyone who would have done such thing to me. How dare she comment like that?

She again said, “Don’t be so shy madam. You are going to have great time with your son. All the best, madam.”

I meekly thanked her as my cheeks were burning red due to her comments and action and all this was due to my own son. I wanted to kill him when we reach home. Then all stuffs were packed neatly. My son paid the bill and also tipped the salesgirl.

I was not talking to him for the entire episode. We came out of the shop. To smother my anger and anguish, he took me to posh hotel for lunch.

He said, “Don’t feel bad mom. I want you to feel good, young, beautiful and sexy. I want that you fulfill all your secret desires which you could not pursue since you had to look after me after dad’s death. I know you suffered a lot due to dad’s death and in laws indecent behavior. Now that your son earns a lot you tell me your desires and I will fulfill it. Can’t you make me happy for one moment by wearing those things?”

Hearing his soft words I felt tears welling up in my eyes. He cared for me so much and I was getting angry at him. I held his hands and blessed him. Even his eyes filled with tears. I thought it is my duty too to dress up and behave as per his desires if he felt so for me. I will be the model he has in his mind and there is nothing wrong in it. My heart felt for him.

We had very good lunch again we went on purchasing spree again. That time I was not feeling all that shy so we went to a very good cosmetics shop and purchased lots of cosmetics like lipsticks, nail polishes, body sprays, eye shadows, eyeliners foundations, creams, scents, blushers and a manual for how to use them also. The shop owner was very expert beautician. She provided all our basic needs.

My son said something in her ear, for which she smiled very naughtily at him and gave him 2 packed stuffs. She also gave address of one of the very expensive beauty parlor. My son took me to that parlor. He gave the card which was given by the cosmetic shop owner. The receptionist forwarded the card to parlor owner. She talked to the cosmetic shop owner over phone, they discussed something and owner took me inside.

She asked my son, “Sir, we are happy that you visited our parlor. Now I ask you to leave her with me and come back after 2 hours. Please give me those 2 packs which were given by the cosmetics shop owner to you.”

My son handed her the packets and left the parlor. I was feeling scared and worried. She took me in that big room after few minutes came back smiling naughtily at me.

It was an air conditioned hall, with a big bed in the center. She handed me a big towel and asked me, “Please wrap this towel around your body and remove your clothes,” I hesitated but she assured, “Don’t worry madam we are all females here. I want to do complete make over and for that I need to see what you got beneath. Help us to serve you better.”

I removed my saree and blouse. At that time I wore very cheap white bra with no panty. She asked me to remove all the clothes, so I removed bra and petticoat too. First time I was posing naked before anyone (even lady) other than my husband and doctor.

I felt very shy and was trembling with fear I quickly wrapped the towel around me tying the knot at my breasts. The towel ended at my ass. My ass was visible whenever I bent forward. Many things were going on in my mind. There might be cameras in walls or ceiling. But the lady was really expert. She knew how to handle female. She took me to a big table and asked me to lay on it. I followed what she told me. I lay on the table with my face down hiding my tummy. She applied a perfumed body lotion all over my body and started massaging my body. Oooooo……….wow what a massage my body never felt such comfortable.

She started her hand movement from neck, then shoulders then spine and finally reaching ass. She removed the towel in one swift move. She applied more lotion on my ass cheeks. She slapped my ass cheeks playfully as it jiggled like a jelly cake. She giggled at her own deeds. Again she began massaging my ass. Her hands were creating magic on my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her deft touches.

She inserted her hands in the ass crack too. Her fingers were almost reaching my pussy crack but she did not touch the pussy hole. Her actions were making me wish for more. Where ever she kept her hands I would get goose pimples. She was expert in teasing a woman. She would reach the pussy then when I wished her to insert her finger in my hole she would remove her hands. Remember I never had done such thing with any woman. Ghosh, I was getting wet by a woman’s touch lifting my ass up to enable her to reach my pussy depths.

Then suddenly she moved to my legs. I cursed her for this. She massaged my back thighs and knees. Finished it in minutes and asked me to turn over. I turned facing the ceiling all nude and my boobs heaving up and won with my hard breathing. She sensed my hardened nipples and began pouring lotion on my breasts. She fondled boobs as we knead dough before making roti.

I was simply enjoying her each moves as she applied little more lotion on my boobs and started giving circular massage. She carried on her movement on my breasts for nearly 15 minutes. She took extra care for my nipples. She was pressing my boobs and tweaking nipples and even massaging the base, giving me immense pleasure, for the first time after the death of my husband. Remember my body had forgotten how a hand felt when it touched my breasts and nipples.

She was bending forward to fondle my boobs. Her breasts were inches away from my face. I wished to lift my head and kiss and suck her breasts or at least touch it. Her hands were doing wonders to me. Her face told that she was also enjoying fondling my boobs. Her subtle massage was giving bit wetness in my pussy as after so many years somebody touched my boobs. I could feel my pussy lips quivering and wetness oozing.

Oooooohhhh god I was about to cum on the table, I began moaning responding to her hand movement. I was in heaven and ashamed of my awkward position too as I thought she would easily understand that I was about to orgasm before her eyes. Imagine I was laying on table nude and a lady massaging me and I was reaching orgasm.

But before I could cross the threshold she changed position much to my relief. (Such a tease)Then she came to my foot and massaged every fingers and toe. Then she moved to my legs and thighs. Then sometimes slowly, some times fast she was rubbing my thighs and legs.

Slowly she reached my waiting pussy. She playfully touched the pussy lips. My wet pussy was quivering at her each touch. She stroked along the pussy lips for the first time. She made faces after seeing my hairy pussy.

I wished to ask her how she found my pussy but before I could say anything she commented, “Madam you don’t shave your pussy. So much hairs. You need to remove it. It looks so clumsy. Today females like to keep their pussy shaved and so do their husbands. Don’t you know that?”

I replied in negative and she laughed it off and again concentrated on my pussy. Then slowly she reached my pussy area. She poured little extra oil on pussy and started rubbing pussy lips in slow circular motion. Her deft fingers were dancing on my pussy lips. It was too much for me.

She inserted her fingers in my pussy hole, I jumped up in excitement as if I was waiting for it. She kept on fondling my pussy lips and eventually found my clitoris. God ohhhh every inch of my pussy was responding when touched by those expert hands. I was really aroused after 2 decades so felt so horny. If she were a male I would have simply asked her to fuck me then and there. Such was my condition.

The lady also understood my condition and took bit extra time for my pussy, massaging it for eternity. Within few minutes I felt as if I was about to climax. Seeing my facial expressions she planted her mouth on my cunt and began licking my cunt juices. My pulsating pussy lips were too much for her too. I bit my lower lip in excitement. She inserted her tongue in my pussy hole. I raised my buttocks in air to meet her tongue.

I began moaning like never before. My husband had never kissed me on my pussy leave aside licking or sucking. He would just insert his tool, release and perish. The parlor owner was ultimate woman for me that time. She found my clit and began flipping her tongue around it. She sucked the clit along with my pussy lips. Her hands were parting my pussy lips wide for her tongue to access the deepest point in my pussy, a place never touched by any human hands or mouth.


She inserted her middle finger in my anus. Within minutes I reached climax. I saw stars dancing before my eyes as I finally climaxed. I clasped my thigh with force trapping her face inside my thighs. I cummed in earth shattering waves after waves. It was my first orgasm after two decades or so. I clinched her hairs very tight. I lay there catching my breath and smiling eyes closed.

Seeing this, the lady smiled naughtily and asked, “How you feel madam? Did you enjoy? Now we need to shave your jungle. Please sit on the chair with legs spread apart.”

I was still nude without a single stitch of cloth on me but till now I was used to my nudity. She asked me to sit on a chair and spread my thighs widely. I did so and she applied some shaving foam on my pussy hair. Then she started brushing which gave out a lot of lather. Her brush started making me excited again. Then she saw my closed eyes and understood my predicament. So she took out razor and started to shave my pussy hair.

She did not remove all hair but left a little patch which looked like a brush on my pussy and trimmed it leaving a thin strand of hair line just above my pussy lips. I never imagined that I was going to get my pussy hair shaved as before that I had never shaved it. I stroked the pussy area and found it very smooth.

She brought a hand mirror to show me my pussy which was shaved for first time. My god it looked so beautiful. I never thought that pussy also needs shaving and trimming. I ignored her naughty looks and kept my attention to my newly shaved pussy. I saw my shaved pussy in the mirror, it looked really nice.

Let me describe my pussy for you. I am very fair lady with glowing skin even at this age. My pussy lips are pinkish in color with a small crack like opening between the two rose petals like pussy lips. Inside that there is a rosy colored clitoris which looks like a crown in my pussy.She gathered the pussy hairs in a plastic packet and handed it over to me, saying, “Mam, this is your virgin pussy hairs shaved for first time. Please keep it with you as your son had asked for it. He had instructed us to give you the same.”

I was surprised to hear that but I did not react. I wondered why would my son ask for my pussy hairs, did he know that they would shave my pussy or he had asked them to shave my pussy. These questions needed to be answered at the earliest. I dare not ask them.

She herself quenched my curiosity, “Your son wanted you to look like a real modern lady having all the modern needs. So he wanted us to clean your body, armpits and pussy. And hand over the hairs to him as a gift. They say that carrying mother’s virgin pussy hairs brings good luck to men.”

I was surprised to know that. I think what she said was her own interpretation.

She said, “No, few more things are to be done before your son arrives to take you home. We have surprise package for him.”

Her assistants brought towels for me. She dried me and gave a new set of bra and panties which my son had purchased early that day. They helped me to wear both because the panty was a laced one and both were pink in color, I was using such fancy lingeries for the first time in my life.

I wore the panty………… oh I felt like a princess. I thanked my lovely son a hundred times in my mind for this. Then I stood before the mirror and looked at my body. I myself could not believe at what I saw in the mirror.

I got such a sexy body with 38 size boobs, 34 size waist, no fatty stomach, no folds in tummy, no thunder thighs with sexy long legs.

The woman watched me admiring my beauty and said, “Madam please wear this robe.”

I put on a robe and they took me to the makeup table. I was seated on it. Again the lady came and she did my eyebrows, gave them very sexy shape, applied foundation on face, eyeliner and mascara on eyes, blush on cheek, lipstick lip gloss lip liner on my pouting lips. I was using all these for first time. I was admiring my beauty in the vanity mirror.

Suddenly she told me to remove my bra panty again. I did so and she got between my legs and applied some cream on my boobs. Then started to rub it hard. Wowwwwwow suddenly my boobs really felt stiff and nipples got erect like a pole. Before I could ask anything, she applied another cream on my pussy and started rubbing it for a minute. My pussy felt so tight.

I asked, “What are those stuffs?”

“They were very costly cream which is imported,” she said smiling very naughtily, “Your son bought these for his sexy mom. It makes your boobs hard and nipples erect and when applied to pussy it makes it tight and smooth.”

Now I also smiled hearing her comments about my son. I very naughtily wore my bra panty back. Again she sprayed a body spray and did a little hair cut expertly. She curled little on either side of my face. Again sprayed some hair cream on my hair and tied a very sexy bun. Let me tell you that I got very good hair, even at this age there is no gray strand in it. My hairs come up to my ass and make a very thick choti.

Finishing all the makeup she gave call to my son to ask whether he brought the blouses from the store or not.

My son replied, “Yes mam, I will be there in a minute.”

With in no time he came to parlor and sent the blouses along with sarees inside for her to select. She selected a pink saree which was of very thin material and also thin petticoat and sleeve less, low neck and back less blouse. She herself dressed me. She tied saree knot 3 inches below my navel, spread some glittering thing on my navel. I wore that sexy backless blouse.Ooh god it revealed entire back of mine. I looked so sexy that even my eyes did not believe what a transformation it was, from ordinary mature very simple lady to a gorgeous sexy horny lady.

I sat on chair she applied matching pink nail polish 2 coats on both toe nails and finger nails which increased my sex appeal. Oohhhh god it looked so sexy. She sprayed very pleasant and nice smelling perfume below my shaved arm pits, on my bare back and boobs in front.

She asked me to come out. I felt bit nervous because I was going to face my son after makeover. The lady held my hand and took me to my son who was in the guest room. I didn’t have courage to look at him. I did not feel such shyness even on my marriage day.

My son was so much surprised that he almost shouted, “Mom, you look really sexy, wow you are really gorgeous. I never imagined you were so sexy mom.”

First time he called me sexy. A son was calling his mom sexy………….Ooh God help me face this situation……. I dared not look into his eyes and kept gazing the floor. After hearing his exclaimed husky voice my shyness increased further more. I began trembling in embarrassment.

He came near me, I raised my eyes and looked in to his eyes, “Don’t be shy mom, I am your son not outside common mom. Say something mom, speak.” My son tried to boost my morale.

I tried to say something but my voice choked in my throat, only tears welled up in my eyes seeing my wonderful son.

The lady said, “Your mom is really a beautiful lady and you are lucky son to have such a beauty as your mother.”

“Yes, indeed mam, I am really very lucky.” he thanked her and paid bill along with extra tips.

The lady felt very happy and asked us to visit again. My son held my hands firmly and brought me out. We seated in the taxi which was with us since morning. The driver stopped blinking his eye and dropped his jaw because he had seen me in the morning and was seeing me now. He was surprised by the difference in me.

Without hesitation he told, “Mem saab aap bahut khoobsurat deekh rahi hai.”

I thanked him and I asked my son, “Tell me, do I look so beautiful?” he told, “You are looking like a real sex goddess, no heroine can match my mother’s beauty,” saying this he flattered me a lot and my shyness had vanished a little.

First time my son put his hand around my neck and pulled me towards him. Our thighs pressed each other, my left side boob almost crushed under his manly chest. I felt as if a high voltage current passed through me. I was shivering, my son dragged me little closer but I tried to keep a distance from him, but with no success.

He took me to a jewelers shop, bought me one gold necklace with pendent, 2 gold chains, diamond ear rings, very beautiful nose ring and silver anklet with small bells which makes ghal ghal sound while walking. He also bought 6 rings studded with diamond 3 for each hand. Then he asked the shop owner to show toe rings.

I told him, “Stop, don’t buy it. I am a widow, I can’t wear it.”

He smiled mischievously at me and selected 2 sets of toe rings which married women wear. He also purchased something which was packed. Then we came out.

“What else you want purchase Jay,” I asked.

He took me to very expensive foot wear shop, bought so many chappels. He told me to wear one high heeled sandal which I did. My feet looked so sexy with nail polish and beautiful anklets.

He took out the toe rings from his pocket, “Mom please wear it for your son……….. Please maa.”

He was almost begging which I could not refuse so I wore it. Wow it really increased the beauty of my feet. We came out of the shop and went to a restaurant as it was almost night and I was tired. In restaurant everybody gave lusty looks at me. Firstly I got irritated but I adjusted.

We mom son seated like newlywed couple and we also behaved like one. Whenever Jay was cutting jokes I laughed full heartedly making others turn their attention to us. I was enjoying the attention the crowd was providing us.

When we finished the dinner my son asked the driver to drop us in a nearby resort, “What is this Jay beta? We have a home. Let us go there not anywhere else.”

Jay replied, “No mom today I want to discuss something very important with you, that is why I am taking you out.”

“Whatever you want to discuss you can do it in our home bete.” I tried to convince him but he was in no mood to listen, “No, mom please listen, it is important. I want to discuss it very peacefully which in that small dungeon I can’t.”

I thought he wanted to tell me something very important and also didn’t want to make him upset, so I agreed.

“Oohhh……….. Thank you, mom you are so kind to me, you are my lovely sexy mom.” I smiled at him for his comment.

He got happy and that was what I wanted him to be. That day he had made me feel so happy so I wanted to make him happy in return. He purchased a suitcase filled it with our purchases. The driver took us to the resort.

My son told on way, “I had purchased a lot of jasmine flowers kanakambhara.”

I asked, “For whom you are taking the flowers, Jay beta as no temple will be open at this late hour.”

He replied, “No mom, this is for my goddess who is always with me.”

I didn’t understand what he said so I laughed. Suddenly I thought my son had fallen in love with some girl and wanted me to meet her so he had spent so much on me to make me happy. Little did he know that even without such gifts, I would have readily agreed to any girl for him to marry. After all, I was his mother.

To his know what was inside his mind I asked, “Who is that goddess show me bête.”

He said,”Definitely I will show you mom, but at the resort. Wait for the suspense.”

We arrived at the resort and we got down from the taxi. My son pulled me closer holding my waist as we entered the reception which was manned by a model like receptionist. Jay told her that the honey moon suit was booked in the name of Mr. & Mrs. Jaydeep. I was shocked to hear what he told her. I almost fell aback. Since Jaydeep held my waist, I did not fall. I tried to speak but my son placed his finger on his lips and signaled me not to say anything. I almost went into trance.

“Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Jaydeep to our resort for your Honey moon suit,” Saying this receptionist handed the room keys and welcomed us.

I got really angry with her, how dare she call me Mrs. Jaydeep. Tried to open my mouth but my son again signaled me not to talk. She called the bell boy and asked him to take our luggage and she led us to honey moon suit. Finally we reached there. The suit was in the corner of the top floor of the building.

A fine rose wood carved big door stood right in front of us. She opened it. My mouth opened wide……………Ooohhh it was a huge hall. It had everything in it what a big posh flat would have ……………a big sofa set……… dining table, cupboard………. sit out in balcony and most importantly a big rosewood cot with a very luxurious bed.

Few sexy paintings adorned the wall of the bed room and to my surprise the entire bed room was decorated with flowers (jasmine, rose and many more flowers). In the middle of the bed a there was a love marking along with the wordings “Happy married life… Mr. and Mrs. Jaydeep” And on the corner of the bed many sweets, fruits and dry fruits were placed in silver plates. The room was filled with a beautiful smelling incense stick.

Over all it was a complete set up for a hot and sexy Honey moon, but whose honeymoon. It was a million dollar question. Did he invite his girl friend here and wanted me to meet her in this sexy room. A bad idea as the room was too erotic for such talks. Many things crossed my minds which needed explanation. From his generous behavior in the day at the parlor to the room booked for Mr. and Mrs. Jaydep to this sexy honeymoon room, entire day’s events were dancing before my eyes.

I couldn’t understand what I was seeing as it added more to my confusion. I looked at my son in total confusion he again not allowed me to talk before the receptionist.

The receptionist handed over the keys to my son. Jaydeep again said, “Thank you and we are not to be disturbed until we call.” She smiled naughtily and said, “We are not disturbing any newlywed couples…….. Especially, on their First Night or in their Honey moon suite. Please feel like home sir and madam.”

My son smiled and said something in her ear. It added fire to my anger for the attention Jaydeep was giving to her. Then I thought she might be confused because of my dressing and make up. It looked like I was a bride, so she was addressing me as Mrs. Jaydeep. I smiled in my mind.

Immediately I started asking questions, “What are these entire Jay? What are all these arrangements??????????? So you married a girl without my consent and made all arrangements for your Honeymoon???????????? You only bring me to bless both of you. Where is she?…….. Who is she????????????? Show me????????? Kya woh achi khandhan ki ladki nahi hai??????? Kya wo sundar ladki nahi hai????????????? Tere saath padhnevali hai kya??????????”

There were many questions which needed explanation. But my son replied smilingly, “Oohhh……..nahin maa…….. Maine abhi shaadi nahin kiya…………. Ladki pasand jaroor hai magar ladki ka bhi permission lena zaroori hai na…….Main to use pasand karta hu magar ye nahi pata ki wo mujhe pasand karti hai ki nahi………………. Mai usko bina pooche ye sabhi arrangements kiya kyon ki mujhe maloom hai ki wo zaroor permission degi…………. kyon ki mai use bachpan se janta hoon.”

I replied, “Arre beta…….. Pagal hai kya wo kaunsi aisi ladki hai jo tujhe bachapan se mallom hain aur main use nahi janti…….aisa koyi ladki maine tere saat nahi dekha………. tu mazaak kar raha hai na…………. sach sach bata bete……. mai yaha aane ke waqt se confusion me hoon.”

Jaydeep, “Maa wo ladki thodi dari hui hai.”

I said as I was really confused, “Ooh kaha beta….. kaha chupa rakha hai usse……. mujhe use dikha na…… Aur wo dari hui kyu hai?”

I started searching for her in room.

Jaydeep my son said, “Kaha dhund rahi ho maa?????? wo bilkul mere samne hi hai.”

It really angered me because nobody was there except me. He was joking with me for sure.

I was exasperated, “Idhar tere samne mere siva aur kohi nahi hai Jay.”

My son smiled as if to reveal the secret now, “Haan…… maa…… wo ladki koyi aur nahi…… sirf aap ho maa…….. My girl is you mom. Main apse shaadi karna chahta hu.”

He bent on to his knees in filmy style and said, “Will you marry me? You are my love of life. I will keep you happy all your life.”

I could not believe my ears. I was totally shocked; I never felt such a shock in my entire life, to hear this from my beloved one and that also from only son. He wanted me as his bride. He loved me….. Oh my dear lord…My son doesn’t have any girl in his life. That was a relief for me.

Suddenly I started feeling guilty….Maybe I should not do it as it is beyond the society’s acceptance…………What would the family members say to this alliance………Maybe I had dressed too offensively which made him think like that towards me….Maybe I should have stopped the arrangements that started in the morning culminating to this honeymoon suite.

My son said that I was his bride which I never imagined even in my dreams. For 5 minutes the room was under pin drop silence. Society would blame me for this. They would say I had enticed or seduced my son to marry me. I had to confront the situation now.

I recovered from shock and started abusing my son, “Ye kya bol raha hai? Haaram khor…….. Apni ma pe gandi nazar rakhta hai? Shayad mujhi se koi bahut badi galti ho gayi tujhe palne mein jiska mujhe ye sila mila hai. Maine tere liye dusri shadi nahi ki. Darti thi kahi mera pyar bant na jaye………Aur aaj tu mujhe ye din deekha raha hai.”

I went on and on and said many more harsh words until i got breathless due to excitement. Before that day I had never used such words for my son, “Hey bhagavan use maaph kar dena…… wo abhi bacha hai.”

I was unstoppable for 15 minutes abusing him with loud voice. Thankfully the room was sound proof that’s why nobody heard my shouting. For the entire period my son did not open his mouth. When I got cool he tried to convince me in polite manner.

He opened his mouth, “Maa mai tera beta hoon……. mujh ko teri sukh ka sada chinta rahta hai……mujhe pata hai ki tune mere liye dusri shadi nahi ki……. ye tere liye sahi mauka hai…apne saare gham bhula de aur mujhse shadi kar le… tu mere liye bahut dukh sahi hai…….mujhe palne mein bahut mehanat ki hai……….mujhe hamesha teri fiqra padi hai mom……..

I just want to give back what I got from you…….No women will share my love……… My unconditional love is only to you mom that’s why I don’t want any other girl as my wife. You are the women who filled my heart and soul mom.

Give a thought to my request……….think mom. I will wait for you whole life…If you won’t agree to marry me I will never marry just as you never remarried for my sake………I am not asking you to take this decision in hurry. But please don’t say no…… My life depends on you and your love.”

I was in stupor not able to reply anything. But I somehow managed to say, “Now I don’t know what to say beta…… Ab ek maa aapne bete se shaadi nahi kar sakti……Aisa karna paap hai aur hamara saamaj bhi isko nahi manega.”

Before I could finish my sentence my son was ready with reply, “Maa saamaj ko chhodo……… Is samaaj ne tumko kya diya hai siwa nafrat ke …….. ye mujhe malum hai aur rahne do ye paap punya ki baaten…….. sab bullshit hai…. wo bhi chhodo khud bhagavan ne aapni beti se shaadi ki…………. Rati Kamdev ki maa hoke aapne bete se shaadi ki.

Man lo main kisi dusri ladki se shadi karta bhi hu to iska kya guarantee hai ki who mujeh tere jitna pyar degi…….Tumhare siwa kaun meri dekhbhal itne achche se karegi…………Kahi usne mujeh tere khilaf bhadka diya to……Main kis ki side lunga teri ay uski??????????? Us waqt mujhe kaisa lagega?”

Things changed so fast that he convinced me instead of me convincing him. His talks were making sense. I thought what is wrong in it. If two adults want to marry what has the society got to do with it. And who ever marries Jay will surely be very lucky so why not me. In him I saw a very generous, caring and loving husband.

The entire day, my pussy was on fire. Firstly the parlor owner made me so hot. My pussy started oozing wetness by thinking of my son’s cock, my boobs got stiff and my nipples got erect. If such was his effect on me by just thinking what would he do if I actually married him or fucked him? I decided I would agree to his request and marry him. My body hairs got erect by just the imagination of his cock.

I smiled at him, “Acha beta teri sab manghe hum poori karenge……….. aaj se teri maa teri biwi hai…………. pehle mujhse shaadi karle………. mere bete aapni maa ko biwi banale……….”I covered my eyes with my hands due to shyness.

By hearing this, my son become very happy, and jumped in joy, “Thank you mom. I love you so much…..Oohh god thanks a lot.”He said, “At last I got my mom has my wife……… ohhh mom, mai tujhse abhi shaadi kar loonga…… woh bhi according to all rituals. What do you say mom. Sorry…… mere hone wali patni.”

I said, “Acha beta…………. sorry mere honewaale pati………. kya iska bhi tayyari kar liya.” I said with very naughty smile.

He said, “Haaahaan, meri maa……. nahin nahin meri honewalli biwi……… Taiyari mein der hi kitna lagega…..Abhi Abhi iska bhi tayyari ho chuka hai.”

Then he picked up phone and called the receptionist to ask her to send any Panditji in 15 minutes. The receptionist agreed to send one in few minutes.

Jay bola, “Kya baat hai…. aha maa tum tayyar ho jaao…….. pehale thoda makeup ko theek kar lo aur woh red color saree pehalo jaldi………… tere saath suhaag raat manane ke liye mera lund tadap raha hai.”

First time my son talked to me using sexy words but instead of feeling angry at him I began to feel happy and naughty.

But I playfully slapped his back for the dirty language he used for me and said, “Cheeeeeee……. Ma se aisi baten karta hai? Yaad rakh abhi main teri biwi nahi bani hu…….. Apne jaban ko sambhal ke rakh samjaha……..Acha mai abhi tayyar hoti hoon.”

I applied red nail polish and wore very expensive red colored saree suitable for bride with matching laced bra and panty. I put on a sleeve less and backless low neck blouse and asked my son to tie those thin thread.While tying the back thread he said, “Wow kya khoob lagti ho meri jaan……… Ek dum apsara………….. You are really sexy my darling mom.” saying he started pressing his already erected cock against my ass. I felt some very hot iron rod pressing on my ass. It felt very nice. He knew how to arouse sensuality.

But I said, “No baba not before marriage then everything. Beta tu bhi jaldi se ready hoja………. Waqt bahut kam hai.”

My dutiful son said, “It is ok mom. Ha mom mai abhi ready hota hoon.” saying he went bathroom.

He took shower and came. His erect cock was standing like a pole in towel making a tent inside. I felt ashamed looking at his hard cock so I put my head down, but kept on looking at that priceless cock of my darling son, through the corner of my eyes with a hungry look. My son knew what his mom would be looking at.

He spurted out his excitement by saying, “Ye to tere liye hi hai meri raani……. mai tumhe zaroor dikhaoonga pehale shaadi honede. Fir aram se dekhna ise.”

I really felt so shy at his dirty words spoken to his mother that I put my heads down with absolute embarrassment. My son got ready for our most sacred incest wedding. He was wearing cream colored shervani and red shawl. Oohhh he looked like a prince in that outfit.

My motherly heart looked at him happily but my bride heart inside me took over it and it started imagining my suhaag raat with him. He sprayed very costly perfume on him. Both bride and bridegroom were ready for their incestual taboo marriage.

Then the reception said that panditji had come along with some selected guests. My son asked her to send them to our suite.

I was surprised and asked my son, “Who are the guests and whether they know that we are mom and son?”

Jaydeep replied, “Cool mom, they know we are mom and son, even panditji knows that and they all are happy about our incestual marriage, so no worry.”

Panditji straight away started rituals saying, “Pleas pay attention, the mahurtum is going to expire within 10 minutes and it is already late. So start at the earliest.”

He called both of us in front of holy fire starts chanting mantras asked my son for mangala sutra. [panditji brought all pooja materials along with iron fire stand] My son took out a mangalasutra from his pocket and placed it on the coconut. Oh that is what he had bought at that jewelry shop I remembered.

One of the guests, an elderly woman, who was mother of one of his friend put jassmine and kanakambhara flowers on my hair along with little haldi on both side of my cheeks legs and hands and a small kajal just below the right side of my lips[we called drushti chukke]

My son tied the mangalasutra around my neck. We the erstwhile mother and son became husband and wife according to Hindu dharma shastra. The incestual taboo marriage of mother with his son was complete.

Panditji blessed us and said, “Beti ees shaadi se parishaan mat raho……… ye maa bete ka shaadi shastra sammat hai.”

I thanked him, he collect his dakshina and went away along with all the guests wishing us happy married life. Among the guests one elderly lady named Pushpa also decided to marry her son whom she secretly admired and longed for but could not muster courage to say.

Hearing that all guests laughed including me. Till then I became fully open so no more shyness for me. I mingled with guests, the female guests appreciated my beauty and the way I looked so young and dress. The male guests got jealous with my son for having such a beautiful mom who had become his wife. Everybody left the room leaving me and my son in the room.

My son tried to hold me but I said, “Ooooooooooh…na baba na, go and wait for me on the bed. I will come soon.”

My son replied making dirty gestures towards me with his fingers and thumb into a circle gesticulating of my pussy hole, “Oh mom, don’t make late come fast as my cock is so hungry for your pussy.”

I laughed at his excitement and replied him in the same dirty language, pointing at my pussy, “Ok beta your newly wedded mom is coming to you. I also want your lovely masculine cock inside my pussy. My pussy is itching for your iron rod.”

I entered the highly decorated suhaagraat room carrying milk in a silver jar with a silver glass. My son was surprised to see milk and all. I had asked the receptionist for it and she provided it happily. My son [husband] was surprised to see me behaving shy like all newlywed brides. But I was luckier than other brides as I married my own son. My son took the milk jug from me.

I fell on his feet and said, “Mujhe aashirwad dijiye sada suhagan rahane ke liye.”

I uttered the words very respectively the same way a wife converses with her husband on her wedding night.

My son husband said, “Ooh common mom. You are older than me and also my mom so I should take blessing from you and not vice versa.”

I whispered, “Sssssssshhhh aisa mat kahiye…….. Pran nath…….. mai aap ka daasi hoon aur aapki patni hoon. Mujhe ab apke charno mein rahna hai. Apki sewa karni hai aur apke bachche pal ne hai. Main sada apki sewa mein upasthith rahungi.”

My son got thrilled by hearing those nice words from me. He encircled me in his well built shoulder and hugged me tightly. My boobs were pressed to his broad hairy chest. Electric current started running all over my body. As after more than twenty years a male was hugging me to his chest, the male who was none other than my own son who had become my husband. He lifted my face and started to look in to my eyes which increased my shyness many folds.

Jaydeep asked, “Sharma rahi ho kya maa????”

I said, “Hhaan ji mujhe bahut sharum aa rahi hai……. Mujhe aise mat dekhiye please.”

My son caressed my cheeks and said, “Is main sharmane ki kya baat hai…….tum meri patni ho…….. aaj hamara suhaag raat hai………. maa aaj poora raat enjoy karna matlubh tumhe chodna chahta hu…….. Kayi positions me chodunga aur gaand bhi marna chahta hu……….mom don’t feel bad if I use vulgur words…….. Agar aap ko parishhani hota hai to I will stop using it.”

I was enjoying his dirty words and wanted him to continue in the same manner so told, “Oh ho, nahin bête…… Don’t worry tum ko jaisa kahana ho kaho,,,,,,,, maaf ki ji ye maine aap ko tum kaha.”

Hearing this, my son, my husband said, “Ooh chhodo na maa bed room me ye sab chalta hai. Ab mujhe wo akrne do jo main karna chahta hu. Jiske liye maine tumse shadi ki. Us chut ka darshan karwao jis se main bahar aya hu.”

Saying this, my son started kissing my fore head, then on my eyes, on back of my ears, on my rosy cheeks and on my nose. Oohhhhh I don’t know where he learned this but his kisses were creating sensations in my body………… Oohhhh I also started responding to his kisses. I put my hand in his hairs. His mouth was closing on my face and my lips. My heart was beating fast like a drum. My face became very hot and red. I felt very dizzy and suddenly my hand was pulled by my son and placed on his raging cock. I shivered to touch something very hot. My lips felt some salivating hot mouth on it and a big face covering my face.

My precious juicy fingers were giving him much more excitement which I felt in his kissing and also from his steel rod like cock which was rubbing on my thighs. Ooooooooohaaaaaaaa…. Then his mouth came to all parts of my face giving special treatment to my cherry red lipstick coated juicy lips. First he delicately placed his hard truly male lips on my lips, and then rubbed his lips on mine very delicately for good 5 minutes which made my lower vertical lips means my pussy lips to start crying happily.

Now he opened my mouth gently and inserted his tongue inside. I welcomed his tongue in to my well oval shaped little mouth with any hesitation I started chewing his tongue………. Ooooooohaaaaaaaaa what a beautiful scene it was……. a mom son kissing each other passionately on their suhaag raat. Our tongues loved each other very much with lust. We kept on kissing like that for nearly 10 minutes and hugged so tightly that even air couldn’t pass between us. We separated our eyes were filled with pure lust and nothing else.

My son turned husband said, “Oh meri raani, meri maa, meri sexy biwi…. kya mast hot lips hai tumhare………. mom really it is so juicy sweet and smooth……. so sexy. I never thought it would be so sexy, I am really lucky man having you as my wife.”

I replied kissing his lips, “Me too lucky beta for having you as my husband…… you are a wonderful kisser ………I think even your dad never kissed me like this……… where did you learn this? With whom have you been practicing?”

He didn’t expect such question so got nervous but replied, “No mom, I never kissed anybody……. Promise……. It is you only whom I have kissed till date. It is the lust and passion for you which lead me to this.”

Saying this he simply threw away my pallu and started to stare at my boobs which are 36C in size firm and well shaped half of which was already out because neither my blouse nor my bra could hold it fully. His big palms held my boobs and he started squeezing it………….ohhhhhhh my!!!!

He was fondling my boobs the same boobs which had fed him when he was a toddler and nursed him to adulthood saying, “I can’t stand any more……….. The passion runs in me………. wow mom…….. What a beauty you have……… wow they are so firm and good in shape………. I think your first husband, my dad not use it much. Nor did you feed me much.”

I replied, “Oh yes beta…… mera pehala pati, yaani tumhara baap bahut jaldi chale gaya na and he did not use and he didn’t take that much interest in sex. Iska beta yaani mera bhi beta yaani mera dusara pati bahut sexpert lagta hai…….. I am really proud of you son……… you know how to make a woman surrender to your charm. You are master in this.”

He removed the thin thread which was holding my blouse and out came my blouse in one go. He threw it away; the lace bra also got the same fate. The boobs which were freed from cage were ready to be handled roughly as well as smoothly. I am very fair lady so those melons are milky white and the brownish nipple were erect more than a inch from their original size. Without wasting time my son started squeezing it with his both hands.

I cried out, “Aahaaaaaaa my son be little slow and soft on my dear boobs……… Remember they are your mom’s boobs……. Please handle with care…… even in your child hood you were so fond of it………..Just fondle and suck don’t bite.”

Son replied, “Oohhhh…….. My sexy mom………. my lovely wife……… I am really lucky that I was fed by these. It’s so good honey what a boobs you got… if I knew they were so good I would have fucked you much early or even raped you if you didn’t let me fuck you.”

I said, “I would have fucked you also if I knew you were so good in sex…………. I would have allowed you to fuck me much early…………… Your mouth is so hot and sexy.”

His fingers were caressing my back and soon his lips devoured my erect nipples and he started sucking it. I could feel pressure of his warm and demanding lips on swell of my boobs, his teeth were pressing softly on my boobs, trying to leave love marks around my nipples and his tongue was caressing, licking, flirting with my fully aroused nipple. Meanwhile with one hand I was caressing, squeezing his firm hips and with other hand I was rubbing my pussy which was pressurizing me more and more for my son’s already stirring cock.

Enjoying my attention my son started putting my right nipple in his mouth while squeezing left boob like he did in his childhood. He used to drink milk from right boob first and squeeze the other boob…….. Oooooooooohaaaaa what a sexy sensation……….. Again he changed his position squeezing right and chewing left.

Oohhhh I couldn’t control, the pussy juice was oozing, running like a water fall in my tiny panty completely soaking it wet with my pussy juice………. even my thighs could feel the wetness and the heat of my lust…….. My hands started to gauze size of his cock over his dress………. It was so hard too long and thick. I still not seen it but I could imagine the size and feel so happy that it belonged to my son [now my hubby]

Both of my hands were on his head grasping his hairs……… My eyes were closed feeling his hot breath on my face and nipples…He was sucking both my boobs alternately… I was letting out hot moans…Then I caught his hand and led it to my pussy and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy………. He extended his palm till it covered my crotch………..He began roaming his hands on my pussy area…My sanctum sanctorum…… His birth place……. My son found the pussy mound easily and squeezed it from above the saree folds…….. To unravel the pussy he began pulling my saree……… Within few seconds my saree was on floor along with my blouse and bra……..Then he removed my petticoat…… I was waiting for him to remove my panty……..He removed it with jerk tearing it into two pieces…. My pussy was naked before my son, my husband………. My young stud………My fucker from today.

He began massaging my pussy mound………..I was getting wetter and wetter……His fingers were parting my pussy crack……. His finger was invading my pussy hole.. My pussy was throbbing to his tender touch… I had waited for ages for the day to arrive……. Finally my cunt had found a worthy suitor……. A worthy fucker, who was my flesh and blood.

All I could say was, “Oh god, main mar gai……… Mere pati parmeshwar mere raja……. mere pussy ko pyar se sahlao… MERE PURUSH?.MUJHE LOOT LO?..YE BADAN TUMHARA HAI…………AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH???.!!!!!!.”

He came between my thighs and parted them…..He began kissing my thighs from knees to my pussy………. His wet tongue was all over my thighs…….. wooaaaaaaaaaaa…………. How wonderful feeling it was for me…….. I never enjoyed such abundant pleasure in my life till that day………… He pulled my pussy lips with his lips and began sucking it……

I kept on murmuring, “Uufffffffffff ahhhhhh apni unglii meri geeli pussy mein dalo…….Aaahhhh……Chuso na meri chut ko…….. Pussy lips ko aur chuso. Chato meri clit ko……….Ghus jao andar usi ched mein jis se tu bahar aya tha.”

He inserted his hot tongue in my pussy hole, I shrieked, “Oh mmmmmaaaaaaaa…….main gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii janoooooooooo……….. oaurr andar…………mere pati…….. apnii gurm gurm zuban mairi pussy kay under dallllooooooooooo………..jjjjjjiii ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”I needed something to hold on…… I held his hairs in my hands and pulled with strength. Meanwhile he located my clit and began sucking it…..

I instructed, “Oohhhhhhh…….my darling sonny cock……..yesssssss son………….BITE MY CLITTYYYYYYYYYYYYY…………..CHEW MY CLITTYYYYY………..liccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk my cunt some more…….lick…..lick……lick……….PUSH YOUR HOT TONGUE deep into my pussyyyyyyyy…….oooooooooooooo.”

Then I climaxed with his mouth placed on my pussy. I almost screamed with pleasure. With this I let out a big gush of cum. It was the best orgasm I ever had. My son-husband licked my love juice which was oozing from my pussy. I felt so nice and elevated. Unable to think further I groped his thick cock over his pants and squeezed it hard. He came over me, his cock still in my hands and kissed me. He inserted his tongue in my mouth. I could taste my cunt juice on his tongue…………. It tasted funny..Imagine tasting your own cunt juice that also from your son’s mouth or tongue. I sucked it little more.

Meanwhile his cock had grown to it’s full erection…. I could feel it in my hands that it was oozing precum…….. Lovely cock that belongs to my stud son.

I moaned loudly, “Dear son, now your mom is hungry for your (mine now) cock. Don’t make me wait for it beta……..mere pati….mere purush.”

He smiled naughtily and asked, “Kya hai………. meri raani……….. meri maa aur mere patni………… kya chayiye tumko bata na….. Mast chuchi wali mummy… Mera lund kyu pakda hai.”

Closing my eyes with excitement and shyness I said, “Mere chut ke malik………Mere badan ke swami………Meri khushio ke rakshak………Mujhe aapka……. aapka ye chayiye… Ye jo itna kada sa hai mere haathon mein……. Jis se aap kisi aurat ko aurat hone ka maza dete hai……… Mere kaam dev ke avtar”

I squeezed his cock a bit strongly. His cock was throbbing in my hands like a live mouse waiting to jump at me.. His mother…….. his wife……his darling’s cunt…….. I thought his cock was too big for my little cunt hole but was re assured by the fact that this boy had emerged from the same hole. So if his head can come out from the hole, his cock can also go in.

My son was still in playful mood, “Ooh maa aise bolliyega to kaise pata chalega apko kya chaiye……… Iska naam to baatao. Haath mein le rakhi ho………. Naam kya hai.”

I hid my face in his chest, “Uummmmmmmm…..chaalo ji mujhe sharum aa rahi hai.”

He wouldn’t let me free, “Iss me sharumane ki kya baat hain…….. Come on mom tell me.”

I knew he wanted to hear the dirty words from my mouth and wouldn’t let me free unless I did as he told, so I shyingly told, “Ok……mujhe mere bete ka……… mere pati ka aur mere raaja babu ka lund chayiye…………. haaan lund chahiye…….mujhe chodne ke liye………. chusne ke liye aur mera chikni gaand me goosane ke liye ………..chaahi ye tera mota pyara lund……….. Mera pyara beta please aapni maa ko ye lund de de. Iske darshan kara beta……….Bahut din se ise nahi dekha hai…Jab tu chhota tha tab dekha tha……….Ab kitytna bada aur mota ho gaya hai……….. Kisi jawan aurat ke choot ko to fad hi dega.”

Now I was free with him as my shyness had disappeared and that is what my son wanted. I was freely using dirty words like choot/lund/chodo/chuso and all such things. I felt a strange tingle in my pussy when I used such words. I decided to use it as often as possible to make me and my son-husband happy and hot.

He smiled and nodded his head in affirmation and said, “Jaroor meri rani…….. My mommy cunt……. Mera lund tumhare liye hi hai………. Is se main tumhari choot chodunga………… Choot fad dunga aaj…….. Aaj hamari suhag raat hai na………. Jor se pakdo ise aur hilao.”

I was delighted to hear his words. Meanwhile my hand was moving on his thighs and reached his penis in no time. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I glided my hand on his cock and as I touched his cock, I became weak in my knees. It was heavenly to feel his naked manhood in my hands and as he had a tool perfect for man not that of a kid. He had cock big enough to fuck any woman of his choice which was fully erected by the time.

I started thinking how big would it be when it gets inside my cunt. It had become so large and thick after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and moving my hand down and up, and his cock beaming in full erection. I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it feeling its nakedness on fingers. My heart beat increasing every second.

And with a hard breath I bent down and started kissing his cock softly. I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock as he was moaning and saying, “Mommy…… I am so lucky to have you as my wife-mother…. Oh you are too nice… Such a lovely mouth too apart from nice pussy for me……. I will always keep you happy.”.

I was so happy that I had married him. Then he put his hand on my waist. He was trying to fondle my naked tits, which were now swinging on my chest. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while and then I put his cock in my mouth, kissed, licked and sucked it. I closed my eyes as my head was bobbing up and down on his erect cock. He was fondling my nipples hard as I was sucking his dick which had become like a steel rod in its full erection and was not less than 8”long.

He flexed his face muscles and became hard I understood he was about to cum. He yelled aloud, “Mom I am cummIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING…………Mera paani le lo maa………. Pee jao apne raja bete ke lund ka pani…….Oooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……….. Meri rani maa.”

Within few seconds he shot jet of sticky cum in my mouth which I drank with pleasure.

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