Dark Desires Of Sex Starving Lady

Hi, This story is based on truth and my personal experience with a 25 year old widow name Sehar Baig Living in Staten Island with her Parents. Let me describe the people involved in this story.

This story is about dark desires of a woman whom i met in Staten Island and this woman was starving for sex for about 1 and half years. She went into complete depression where she was feeling doubts about herself , her body , and her inner desires.

The woman was from Pakistan and living with her parents in states after death of her husband. She was bound by religion not to consider sex as an option without marriage.

The loneliness has taken her fully and inside it was killing her like a demon and i was very grateful to meet her, to know about her and to explore and open her up. To build up her sex life around trust and to make her feel confident about herself and the outcome was great. I found a tigress hungry for sex and to reach infinite limits if given confidence and love.

This starts when i landed at JFK airport for the first time. I was new in town staying with my uncle and aunt in Staten Island. People from Pakistani community were inviting me for dinner and lunches as i was new and treating me great. There was a dinner arranged by Mr and Mrs Baig. There at dinner i met this young girl , she was 25 years old fully grown up women. Her complexion was white and their family belong to Hunza – Gilgit a hill station in Pakistan.

As we were doing dinner i got to know more about this girl. Her name was Sehar and she was a widow. Yes, A widow when i heard this that her husband died just after being married for 1 year. I felt really sad inside and when i look at her again this time with deep interest. I saw tears floating from her big and blank eyes filled with sadness and incompleteness.

I was looking at her feeling her pain deep and she noticed that i am constantly looking at her. I was in state of shock. After dinner i started little chit chat with her . I was 23 years of age then , she asked me that i am liking states or not and i said i didn\’t had chance to explore much and she made an offer that she will be willing to take me out to show places and i said i ll be grateful.

It was now almost a week since she was taking me out to different places and we were getting along good. I asked her that if she has any boyfriend. She nodded her head in negative. She said before me , she never went out and mostly she is at home and when i accepted her offer , her parents were really happy that she will get a chance to go outside and at least be happy for moments because she was living her life in deep depression.

She told me how much she felt lonely day and night. One day we were walking along the road and she asked me how do she look ? She said she knew she looks terrible and when she asked me . I looked closely to her , i found her body very attractive, She had this curvy body , white complexion , big eyes and very long hairs. Her hairs were so long and silky that they were almost reaching her thighs.

I was still looking at her with interest and i said you are gorgeous and great soul. I said don\’t feel bad about yourself . You are one of the finest women i have ever met by date. She noticed that i was looking at her boobs with great interest. She had very soft skin and in her white shirt which she was wearing that day. Her bulky boobs were looking perfect above her belly. Her body shape was hour glass shape. She said don\’t look like this , i don\’t feel good.

I told her that i am sorry but i couldn\’t control my urge and it seems i am falling for her. She said no you are younger boy and you have a life in front of you and there was nothing for me to be with a widow. I hold her hand and said i want you and nothing else for now. I passionately started kissing her there on road and she couldn\’t resist, but suddenly she pushed me away and called taxi and went away.

I felt really bad that she didn\’t liked or what, but after few hours i received a call from her that she wants to meet me. I went to her home. There was no one there. I went to her room , she said why i kissed her. I said i couldn\’t resist , she said , after death of her husband she is never been with a guy and it is religiously wrong to do so. I explained to her that there is nothing wrong in accepting our desires and living them ,as that is part of being human.

Innocently , she asked me so can you kiss me again. I like it , i made my move hold her back and started kissing her , Pushed her to the wall and kissing her madly. She was holding my back and pulling me towards her. I could feel the heat , of her body. Her boobs were touch my chest and we almost kissed for minutes before she took off my shirt.

She inserted her tongue into my mouth and sometimes she was sucking my tongue and kissing me so passionately . I would give anything in my life to be kissed like this again. I undress her and she was wearing a Red bra underneath. I hold her boobs in my both hands and pressed them with love. She moaned like crazy. She pulled off my pants and my underwear.

She hold my erect 7 Inch Dick in her hands and started giving it strokes. Suddenly she pushed me to bed and came on me took my dick in her mouth and look into my eyes. i said don\’t stop please , keep doing it i was feeling helpless and she was doing it all because it was her hunger of one and half years. It was her heat in which i wanted to burn. I wanted her to do things to me whatever she wants to do it with my body.

She asked me to push her head towards my dick with force and pull her hairs and i did it and i cum in her mouth. She then with that cum came to my mouth and started kissing me. She was on top of me. So i unhooked her bra and her big bulky boobs were looking great. I unzip her and pull of her pants. I literally tore of her red Panty which she was wearing and i touched her pussy which was fully wet by that time .

She asked me if i can fuck her in doggy style and make me her bitch. She was real tigress in sex. I went behind her , my cock was fully wet with cum and her pussy was also wet and smell of her pussy was creating a great aroma in room. I hold her long hairs in hand from back and started inserting my dick inside her making strong strokes. Her pussy had become tighter due to no sex for years but due to wetness it was giving way for my dick. She was moaning and shouting with sex and pleasure like her. I came inside her. My thighs were stroking against her butt creating ripples. I pulled off my dick after cumming inside and i put that dick in her mouth. I wanted to make her taste her pussy.

I am a hairy guy with hair chest. She asked me that she wanted to feel heat of my hot body hairs and chest against her back. I came to her back in spooning condition. I raised her legs and enter my dick this time in this position into her pussy. I asked her to put her hand around my neck as i want to feel her arm pit and smell of her body. She did it guys and i was in heaven. My nose was in her underarms , her sweat smell was so great and amazing and my dick was full wet inside her pussy giving light and hard strokes.

After cumming again inside her in this position , i asked her to come on top of me . She came on top of me and sat on my dick and her boobs were in my face. Her erect nipples i was biting a bit after time to time. Suddenly she inserted her middle finger in my ass and i was taken with pleasure and she started giving movement to her finger inside and my dick strokes become hard and fast due to her fingering in the ass. I came inside her with alot of cum , i could feel it and it was best orgasm she gave me that day.

She told me that she has desire that i eat her pussy fully . she came and sat on my face rubbing her pussy against my lips gently. I was feeling great. She squirted so hard on my face and her wet liquid was everywhere.

Now my back was against bed and she sat on my dick and her legs around my back and her boobs in my face and i was holding her back. We fucked in this position for almost 10 minutes and she was cumming really hard due to no sex in years. I became fully wet with her juices and liquids in room.

Then she told me that her mom and dad is out of town and i have to stay . She wanted me to sleep like this with her for a while. I asked her to lets wear one shirt and sleep together like that. So we wore one tshirt , now in that tshirt her boobs were against my hairy chest and our mouths were almost together. We kissed a lot and slept like this for awhile.

After two hours i woke up and saw she was still sleeping like this and there was calmness on her face and satisfaction. I felt good i kissed her forehead. and i started rubbing her pussy and clit. she woke up and said please don’t stop keep making me love. I asked her spread her legs a bit . and inserted my middle finger in her pussy and then after her juice on my hand i lick it with my tongue.

I asked her that she can do anything to me and my body all night. She was now full woke up. We took off that shirt together and now she asked me to come to bathroom with her. There she made bubble bath tab and now we both were in it. She was giving me smooth hand job. After i cum due to hand job. She came top of me and told me that she has desire that i make love to her boobs , i started pressing them and she was moaning with immense pleasure.Sometime i bite her or neck.

Now sehar came on top and sat on my dick , my dick was inside her and she started moving her hips back and forth. I put my tongue in her mouth and now her body was against mine , dick was inside and we were again making great love.

After bath , we came back to room cleaned ourselves and she cooked Dinner for me. She told me her desire that she wants to make me eat my dinner and she wants me to be naked when eating , so we both took off our clothes and our bodies smell were making great environment. She took care of me that night and with her lovely hands i was eating and i was also making her eat with mine.

We watched TV for sometime same in naked position that night and did alot of dirty things to each other. It was best night of my life and i would love to write More of it. If i get appreciation and good feedback for this story.

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