Divorced Neighbour Woman Satisfied Me


This is my first experience & only one till date. I am 5’10”, athletic built guy from Chandigarh, currently staying in New Delhi. I am working in MNC.

I moved to Delhi 2 years back. I took a rented accommodation in one of the posh societies in South Delhi. I used to go to evening walk in the park in our society. One day, while I was about to go out, I saw a beautiful woman in the opposite flat. She was on phone. She looked slim & sexy in t-shirt & pajamas. Thereafter, I used to check her out from my room window whenever I got a chance.

A few months later, there were Dussehra celebrations in our society. Invitations were given to all society residents. I went to the park in the evening where it was planned. Our eyes met first time at that place. There were lots of people & kids around. I took my chance & went to her.

I said: HelloShe: HiI: I live in the flat just opposite to yours. I have seen you before on the balconyShe: OkI: I am new in this city. Can we be friends?She: I don’t know youI: If we will be in touch, you can know everything about meShe: Ok, we will see

I took her phone number & we separated. In the night, I texted her on Whatsapp. I asked her about her family. She told me that she is divorced & is living alone in the flat. She is working as Senior HR executive in MNC. She was only 28. Her parents stay in Uttarakhand. We used to talk every morning & evening & were trying to know each other.

Then I got my first appraisal & I told her. She congratulated me & asked for a treat. I said wherever you want. We went to Mall of India & had dinner there. She was wearing sleeveless top & jeans. She had a car, so I joined her. We took 3-4 drinks with dinner. On the way back, there was a traffic jam on Noida-Delhi highway & I took her hand in my hands. She looked towards me. Our eyes met & I told her that I like you. She responded, “me too”. I was just waiting for this journey to end.

We reached our society at around 11.30 p.m. After parking the car, I asked her whether I can join her for some time. She nodded yes. I went behind her. She opened the door & we went inside. I grabbed her from back & whispered in her ears ” I want to make you mine “. She closed her eyes & kissed me on my lips. I got the answer that she too wants the same.

Our kiss lasted for around 5 minutes. She held my hand & guided me into her bedroom. Then she said ” I am all yours, make love to me ” I had waited for this for so long. I took her in my arms & rested her on the bed. I removed my shoes & came over her. Then I started kissing her earlobes, neck, cheeks & lips in between. She was turned on as she was moaning & enjoying every moment. I took my time & touched her everywhere with clothes on. I knew that I have complete night, hence I didn’t want to rush.

She then removed my t-shirt & I removed her. She was wearing a purple padded bra. She was so fair, I was mesmerized by seeing her cleavage. I considered myself really lucky that I am going to have this beauty. I licked her neck, shoulders, armpits, stomach, cleavage & back. Then she came above me & kissed me on my chest. She unbuttoned jeans & removed it in one go. I was only in my boxers. Our lips again were locked & it continued for around 20 mins this time. We were both hungry for each other.

Meanwhile, I opened her bra & removed it. There were the most beautiful breasts hanging in front of me. I grabbed them with my hands & shifted her down. Then I started the foreplay. Circling her nipples with my hand & tongue thereafter. She was trembling & moaning. Then I took her right nipple in my mouth & started sucking it. I sucked it in 5-6 different ways & she really liked it. Then, I moved to the other nipple. When I finished, she was looking at me as if she is saying that she wants more. I hold both the nipples together & started sucking them. She asked to bite the nipples & I did. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I did it gently. She was still wearing jeans.

I asked her ” Can I remove it “. She nodded yes. I unbuttoned the jeans & removed both jeans & panty in one move. She had a clean shaved pussy. I call it love tunnel. She just told me that I want you inside me now & I can’t wait for more. I removed my boxer & rubbed my dick on her pussy walls before entering her. I was about to put a condom but she said I want to feel you, not the plastic thing. I said ok & I entered her without the condom. It went inside easily as she was all wet. We started in the missionary position. I was taking gentle strokes & she was also moving. She came in less than 5 mins. I continued for 5 mins more. I asked her that where should I come? She said ” Come inside me. I will take I-pill in the morning ” I came inside her.

We were really tired. We both fell into each other’s arms. We texted & took leave for next day. In next few mins, we both slept naked holding each other. I got up early morning & saw her lying beside me. She was still asleep. I saw her from top to bottom & was really happy that I had her last night but I wanted more. I didn’t want to disturb her. So, I just put my arm around her & tried to sleep but I couldn’t. After around 1 hr, she got up, turned towards me, planted a lip kiss & wished me Good Morning. I responded back.

She got up from the bed & wrapped a bathrobe around her. She then brought bread & jam & we had our breakfast. Then we took bath together & I fucker her in the bathroom in sitting position. We remained naked all day long & fucked each other 3-4 times thereafter. I loved it when she was on top. We tried doggy & spoon position as well. She was so innovative that she was also suggesting new things. We were inside the flat whole day. We really enjoyed & I went to my room late night when everybody was asleep.

We made love 4-5 times thereafter until she shifted to Bangalore. We are still in touch on phone but I haven’t met her thereafter. I am looking for more casual & adventurous relations with girls & women. Satisfaction in guaranteed.

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