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Hi All, I have received good response for my previous experience and now sharing the encounter with my wife on a rainy day when I returned from office late.

I don’t want to disclose my wife name and I call her as sree, As usal, went to office in hectic Bangalore traffic. I have to travel 90mins each way, total 3hr, a day for office. That day was too worse and took 4hr for commuting to office.

I just packed my lunch box around 9AM in the morning and started to office in cab, day was bad lot of meeting in the office with hectic issues and day completed very hard around 8PM and started home and reached at 10PM. Called wife around 9 PM that I will be late to home due to heavy traffic and asked to have her dinner. But, she did wait for me and had dinner by 11 PM. She wore a silky nighty lingerie type inside and outer nighty; she looks dams in that with open zip. She had her bath before dinner and asked me to do the same before dinner. I did not any question and did so and had dinner.

We both went to bed and talking about the happenings for the day and discussed about the apartments maintenance charges raise and about office (not very much). I just am wearing a lungi with T-Shirt. While talking she placed her hand on my dick and it started erecting.

By the way my wife stats are good to have lot of fun everyday (40-36-38, little fatty) with height of 5\\\”6\\\’. She cleared the path from lungi and giving a hand job to get it fully erected, I just tired and enjoying her act (still have energy to fuck my beauty). She moved towards the dick and grabbed with full hand licking with her tongue. Just licking like a lolly pop and giving me awesome pleasure and I am moaning.. come on lick it baby.. suck it completely into your mouth ..

She moved her night till her waist and directed towards my face into 69 position and seeking for the pussy lick.. kept two pillows below my neck and reached her sweat and hot triangle, neatly shaved ( I do it for her regularly and she does it for me), rubbed the pussy with my middle finger and juices are already coming out of it.. Stretched the pussy lips and started sucking and licking it.. oh.. my god.. she damn good to suck my dick and she moaning with my licking the pussy..

I just slide toward the edge of the cot lifted her legs and separated into V shape and licking the pussy clitoris and inserted my middle finger into it.. she is shouting with pleasure.. come on.. lick it ra.. lick it .. Continued for 5-7mins and she removed her nighty.. Pressing her big boobs and nipples.. she asked to insert the dick and fuck it.. Wiped off all juices of my dick and pussy and pushed it into tight lovely pussy slowly and .. she moaned.. oh my god.. it’s become so big now a days… hitting deep inside.

She Just kept her legs in V shape over my shoulder and giving her a hard push.. bent towards her and pressing her big round milky boobs with hard nipples and trying to reach them to suck while fuck.. she just moved her logs round my waist to me the way to her beautiful big round boobs.. Handful of boobs nipples into my mouth and sucking them gently and trying to to suck the boobs into my mouth as much as I can.. Increased the pushing to the pussy and my dick become too hard and she just shouting with .. fuck hard.. ra.. fuck me hard.. come.. fuck me..

I moved little up and took her lips with my lips and sucking her tongue and saliva coming from both.. Pressing her boobs and fucking.. folded her legs to sideway and pussy become too tight to fuck .. Slightly lifted the leg to make gaps and ramming her round huge shaped buttocks.. she just enjoying with and back to V shape for fuck .. oh.. my god.. what a pussy and boobs .. I am getting madd.. and slowly lifted her over the edge of the cot and managed to get her on top of me.. without breaking the bond of pussy adn dick.. she moved towards me and sitting on me .. oh.. god .. she shouted that the dick hit somewhere deep …

She adjusted her legs to ride me like a king… she likes it very much.. and bent towards me to get hold of her big round and hard nippled boobs.. she moving up and down and pressing her boobs with one hand and holding her round butt with another..

Again adjusted the pillows round the neck to suck her boobs and increasing the speed to ramm her pussy.. sucking the boobs on ride and fucking the pussy.. oh my god.. come on.. fuck me babe.. fuck hard… she bent completely into me and gaps to fuck her hard.. moved her legs towards me and just sitting on me to fuck her.. she just shouting with pain to fuck her… she just moving slowly and enjoying the ride..

I am about to cum inside her.. quickly turned to V shape again and fucking the pussy over her and sucking her boobs.. fuck her.. fuck me.. come one fuck me hard and cum inside.. sucking her boobs with increased speed and .. oh.. oh.. aaahahha.. my god…. cumming .. now.. she hold my butts and pusshed towards her pussy to completely get the cum inside.. I just landed on her without removing my dick from pussy and sucking her boobs and pressing.. she rubbing my back with care and love.. we kissed again with lip lock for a while with pussy and dick bonding…

Hope you all enjoyed my wife encounter and leave your feedback [email protected]… will share another experience soon..

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