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Hi, this is Smriti

I am 26 years old. Fair skin. I know i look hot and beautiful as people keep complementing me. There are many stalkers who keep following me and passing learching comments on my pics.

More about me. I have long dark black hair, have preety big boobs, flat stomach and big eyes. I work out daily and a fitness freak.

As every girl i also desire to have sex, good sex. I am a regular reader of this blog. Past many days i was thinking to unreveal loosing my virginity.

The story is 3 years back when i newly joined in an office. It was my first job and i loved it. I really liked the hard working people out there. I made many friends in short time. There were guys who used to constantly flirt with me and made me feel special.

My immediate boss, Kishore was a mid aged man of around 55 years. He was very kind to me and treated to me like his daughter. He was married and had two kids one son and one daughter of my age.

One day we had a team party at my boss’s house, His house was amazingly decorated. I met his wife and lovely son and daughter. Her daughter Diya instantly connected with me and we became friends. His son, jatin who was 20 years old was very friendly with me. We had a nice time.

Post that Jatin used to message me often and we used to have a nice chat,

All these while there was a guy in the office named sagar who became very close friend. We used to hang out together. Once in his car we smooched. That was my first kiss. I was very scared and felt really guilty about it.

One day in the office my Boss Kishore called me said that He will be one leave for 15 days and she will have to take care of the jobs. I was fine.after 4-5 days there was a project in which i was stuck badly and needed help. I called my boss kishore for the help. He was on leave but agreed to help me, and asked me to drop by his house.His house was not very far from the office. I went to his house. I was greeted by Diya. I went into the study room, kishore was waiting for me. We worked on the project together. The project was quite complex and i had to visit him for couple of more days. I left his home after the dinner.

Next day instead of going office i directly went his home, as i had to finish the job. Kishore opened the door. We went in the study room. I enquired about his wife and kids, he told me they have gone to there naani’s place for 2 weeks.

Kishore was a gentleman and really treated me well. He made sure i have food and snacks and that i am comfortable. I had dinner and he dropped me home.

Next day again i went his home. after working for couple of hours i felt sleepy. He asked me to sleep in diyas room. He also gave me her clothes in case i wanted to change and feel comfortable. I changed in shorts and t-shirts. After a while i went outside and was looking for Kishore. He was in kitchen making coffee. He saw me and greeted. I have an attractive figure, my thighs which are milky white were exposed. I saw kishore looking at them and quickly shifted his looks like a gentleman.

Suddenly i shouted looking at a lizard in the kitchen, Kishore was startled and dropped hot coffee and the bowl over him. He was on the floor. I felt very sorry. He was crying in pain. I didnt know what to do. Coffee and hot water spilled over his stomach and thighs.

I quickly removed his t-shirt. The skin was burnt. He was wearing a shorts, i was feeling scared to remove his shorts. He saw me and asked me to leave. I couldnt leave him like this. He told me he would be embarassed and gave a docs number to call. I called the doc, he was said he would take an hour to come. Meanwhile he asked me to apply ice over the burnt area.

I reached out to kishore and without saying i removed his shorts with the underwear. He was naked infront of me. He was feeling shy. With the help of my shoulder i got him in his room. I made him lie on the bed. I went to the kitchen and got a bucket of ice cubes. Kishore was in pain, i was feeling very sorry. I reached out to him to apply ice. I was very shy as this was the first time i was seeing a dick so close to my eyes. I had once felt sagar dicks over his pants. But kishors dick was much bigger.

With shivering hands i was applying ice over his stomach, thighs and the area around the dick. Kishore was very embarassed and asked me to leave and said he can do this on his own. But i was very consistent and wanted to be there to help him.

Just then the bell rang, doctor was there. I opened the door and took the doctor inside. Kishore had covered himself with bedsheet. Kishore asked me to go outside. Doctor examined him and gave him and injection and also couple of creams to apply. Doctor left the house. I went in to see kishore. He seemed relaxed.

I took the medicines and removed the bedsheet. I started applying the cream on his stomach and the dick area. There was a musky smell coming from his dick. I took a close look and there were burning sensation on his dick. I pulled the skin the dick down. He cried in pain, i applied the cream. I could see the pink top portion of the dick coming out. His dick was begining to get thick. It seems he was enjoying and getting hard. Kishor was emabarassed. I was excited.

I pulled down the dick to and fro multiple time to apply the cream. The area around the dick was also burnt nad had to be applied cream but there was lot of hair around it. We decided to go to bathroom and shave the area.

With my help we went to the bathroom. I made him sit on the stool and first cleaned it with the hand shower. The water spray was also making my dress wet. His dick was right infront of my face. I applied the sahving cream . I got the razor and started shaving the area. His dick grew in size, i was very careful to not make mistake. Just then my mistake i made a cut in the bottom of his dick. Blood started coming out.

As in the childhood anytime when the blood used to come out we used to take it in the mouth and it used to be fine. I immediately took the dick in my mouth. And started to suck it. I looked at kishore he was in pleasure.

He hold my hair and was pushing it inside. I was enjoying n had mixed feeling. I kept to suck his dick like a lolipop.

It was quite thick and filled my entire mouth. after a lot of sucking… kishore came in my mouth. There was a warm white liquid all over my cute face. I looked at kishore. He looked very happy and content. He bent down and started to lick his cum from my face.

I felt good. i reched out to my lips and we smooched.

He then picked me up in his arms and took me to the bedroom. He made me lie down and examined my sexy body with his lustful eyes. I was wearing a white t-shirt with a pink shorts. he touched my boobs over my shirt.. i was feeling shy but awesome. my closed my eyes. He touched my neck.. he fingers were doing wonders. He put his hand under the t-shirt to measure the cup of my breasts.

Kishor- wow you have an amazing body. I never knew you were so sexy. can i remove your top?

I dont know..whatever you feel good you can do.

He removed my top. I was wearing black color bra. My boobs were jumping up and won with the breath, He lick my neck, my stomach , my nave like a dog. my body was covered with his saliva. He then moved down and opened my shorts. I was in my black panties. he lick my entire leg like a dog. he tried to insert his tounge from the side of my panties to feel my vagina. I was getting wet. He was bitting my vagina over the panties.

Just then he removed the panties with the jerk. and my vagina was stark naked in front of him.

Amazing.. you have a beautiful pussy.. hairless. he stuck his face inside the pussy. seeing young and innocent pussy made him go mad. he was sucking me like a vaccumm cleaner. I felt something is pulling out from inside. I was in heaven… he kept sucking and thumping my pussy. after a while i released some liquid which he happily suck it all.. i went to him and licked his face just like he did mine.

I was now open and frank and felt comfortable. I removed my bra.

We both were naked. He was an old man and i was a young girl waiting to be fucked my the man of my fathers age.He gently pressed my boobs. My nipples started to swell in size. he bent down to suck the nipples and started chewing it like a chewing gum.

I took hold of his dick and started stroking it. The heat started to get developed. I took the charge. Pushed him down and climbed on top. Liked his face, licked his nipples, his entire chest. his navel.

Hold the dick and started to lick his balls. they seemed very interesting. he lifted his hips. i put my face below the balls. and started to suck the area like a mad girl. I really wanted to get it dirty and filthy today. I was getting mad with sex. I felt i have the power to make my boss go mad.

I made him bend down on his knees, like a dog position. I went under him and started to suck his hanging balls. One hand i was stroking his dick. I went further down and came behind him. I started to lick his ass… i smelled his asshole. There was musky manly smell. I dig my tounge inside his asshole and stroking his dick hard. He was crying in pain. He was at the top of his level. i kept digging my tounge in his asshole and chewed that area to make it red.

I went down and took the entire dick in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth in the doggy position. I asked him to slap me. He sat on his legs caught hold of my hair. My mouth was filled with his dick. He then slapped me hard. I liked it. he was pulling my hair. and slapping me on my cheeks.

I went red. just then he got up. I took his hanging monster in my mouth. He came all over my face. there was lot of cum. it spilled all over my face and boobs.

He bent down like an obedient dog to lick it.

I pushed him down with my leg. and put my toes in his mouth. He was licking my toes. I felt really powerful. I wanted to go to washroom to pee. He asked me to pee on him. I felt weired. i was excited too. He put his mouth suck up my pussy and asked me to release the pee. I gently released the pee. i could feel the suction pressure of his lips. He started gulping the pee under his throat. THe stream of warm water was directly sucked by him.

He felt relaxed and so do i.

He made me lie down and examined my pussy. started to lick it. He made me turn backside. Started pressing my butts and licking it. He then put one finger inside my asshole. i cried in pain. he then picked it with his finger. I felt good. He made me turn and put his dick head on the enterance of the pussy. i felt scared. he slowly put his finger and then two fingers. He spat on the pussy to lubricate it. Then gently push the dick inside the pussy. I felt i was about to faint, The vagainal area walls could break. I pushed it inside and slowly completely inside. I could feel a monster inside my pussy.

He then started to stroke harder. he was pressing my boobs and biting it.

After a while he withdrwe his pennis and came over my body. I slept whole night sticking to his body.

In the morning i got up and saw that he was licking my pussy… i made him turn and we came in 69 posting. I took his hard dick in my mouth and he came again. i sucked the juice out of him completely.

Now we both have sex whenever we get time.

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