Enjoyed The Degree Life With My Girlfriend – Part 2

Those who have not red the previous part please read and enjoy the story with this continuation part

This is the continued part, it’s all about how we get addicted to each other and how we are crazy about each other

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OK come back to the story we wer in the theater and my hand went in side the top

Story Recap /

In theater {As we planned we went to dabba movie very few couple were there and I was very happy by seeing the theater empty we sat on the last row middle seats and started enjoying the movie while I was trying to cup her boobs and squeeze them I was doing on her top, even I was we both are having fear so, later she said me to kiss

I kissed, nonstop smooch omg she was amazing she kissed super and we both were playing with tongue and biting each other lips after 10 mins stopped because of the interval

Finished interval I came back with juice and samosa

Sat together and finished the snacks and just sitting and watching movie

Suddenly I got in mind if I leave this chance don’t know when I’ll get, so slowly I put my arms on the shoulder and started to play with the sweet sexy boobs and after a min she adjusted herself and told me to leave her hands inside so I did




OMg! Awesome feeling, m touching her nipples and played a lot with those cute Mellons, m just pressing them hard and squeezed It, she is moaning hmm ahhuhhch slow baby hmm breathing heavily and in a mean time slided her hands on my pants…….

It was hard and jumping to come out by breaking everything

She just rubbing it by that time I was out of control told her to hold my dick and she done and gave some stroke I ejected there and went to washroom and cleaned up myself and came back and again kisses went on, finished movie and we came back to our homes respectively

That day night we both didn’t slept coz we had phone sex again I gave work to my hands her voice is so sexy and she moans very hot she was also fingering there omg that night we decided to have sex so we are just wait for a day that’s it.

This goes on for few months one day what happened in her home everyone went for a function for 1day near to city so she stayed back in her because of lab internals, she was excited and thought that the real fun day came and called me immediately.

Vin>honey where are you?

I>in friend home Chinnu

Vin>come out for a while wanna tell something

I>what tell na

Vin>just come out idiot

I >OK came what now

Vin>come to home, m alone every one will come in evening so don’t waste time just be here as soon as possible

I > OK 15min Chinnu

Vin>I’m waiting honey , hornyy come soon

I took friend bike without wasting time I reached her and stood in front of her home

I called her, open the door I’ll come and she did

I entered,

No talks nothing just started kissing and moving here and there and i’m just kissing hard pressing her boobs hards, squashd her hips this continues for 30 mins and finally reached bedroom ,

I removed her top she was wearing purple color bra which is her favorite color and I sucked it on top of it woooo it’s really amazing now also m feeling sexy that type of boobs she had I sucked her tummies and the holes actually took a silk chocolate and applied on few parts and sucked it hard so that cute boobs, sucked those erected brown nipples and tummies, hips lips became red red,( I know guys and girls your hands are busy now OK fine,) then I kissed all over her body, tummy hips slapped on the cute hip, right side one still I remember and she was hungry of sex and she stopped me and took out my tool taken directly in her mouth started to stroke omg God she is pro guys so many stroke went and I ejected my load in her mouth and she did not drunk she won’t like so,

Then I started to suck her pussy which is already wet, I sucked it and digged it deeper she was even rubbing her pussy moaning and ejected her liquid orgsm this went another mins and without wasting time I inserted my tool in thats jelly hole started my stroke slowly, she was also moving her hips then lifted her and started Arial stroke fucked so hard deeper seriously fucked like a bitch she was shouting loud and louder but both are hungry, moans went very sexy ahhhh ouch Rahul you fucker do hard I want this pain, don’t show mercy fuck this pussy ahhhm ffff ccukah and I took her in missionary position fucked hard and left my load in her pussy,

it’s all filled with my sperm after a hour we went to bathroom there in Bath tub we had one more session in all positions after that came out to bed had a nap in naked, dress up myself left her home

After all these we had a good satisfaction and from that day even ever she get a chance we won’t miss that’s s we had very great time in her home, in my home, even now I give work to my hands when ever I remember our sex this is the story

At present she is married after that we didn’t meet but still we are in contact so if I get a chance to have fun with her in future I’ll tell you guys for sure, now am all alone , I hope everyone enjoyed well,

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