Erotic Rainy Night With My Dear Saritha

Hi everyone, im back after a long gap, for those people who don’t know me, I am Praveen 26 years from Bangalore. It will be more fun to write down my most erotic moments of life so here is one such incident of my life which is still in front of my eyes.

Guys this a very lengthy incident, hope you guys bear it as it fun being sharing all the things.

That was the time when i had lost my job and eagerly looking for one, I used to apply for a job portals but there wasn’t any response. Once I found a job posting suitable for me. I had applied. I met her on last year October 17th as I remember it was our first interaction. Her name is saritha. Normal looking good figure girl. I attended the interview but couldn’t clear it.

We both hailed from a same place. So the msging and chatting grew up from simple text to late night talks in a span of 2months we had become a close friends. She used to help me in every aspect. Later I got a job we used to chill out daily. As I used to stay alone she used to come directly to my place daily directly from work and then move to her pg.

Once we had been to some pub in Indira nagar in weekend got fully drunken. So left that place. It was heavily pouring and we got drenched completely. At last we reached my place late night. She didn’t had any spare clothes. I gave her my daily wear so that she couldn’t get fever. First time I could feel that my brother was awaken seeing her in that outfit. She sensed the same it was a embarrassing situation for both of us.

I gave up that moment not to spoil our relation. We laydown separately. But in the night she had caught high fever which was unbearable. I gave some tablets and gave some extra cover. Two days it was like hell for me as she couldn’t walk and I had help her in every aspect. She left for her place. At she didn’t turn up for more than two weeks. I sensed something was wrong and went near her place. i never cared for anyone in my life till that day but at that moment I was becoming mad but when I saw her face. It was like 1000butterflies running in my stomach. Couldn’t help that joy.

Took her outside for dinner and she was surprised with my behavior as why im acting madly that day. It was like an hour we had sat quietly munching our dinner not even a word from both of us. We moved on to my place silently with some bottles of wine and beer to chill. Due to overjoy that day I got little drunk. I felt like I was in love with her and conveyed her the same. I could see tears rolling from her eyes she just hugged me tightly. I couldn’t make out what that hug meant for but later realized. And there the fun started.

We became closer then before but never thought of any sexual feelings. She used to stay in my home all the time. It was something like a living in relation but no feelings. We used to sleep together chit chatting all night. in one such night. it was heavily raining and my house being the top floor its too cold. Lights gone.

As she had a habit to sleep with bed lamp. But due to heavy thundering she was little afraid. So I lit up candle in the room. She was hugging me like a baby I had happily slept off. Saritha woke me up and got inside my bedsheet. It was such a erotic moment like I could imagine it in my dreams such was laying my chest I could feel her breath, her heartbeat and her body ;).

In middle of no where I just gave a slight kiss on her tender cheeks. She was surprised with my behavior. Out of playful mood we started the kiss game. Giving one after other out of this I felt like to kiss her juicy lips. Caught hold of her face and kissed her lips. It was like a 11kv jatkaa. For both of us. I couldn’t see her face. It was embarrassing situation for both of us. We got into the love game. Completely overtaken by the lust in us. She was whirling like a snake in the bed I moved on top of her and was kissing her neckline behind her earlobes. I felt like this is the day of joy.

In between I saw her face she was staring at me with wide open eyes. Just as a eye sign I asked her whether to proceed further or not!. There was sign of approval by she giving a kiss. I moved my hands over her top. First time in my life I could feel those ripen mangoes fully soft smooth firm over her top, slightly pressed them over the top I could see the other side of saritha hiding her face below the pillow and deeply moaning. I moved my hand inside her top and I could feel her breasts cladded bra. Soft material. In one go I removed her top. She was holding here hands to cover them out of shy.

Slowly I parted her hands and saw that cleavage. I moved forward to lick it. And was tasking salty with sweat and her perfume. Out of curiosity I asked what’s ur breast size. Saritha was like see it yourself. She was kind of naughty playful. I moved my hand to her back and removed her bra hooks. Here size was 34 B, Atlast the mangoes got free. I could see her pink nipples standing firmly. I moved my face over her left breast to suck till it lactates. I was sucking those breast like a beast and pressing the other breast. She was shy fully and hugged me fully and moving her hands on my back.

I was literally feasting on her breasts she was fully turned on so do i. she moved my hands from her breasts and teared apart my vest completely and started kissing my hairy chest and bit on of my nipples hardly. I had never seen her so much wild. I hugged her to feel her breasts. But in middle she moved her hand inside my shorts to feel my brother which was already suffocating inside wanted a free air. I was scared weather to go ahead as I didn’t had any protection. I signaled her the same but she wasn’t worried at all. I let go my fear and moved over her.

I moved my hand over her shorts. I could feel it was wet. First time in my life I could feel the womanhood. I removed her shorts I could see light blue color normal panty matching with her bra as I wondering girls even take matching colors for even bra panties also. I could see her panty being wet. I moved my fingers inside the panty from side. I could feel small golden wet sticky hairs. She was simply laying holding my penis. i removed her panty. I would see her naked body was shining in the candle light and she was feeling shy covered her face with hand. I moved to her pussy looking at it I could make out she was a virgin. It was a love triangle with small golden hairs.

I separated the pussy lips and inserted middle finger inside she couldn’t take it she was whirling and rolling and moving her hips to take my finger inside her fully. I moved my finger from top to bottom of the pussyline. I could see her juices moving. I moved closer to it. Started to lick her pussy saritha was moving her hips forward as if she is going to take my entire head inside her hole. I could feel her hands all over my head. I could feel pussy muscles soft and smooth like silk. It was like a heaven but its was suffocating as I couldn’t breathe at all.

I started stroking my finger inside her as my fingers were drenched in her juices. All of a sudden I removed my fingers to see her reaction. I could see her angrly staring at me with a questioned face. She pulled me on her. i made her to taste her own juices. But I never told her. I was badly feasting on her breasts she was moaning saying something but I couldn’t hear what she was trying to say. I never cared. She pulled my shorts brief in one go and got hold of penis and was trying to get it inside. I told her to blow me once but she was resistant to oral a lot.

So I moved in between her thighs kissing her madly. She directed my penis to her love hole. I could feel her pussy breathing over my penis. I pushed abit but it was tight. She signed me to be harder. I pushed in so hardly that it tear her pussy and went inside I could see tears rolling on her eyes pushing me away. But I hugged her tightly and kissing her lips to stop her from moaning louder and gave a small strokes, Atlast she relaxed and moved her hands over my bums and pushing me inside her.

I could feel her inner muscles all over the penis which drenched in a hot lava pool. It was like a heaven. as it was a first time for both of us even I too could feel light pain on my penis side skin. I was badly stroking her. saritha had become like a hungry tigress wanting for meat, she was scratching my back fully and digging her nails on my neck and back, I could trust more as I was at a peak. I cummed heavily inside her and layed on her. I could feel my cum flowing inside. I had a wish to see in her in this state. We never knew when the power came back in this love game. I moved side words and I could see her pussy was overflowing with our mixed love juices fully. In this we had a lovely conversion. As it goes.

Saritha: yeno henge nodtididya?

Praveen:enu illa, ninna ethara nodbeku antha tumbane ase ithu. Ivaga trupthi aythu.

Saritha: kalla. Bari ide nodu yavaglu. Sari clean madkondu barthini.

Praveen: beda hinge malgona ba.

Saritha:yakappa sakaglilla, mostly sirge kami agide ansuthe.

Praveen: alla kane enadru ninu pregnant adre.

Saritha: telekeduskobeda pravi, nal tablets tagothini.

Praveen: hmmm swalpa kalu agla madu. Nanu node illa adna yavathu. Full nodthini.

Saritha: nodhene yalla madidyaa kothi. Yest ase nodu ninge.

Praveen: irli torsu. Nangalde mathyarge torustiya. Bekundre ennond round full tinthini.

Saritha: lo adu full rasa barthide kano. Wash adru madkondu bartheni swalpa samdhana maraya.

Praveen: beda kane, hange aglaa madu. Dummi sari nodu estu shine agtha ide nindu.

Saritha: aaammmaa astu joragi kacchbedaa kano. Madle mele yalla marks madidya kachi kachi.

Praveen: yalli marks madidini.adke en anthare helu nodana.

Saritha: thu poli hogu kothi. Agolla.

Praveen: ivunna moole anthare.

Saritha: (blushing) hmmm. Hu adhe

Praveen: dummi tirgu ondsari.

Saritha: ammmaaa bedaa adu side, ba sumne malko ba kothi. Madle mundindu pain agtide kano,

Praveen: ayyo alli enu madollve. Ninkundina sariyagi nodana antha kane.

Saritha.: sari nodko. Enadru attack madidre ide ninge. 😉 nindunna kachbidthini aste.

Praveen: hangadre madlu madthini tadi..

Saritha: enu beda maraya beligge kodthini. Ba putta malgu. Hanga madodu. Mundindu already tumba pain agthide kano.

Praveen: dummi yalli nov agthide helu. Adukke channagi massage madthini.

Saritha: beda thande already ninmassagene nov agide. Irli baroooooo

This was that romantic moment which we had encountered. The best thing is that I had took permission from saritha and publishing this story here.

Stay connected with me [email protected]. Comments and Feedbacks are always appreciated, mail me at [email protected] & guys please don’t buzz me asking for contacts of them. I respect privacy of everyone.

I’ll be back.

Thank you readers.

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