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My name is Sandip. I am 5.8, fair boy, work in IT idustry. Ladies are welcome to open up their wishes of secret encounters, do catch me at [email protected].

This is a read story which happened with me last year. I am a religious and spiritually inclined person. I normally visit new places. One year ago I visited Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati and it is one of the best Shakti Peeth in world. I did a lot of research about Kamakhya temple and it’s famous annual festival Ambuvachi Mela. It was from 22 June to 26 June 2015. I booked all arrangements well in advance as getting accommodation during Mela is very difficult. Those 4 days were life changing events. I met many aghoris, sadhus, yoginis and explored the life in detail. I would suggest, if you are really interested in tantra, you must visit Ambuvachi Mela. I’m againg going in this year 2016 in June.

Well, after having spiritual experience from Guwahati, I came back to Bangalore. I was doing puja and one day my guruji told me to do yoni puja. I must share that in Kamakhya, yoni of goddess is worshipped. Actually all the energies are stored in yoni. From yoni, a child is born hence. I will not explain in detail about yoni’s role and the science behind it’s energy. I understood guruji’s wish and thought of finding a female who can give her yoni for worship.

I was (and now also) staying in BTM layout, Bangalore. I thought of checking with my female friends initially, but who will say yes on this. I kept on wondering whom to approach. I didn’t put risk on checking with my friends and it might create a gap in friendship or I might lose friendship. I didn’t want to approach any call girl or prostitude for money as I was not the right choice. Somehow I finally thought of checking one of my relative who was staying in PG, Marathalli. I called here and told about my intentions. I shared many ebooks and sites regarding this information. She was a virgin and didn’t want to spoil her virginity before marriage. It was her call and she got angry on me too for what I was finding. I understood that she was not mature enough.

I didn’t have any other choice and finally I was forced to find in internet about call girls. As I was staying in BTM, I searched all adult ads in nearby places. I was not fully aware of sex in Bangalore, didn’t have information that Bangalore does not have any dedicated place for prostitute. Whole network works on reference and online. I understood, and called some of the numbers given in the ad.

To my surprise, I didn’t get any good response from most of them. Most of them are males, who were talking in kannada and asking money. May be I didn’t know how to talk with those brokers. Most of those (even now also) are run by brokers, who have some girls under them and they use them only for money. I pity for those ladies.

Finally I connected to a number and a sweet voice appeared in kannada.

She : Told something in kannada.

Me : Kannada gothilla (I don’t know kannada). Please speak in English or Hindi.

She : What do you want?

Me : I saw your ad in net and I want a lady for service. I need to perform some puja on yoni by touching it on that day.

She : Ok

Me : What’s your charge?

She : 3000 Rs for 3 hours and 6000 for full night.

Me : I need only for 1 hour maximum. Even I am not looking for sex.

She : Price can’t be changed.

Me : Who will come? You? or someone else?

She : I am a student in college, staying along with 2 female friends in a flat. Yes, I will come.

Me : Where is your house? I need to meet you now, but I will not take service. I just want to meet you.

She : No, that is not possible. We have guards who always keep eye on us.

Our conversation continued and she told her name as Shreya. One week passed on, I checked with her by calling whether she remembers the service to be performed. After some days, the actual day came on which I had to do this yoni puja. I called her and she said I had to come to some place in BTM 2nd Stage.

I dressed up nicely and carried a bottle of perfume in my two-wheeler. I reached the place and called her. She told someone would come and guide you. I got a call from another number, I picked up and saw 2 boys in a bike. I went near to them and told my intentions of this activity. They asked me what type of girl I would need. I said any girl would be sufficient as I am not into sex, only for puja. One of them nodded his head and said long ago one person had taken this service.

They showed me some photos of girls and told me choose anyone. I again said I am ok with anyone. They decided and took me to a place near to BTM. One young boy came and guided me to go to 1st floor. I moved up and entered in a flat. It was somehow not maintained 100% perfect. I was not afraid, but some kind of strange feeling was there as it was first time for me. The actual broker came in smile and did handshake with me. I told that I need to do yoni puja only. He told there are 2 girls, you can choose anyone and ask me to give 3000 Rs. I handed the money in cash. Intentionally I did not bring any thing extra, not even any credit or debit cards. Who knows what will happen, so better be safe. 🙂

Then I entered a room. I saw a girl of height 5.2 inch, bit heavy, fair, big eyes, nice boobs, well dressed in western outfit. She was wearing a top and jeans. I smiled and did some gossip. She was from Kolkata, a muslim. She has 2 younger brothers and a mother whom she takes care of them by providing money in their education and medical help.

She had no other option and forced to choose this line. I was very upset and felt sympathy, but I could not do anything to help her. I asked her, how much income she gets. She told from each client 500 Rs. I was surprised, I said I have given 3000 Rs to your agent and he gives you only 500 ! This is not fair. He is only getting money because of you and you are being molested. She told in smile, that is how it is.

I didn’t want to interfere in detail and proceeded to open up the perfume bottle. It was purchased from online and this perfume was rare. While opening the bottle, somehow it got slipped from my hand and it broke. Whole perfume was on the floor and room was filled with awesome smell.

Soon she called up the boy and they cleaned it up. She asked my what kind of service I am looking and you have come here for sex only. I told negative and told my intentions. She was tensed and felt awkward. She said if you want to do sex, then fine. This type of puja is not allowed. I explained the power of yoni and why it has to be worshipped.

She somehow convinced, but told that she will not allow to put my finger inside her vagina. I was not happy with her statement. She said firmly she never allowed anyone to put finger inside her, otherwise I can go. I said my fingers are clean and it won’t give any side-effects to her pussy also. I told that I had already given payment and you can’t deny.

We had a lot of heated talks with her and agent. I was feeling terrible, not happy with the situation. I asked for refund, but he said he can’t give. I thought of not fighting with him.

Finally I had to adjust with her. She undressed herself slowly and finally I told her to sleep on bed. It was a small room, I was given condom by the agent. I told her this condom is of no use. She smiled. I was not at all excited and felt somehow bad for this. But I had to do it anyhow as told by guruji, but still that is not happening.

I put my finger on the outer part of yoni and touched it. I kept it for sometime and worshipped it mentally. She was looking at me continuously in eager, may be never expected such a customer. Within a minute, my job is over. Actually I had to put my finger inside her vagina, but that didn’t happen, so I did it on the outer part of it. Later on, I touched her feet and gave a smile and came out of the room.

In the hall, agent was there with that boy watching TV. He asked me how was it. I said my job didn’t happen completely, and you took my money. He replied nothing. I asked about Shreya, how he knows her. He told me that this network is very big. Someone is there to post it online, someone is there to look after the girls, etc.

So everyone gets a share of theirs. I felt dissatisfied and came back. I called back to Shreya and told the whole story. She said nothing. I asked her for a meet up also, but she denied. I don’t know whether this real prostitute business is good for the girls. These brokers are simply taking the money, not giving proper care. I might be wrong, but this is my real experience.

I have seen ads for independent service by girls. But it seems to me the same network.

It might be not a good story, but a real incident. Would love to express the wild side of life, if any interested female is adventurous.

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