Finally Got Mayanti At Her Apartment

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So coming back to story, it happened 3 months before, I received message from mayanti that she is coming back next week to mumbai from australia. She used to stay in our apartment but due to husbands transfer they shifted to australia. I informed my parents about her and they told to receive her from airport and I told mayanti that I will receive her.

The day came I got ready and took my car and went to airport, I was on time she came out with a huge smile on her face, but she was alone I was shocked, she came near and hugged me tightly, I felt her huge melons on my chest, I required about her family she told they stayed back she came here for visa pupose and stay here for 2 weeks and how can I have fun with you with naughty smile on her face. Talking about mayanti, she is very fair in complexion, straight hairs with mouth watering figure of 36-30-36 perfect assests specially her curvy melons she just looks like an angel.

So we sat in car going back to apartment, while going back I was just staring at her curvy boobs they were grown bigger in size, she pinched me ans said to drive carefully and wait for little time. We reached at apartment and headed to her flat then my mom joined us, mom said me to help mayanti in cleaning house. She settled and got busy for 2 days in her visa I was also busy in my exams then I got free. I headed to her flat she opened the door she was in loose tshirt and shorts, she closed the door and directly started to smooch me wildly, she was looking hungry. She said she ws eagerly waitkng for this chance and kept on smooching then we fall on sofa I started to bite her neck her earlobes then headed towards her big melons and with one hand I was rubbing her pussy over her shorts. Then soon I received a call from my mom she told that due to grannys health problems, both mom and dad were going karnataka for few days. Mayanti was looking at me and was smiljng naughtily. Mayanti kissed me again and I told her for another suhagraat session tonight, I ws waiting to see her in saree from long time. So I went to my flat and dropped mom and dad to station while coming back took some materials for tonights sex.

It was 9 in night, I arranged everything at my flat then mayanti came to the flat she was looking sexy in blue chiffon saree tied below her navel with backless blouse exposing ampful of her melons. I welcomed her and closed the door, I hold her waist pulled her closely and put my lips on her lips she responded passionately we smooched for 20 min then I slided down her pallu and started to bite her earlobes and neck she was moaning in excitement and then I recahed to her cleavage started to lick over her blouse, she had closed her eyes and her hand were in my hairs then I came down to her sexy deep navel she was going mad when I started to lick it I pushed my tongue in her deep navel se gave a loud moan “Aaahhhhh lick it baby” then I removed her saree, now she was just in her blouse and lehenga.

I took her in my arms and headed towards bedroom, she directly pushed me on bed and came on top of me and smooched me for a while and took out my tshirt and gone down and removed my pants ,she hold my erect cock started to jerk and put her hot lips on my tip of cock and started to give me a blowjob, she is such an expert in giving a blowjob I cummed in her mouth she gulped all the cum she came back on top smooched again and I removed her blouse and started to bite her melons and also pinched her pink nipples she was moaning in passion after licking her melons I removed her lehenga and licked her wet pussy, she pushed her head back on bed and started moaning I kept on licking I also inserted fingers in between she was responding by rising her ass getting deep pleasure, she hold my headed tightly as she was near to cum and she cum all over my face I went up smooched her for a while she kept on jerking my cock until it was hard again

Then I positioned her in doggy style and started to ram her pussy hardly she kept moaning I also spanked her ass kissed her ass while ramming, then we changed position I slept back on bed she came on top of me and started moving up and down, her melons were bouncing I hold them and I pulled her close and bited them, then I fucked her in missionary position after 25 min of foreplay I finally cummed in her pussy and I fall on her, and we kept on smooching and we had fun for 2 weeks I also fucked her anal, while going back she talked to her friend about me, I will narrate about her in next story. Till mayanti will back to mumbai, I enjoyed with her to the fullest. We are planning for threesome when mayanti will be back. Mayanti is shifting back permanantly to mumbai I was very happy in excitement.

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