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Hi, this is xyz from pune and its my real story. I am normal guy dont fun loving and caring nature nothing much interesting simple guy. I meet praju(nick name) in first year of engineering. On the first day she was seating next to me as I come from small place and very shy so dint talk with her. In entire 1st year I dint spoke with her and she was average looking and very silent in class.

My story starts in 2 years of engineering, she went to another division so no interaction at all.

On friendship day she was going out with her friends and me with my 7 friends where going for movie we all wore black tshirt on that purposely to look different she was traveling in same bus I got seat besides her but I dint spoke a single word for 10 km then she only ask me why all of you are in black any special reason

Then I started talking with her wished her friendship day and them I used to go in library to meet her got her contact number then chat late night calls and one day she indirectly proposed me… I was in heaven but took time to reply and then accepted her proposal.

We decided to go out on a date. Early morning we started went to temple first then we went for a movie rajneeti morning show very less crowd people ij the theater she was looking very pretty on dark teather I put my hand from behind across her shoulders she was shivering with my touch but dint resist. I got more courage and just hold her hand and kissed on her figures she loved it come little closer to me and make her comfortable in my arms.

With one hand I was caring her fingers and palm and my other hand was going down slowly towards her boobs. I forgot to mention she got 32b size which I found later.

I was just moving my hand above her top trying to touch her boobs with every touch she was getting aroused and she closed her eyes and started breathing heavily it was my first time so was afraid to make further move. She was enjoying my touch and was afraid so she pull out her stole and cover herself and my hand with it. She put it around her shoulder lying over her entire boobs so no was able to see my hand.

Immediately I pressed her right boob and she again closed her eyes and went crazy and give me kiss on chick.. I started pressing her boobs and at the same moment started kissing her I lip locked for the first time and it was heaven feeling we kissed each other till the interval and with lights broke our foreplay we both were enjoying each other so much that we forgot that we were in movie hall.

She whispered in my ears that her panty is completely wet I asked to get fresh and remove her bra and come back but she refused as ripples will point out over top. I said to out stole and come action movie she can out it again but she dint agreed and went in washroom.

I texted her if she dint obey I will not touch her neither will talk to her. Just a try she replied from washroom no and said u better get water and go to seat. I took bottle and went inside and was waiting for her lights turn of and movie started she was still in washroom I called her and is everything ok she said replied yes and coming and within a min she come to seat and hold my hand I tried to pretend angry and refused.

She again come closer and try to kiss on my hand I took my hand aside she kissed me and put my hand around her shoulder and cover it with stole with that move I was out of control and put my hand over her top and to my surprise she was not wearing bra inside her nipples where erect and I was able to feel it over top she whispered in my ear she was wearing slip and bra and it took time to remove both.

I insert my hand inside her top and started pressing and rubbing her erect nipples and in entire second half her eyes were closed and was enjoying kisses and boob massage she took my hand and put it down over jeans it was wet outside she said she had orgasms 3 times and want to touch my tool I hold her hand put it over my jeans my rod as already erect and was trying to get out of it.

She stared feeling it over jeans I asked her put her hand inside initially she was afraid and refused but I started kissing her wildly and was rubbing her nipples with which she was getting more horny…. She pull the button of jeans and insert her hand directly inside jockey it was not shaved but who cares she was so excited started to touch everywhere hold my erect rod in hand and said it is too big how it stays in jeans till that date she had not seem a single porn and was experiencing live.

She tries to touch balls down there I said to move her hand up and down she followed all my instructions and was enjoying it said to get it in mouth she denied and took her hand out if jeans I kissed her again ask to play with rod not take it in mouth she started jerking my tool this time with more speed and with a min cum over hand she was shocked but enjoying hot cum over hand with 10mins movie ends and….. We plan to have lunch and go to my place what happened there how we both loose our virginity will tell you in second part do give me feedback on [email protected]

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