First Time Sex In Train

Hi, to all horny readers of erotic stories. My name is sourabh. I live in bilaspur city, i am 20 years old,5ft 6inches male. I have a 7 inches rock hard cock to please & satisfy any female craving for sex. Not wasting time anymore, let me tell you my sex story.This is a story about a girl name pallavi. Which i met on fb. She is also of my age we use to chat regularly. She is from bhilai which is approx 100km from bilaspur where i live. Day by day we chat too closely. We started talks about gf,bf, sex , sexual or horny experience and of entire dirty world.

One day i asked her for her nude photos(below neck) to which she refused first but later she mailed it to me. She was beautiful also she got nice pair of tits, from that i just started dreaming to fuck her, i used to get excited and happy when i think about her.One day she told me that she is coming to sagar university in sagar district in a college campaign, with her 4 friend and her college warden. I made a plan to meet her and do some naughty things with her.

I told her that i m also coming with you to sagar. Also i told her that make my identity as your cousin brother studying in Sagar university. She agreed and did the same.Everything was going as i was planned. We met at bilaspur at 8:00pm. I had some exchange of words with her warden.I think i hadn’t left any doubt in her mind that i’m not her brother. At 8:30pm the train left the bsp station. After some talking and taking our dinner at 10:00pm. We all moved to our seat.All that time on bed . I was only dreaming of fucking and licking her. At 2pm i woke up and i woke up and went to washroom when i returned back,

I saw that pallavi was also waking then called me and told me to kiss her. She was on side lower birth. Then i looked here and there it was all dark then i rested my lips on her and kissed her. I was became uncontrollable and she too. I told her to go and be inside in the toilet and i will follow u. She arranged herself and went. I looked carefully and i also went inside and locked the toilet. Now the golden time had came. I put 1 of my finger in her mouth giving me warmth of her juice. She moved her tongue over my finger and started sucking.

I felt like as if she was sucking my dick. I took out my finger from her mouth and it was unable to me to hold on more. I moved my hands along her boobs. A cry came out aaaah aaaahh kya kar rahe ho mujhe pyar karo in my ears, then i sucked her mouth and passed my tongue in her lips and started sucking it heavily. By this time my dick was pressing her pussy. I left her lips and planted a kiss on her neck staring from chick making it all wet.

Then i undress her totally making her all nude and she did the same to me. Then i started licking, eating her boobs, biting her nipples making her moan aaaahhhh aaaahhh chuso jor se chussooo or chusoooo oooooohhhhhh aaaaahhhh aaahhh . After that i moved further down to her wet pussy , i planted a soft kiss on her pussy lips after that i started licking , sucking , fucking her pussy with my tongue.

And she was moaning ohhhhh yummmmmm ahhhhhh aaaaahhh oooohhhhhh or jor se and with her hand she was trying to push my head in her pussy and i was just licking her pussy and drinking her hot sweet juice after 5 minutes of licking , fucking she cummed in my mouth. I moved my tongue in a circular fashion on her pussy till her pussy became clean. Her pussy juice was very sweet. I swallowed all her sweet juice.

One of my hand was moving on her butts and tongue on her pussy. I pushed 1 finger in her asshole making her moan ouuchhh ooohhhhh ohhhhh aaaahhh. Then i stood up and kissed her juicy lips and told her to suck my dick. She sat down and extended her tongue on my red hot tool. Ooooooohh what a great pleasure!!!! She started sucking my dick. She took it all in her mouth. I was in heaven and after 2-3 min. I cummed in her mouth. She took all of my cum. Some drops fall on her face and some on her boobs. She licked me clean. She stood up and kissed and lips and urged me to fuck her.

I placed my dick on her pussy lips. As it was well lubricated with organism no need to apply gel.I tried to push my dick in her pussy but i couldn’t do it. As she was aVirgin her pussy was very tight, with a large force i again pushed my dick and she cried. It was half in and she was screaming heavily.

I placed my lips on her lips to suppress her scream and started sucking her mouth. Tears rolled down from pallavi’s cheek. For 2-3 min i slowly moved it in and out, then i pushed further and it went inside fully. Again tears rolled down. After some strokes she started enjoying the motion and responded by moving her butts. She was moaning aaahh aahh…Fuck me fuck me hard hard phad do meri chut ko jor se chodo please oohhh aaaaahhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh after some time we cummed simultaneously we fucked again. I made her cum 4 times and i 3 times. We started regaining the breaths. She cleaned her pussy which is full of blood(a sign of lost virginity).

We dresses ourselves and then one by one we came to our bed. It was a very wonderful experience to both of us. If any one wants this type of service email me at [email protected]

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