Friend with Benefits! Part – 2

Hi guys,

Vishu here again. Hope you all must have liked my part 1 of this incident. Continuing from where I left, directly coming to the story.

Next day we met at the office and were laughing continuously, people around us along with our friends and colleagues were asking why are you laughing so we told them that we saw a nice comedy movie online and thinking about it and therefore laughing out that way.

As I said earlier I respect for what she is and therefore would like to keep everything between us very confidential and even in general I respect privacy 1000% and will in no case of the situation break that.

Our naughty communication and flirty ways continued in office and out the way it was and after a week she told me that the following day there will be no one in her place because her parents were going for a marriage function so why don’t we catch up and I was equally excited about it and told her sure why not and she told me to get protection when coming. I asked her when shall I come and she told me anytime as her parents would only come late night.

That night I messaged her and told her that I was very desperate to come now she laughed and said if you come then my parents will throw me out so wait till tomorrow. I said this torture of waiting is unbearable.

The next day being saturday it was a weekend off for us and I left my home to reach her place and on the way I purchased a pack of durex condoms and called her as I did not know her home location. She guided me and I reached her apartment. At first I was a bit nervous to go to her home because there are other people also living in the apartment and what would they think so I called her again and told her about this to which she said don’t worry you just come. So I gathered courage and went to her apartment and knocked her door. She opened up the door and let me in. We hugged each other and kept the door open for sometime so that people don’t doubt us. We were sitting inside so it was pretty secluded even from the main door no one can see us.

We chatted around 30 mins and she went out and closed the main door. Oh, I forgot to mention that she was wearing a nighty at home. After she closed the door we were relieved that now it is ok. It was 11.30 am in the morning and we had the whole day. She asked me how many condoms did you bring I say a pack of 4. She said’ are you going to use all of that? I said yes of course, do you expect me to carry back home after using 1 or 2. She laughed again.

Actually, she was discussing me with about her director’s issue so were deep into the discussion and forgot about the main work for which we were there. 20 min later she said very sorry that I did not ask you tea, coffee or juice as we were in the discussion so I said its ok anything will be fine. We saw the time and she said oh its already 12.30 lunch time and asked me what would I like to have lunch..To which I said you! We laughed and she got up from the sofa and went into kitchen to make some lunch.

I also followed her and was checking out her home and went to her kitchen. She was already preparing something and I came behind her and hold her from behind and kissed her on her neck sideways she loved it very much and was lost in the moment for sometime .She asked me if I would like to freshen up and wear shorts I said that would be ok and she gave me one of her shorts. I said these are yours! How can I wear and she said its ok it does not matter if it is mine or yours you can wear and she left to kitchen as she had put some food on gas stove. I said ok and removed my jeans and was t-shirt and now I was wearing only the vests (banyan) the shorts she gave and underwear.

I went to the kitchen and she looked at my shorts and said good it fits you I said yes it does and I told her I will help you cook food and she said no its ok and almost done so we are good and as I was moving towards her to hold her again turned towards me and the milk bowl that she had in her hand was spill out completely while crashing into me. All the milk was spilled over me and her and on the ground. I said sorry I was trying to help you out and we crashed but she smiled and said its ok but you made me wet completely to which very naughty I said really? Without touching I made you wet…Wow that’s amazing.

Then she said I need to change and I hold her hand and said I will wipe it with water and allowed me to do so and I started wiping then I told her instead if wiping I will lick all the milk from you and she laughed again and I removed her nighty, she was wearing maroon bra and panty and seeing her awesome boobs I had a hard on. I went near her and started licking her from top reaching her neck gently.

She was breathing heavily and she hold me closer and tighter and I unhooked her bra and put it aside and started licking her boobs…Wow the milk which was spilled was also on her boobs and nipples and I immediately sucked her up in that heat of moment he could not control her temptation and hugged me very tightly and pulled me hard towards her boobs. I could hear her heart beat very fast and was sucking her boobs for 15 min. Then I moved down to her navel and the sucking, licking and reached her panty. I slowly pulled her panty down and ufff…What a scent of her pussy and to my surprise, she was clean shaven…Her pusssy was so beautiful that I just could not control to suck all her juices.

I made her sit on the platform and told her to spread her legs and omg the pussy was shinning like a diamond. I slurrrrrrrrpppppeeeddddd her pussy wildly and started eating it and licking it. I put my 1 finger inside her pussy and was meddling with her g-spot and in 10 minutes of my sucking with tongue she cummed on my face completely. Her juices were real sweet. My cock was about to expload but I did not want to spoil the fun so I stopped sucking and she pulled me up and started licking and sucking my mouth like wild animal. While she was doing so I took one hand of her and put on my cock asking her to hold it and she instantly hold my cock and started stroking. Then she went down on her knees and pulled my shorts and underwear and kissed my cock thinking whether to take it in the mouth or no but since I was uncontrollable I hold my cock and put it inside her mouth and started stroking it. Initially she did not like it but then she did it at her own will.

She gave me the finest blowjob though she had never done this before and I was in heaven and in 15 min I shot all my cum in her mouth. She immediately pulled out my cock as she did not like the taste of the cum but who can stop the ejaculation so I gushed all my cum on her face.

She immediately went to the washroom washed her face and herself and came back and I told her sorry that I cummed inside your mouth. She said its ok. I told her that in that moment you really can’t do anything and she smiled and said I understand and started with her cooking which was almost complete. I asked her did you enjoy the moment and she said very much. I told her lets make it more interesting and I hold her boobs from behind and started pressing it hard. First she moaned loudly as it was hurting her then she started loving it. Then I took couple ice cubes from the freezer and gently started moving on her back. First she gave a jerk and asked what is that I said its ice cube, she said what are you going to do, I said, wait and watch, started moving the ice cubes on her back and then to towards her boobs area and stopped at her nipples and she was laughing as it was ticklish but then slowly was teasing her by rolling it on her nipples and she was mighty enjoying it.

I moved downwards towards her navel dent and was rolling the ice cube over the dent. By now the ice cube had melted. I took another one and continued to do so and I had a hard on again which she felt the bulge from behind and she holds my cock from back in one hand and started stoking it while was busy with my painting…Hahahah…!!

After 20 min of this play I turned her towards me and placed an ice cube on my mouth holding it half outside and she immediately pounced on it and we started sucking the ice cube till we reached each others tongue and then very wildly started smooching each other. I lifted her up and again made her sit on the platform and took another ice cube and slowly rubbed her pussy area and tried to push it inside her pussy while we were still cuddling and kissing each other. The moment I pushed the ice cube inside her pussy..She felt a sensation and let out a load moan and hugged me tightly…I went down and started to lick the ice cube but it was already melted with the hotness of her vagina. Then I took some butter from the fridge and pasted it on her pussy completely and started eating and licking it.

She was going mad now because of my licking and she pushed me deeper into her pussy and cummed again. What I noticed is that she does not take time to cum or have orgasm which even I was enjoying. I went to the other room and immediately got the condom and made her wear it on my cock and she did and I started pushing inside her pussy which was very tight as she was a virgin. First she shouted aaahhhhhh…Because of the pain then I hold it right there and asked if it she is ok. She said it pains. I said since it is your first time it will pain for sometime, but if you wished I can remove it and she said no its fine just push it and I said ok I will push slowly so that you do not get hurt. She said your cock is very big and think and my pussy is small so it pains a lot. I said yes and slowly starting pushing it deeper and deeper and finally inserted my whole cock inside. I could see she was crying but was also silent. Then I started stroking her harder and harder and now she was enjoying and the pain had gone.

I did not want to let her pussy go dry again and tight so I use to remove my cock out completely and then push it inside again. I did this at least 6 times but by doing this I was getting hornier and was on the peak of ejaculation so I immediately pushed my cock in and started thrusting it in high-speed she had another orgasm and even I had to cum as it was uncontrollable.

We were literally sweating but we just holed our position that way for 5 min and then I removed my cock and told her to remove the condom. She started removing my condom and was surprised to see the amount of sperm the condom collected. More than half of the condom was filled with it and she tied a knot to it and wrapped it in a tissue paper and kept it aside so that I can later throw it outside. We just lay down there for a while meddling and cuddling with each other. She was playing with my cock and me with her boobs.

After 15 min we went to the bathroom to take shower as it was all messy. Together we had a shower and also bathroom sex again. One helluva of experience that whole day till the time her parents arrived we had lots of sex thinking it would be difficult to get this opportunity again but every now and then where we could find opportunity we use to bump into each other. Crazy!

So friends hope you liked my cute but adventurous story. Please so share your comments and do give me your feedback on [email protected].

Until next time with another interesting and mouth watering experience.

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