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Hi, viewers. Welcome to my story. It all happened a year ago, during my college days. I was traveling home from college for vacation, in a bus. The journey was near about 5hours, and I had my flight. As I boarded the bus, I saw a beautiful girl and occupied the vacant seat beside her. There was also an old friend of mine in the next seat, and we started chatting for some time. After about 5min. we were done talking. All of you know, two boys really don’t have much to talk. Then, I turned towards the girl sitting next to me and started striking a conversation. We both are from the same college, and she was my senior. We were from different departments.

The conversation begin. Continued. And continued. 5 hours of journey, we did not waste a minute. After reaching Delhi, we both exchanged numbers and departed. I returned from vacation after 10 days and called her for a coffee. She agreed to come and we met in a coffee shop in college. After that day, it almost became routine for us to meet regularly for coffee, in the evenings, after college. The heat was slowing developing in me. One day there was a function in college. She went to the parlour to get ready, saree and all that. Late in the evening, she called me to pick her up from the parlour. It was the first time I saw her in saree. Beautiful. Just very beautiful.

I immediately kissed her, outside the parlour. She responded positively. But, it was short time only. We enjoyed the party, dinner and all. But, by then I was boiling inside. I wanted to have sex. After becoming slightly free from the crowd, we took a silent place in the big college. She asked me why I kissed. I said it was instinct and sorry. She asked me to kiss her again. What? Wow. I kissed her again. But it was college. So in control. I asked her out on a date the next day. She readily agreed.

The begin of the date. We went to play games in a big mall and then dinner. Not in a mood to go back to college. So, we decided to stay in resorts. As we were travelling to resorts, I made an excuse for a bandage, stopped by chemist and purchased 2 packs of condoms, just in case. We reached a resort, finished checking in. Went inside the room, locked ourselves in.

First, hugged very tightly. After about 2-3min. I slowly planted a kiss on her lips. We kissed slowly and the pace developed. We were vigorously smooching in no time. I slowly was rubbing her back under her shirt, and slowly brought my hand over her breasts and started playing with them. We came onto to bed kissing each other. And I slowly started to remove her t-shirt. She started removing my shirt. She was in a bra. And then I realized she was 34-34-36. Slightly chubby and soft. I unhooked her bra and let her boobs loose. We were still kissing, exchanging saliva and playing with tongues. I broke the kiss to go down to suck and bite her left boob and squeeze her right boob with my hand. She started giving low moans and held my head tight against her breast, encouraging me to eat her even more.

After sucking her boobs for some time, I slowly slid my hand down, unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand into her panty. It was all wet with her precum and shaved. I started pushing my finger into her. She was now at top of the world. Held my dick over my pant and in no time unbuttoned my pant and took my dick in her hand and started stroking it. We got rid of our pants slowly. And were completely naked against each other still kissing and playing with tongues. I was also slowly fingering her and she was stroking my dick. After sucking her boobs and biting her nipples, I slowly went down to kiss her on her pussy. I took out a mouth dent (blowjob protection, I only have safe sex), and started kissing her clean shaved pussy. I started exploring her insides of pussy with my tongue, slowly and slowly. She was giving her pleasure moans slowly and was tightly holding my head against her pussy by her hands and thighs. I kissed her inner thighs and was sucking her vagina.

After about 10 min. She pushed me down on the bed and started kissing me. She slowly kissed my chest, stomach, spine and went down to my dick. Looking in my eyes, she spoke with her eyes, it was my time to see the heaven. What happened next, I can’t describe. It was a pleasure. Immense pleasure. I was just holding her head. Looking into her beautiful eyes. She was giving fast and slow strokes. Top to bottom of my dick. Mine is 6inch and slightly difficult for a lady to take it in mouth all at a time. She was kissing my balls and my sucking my dick. I came in her mouth after about 10min. She drank it all. We started kissing again, and in about 20min. I was rock hard again. I put on a condom, and slowly and slowly dived and dived into her. It was a just pleasure. I was giving slow strokes in the missionary position. And slowly and slowly we continued.

She was biting my lips and digging her nails into my back. She was moaning and moaning. We turned over, she came over me and started riding. She was moving her ass round and round. She started kissing my ear. After some time she whispered to me that she wants to be fucked hard and fast. We came back to the missionary position. Like a bull, I started fucking her hard and fast. She started moaning loudly, awwww. Awwwww. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Aww aww. Awww. Finally, after about 10 minutes both of us came. That was our first experience, and we had memories like that for another year. She got married recently, and I stopped staying in touch with her.

Reader, this is Royal. I moved to Delhi recently. After a memorable year, I feel like having sex most of the times. So girls, anyone with same feelings may contact me on [email protected]. Only open for a safe and purely sexual relationship. Comments are accepted with pleasure.

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