From Club In Delhi To Her Bed, Fulfilling Her Dirty Needs

Hi readers, I am Samir back with another scintillating encounter to share with you all. For new readers, I am samir, young, decent, well educated guy and equally hot horny and dirty in bed. You can reach me on [email protected] for al comments and suggestions. Thank you for your responses, some girls are even my phone friends, chat friends as well.

Coming to the story, I happen to go to a club on a weekday in cp with some friends. While having few drinks and grooving on floor I happen to bump on this lady who was also dancing on the same floor. Our eyes met, I said sorry and gave her ample space to dance and I went to sit near the bar. My friends were still dancing with random girls and guys. I was sipping my drink and this lady kept looking at me for few times, I also looked at her passed smiles and that it. She seems to be married, around mid thirties, very elegantly looking and was carrying herself in a very pretty way. Her face was beautiful enough to attract attention.

While she was leaving, she waved towards me and showed card in her hand which she dropped on a table nearby to me. I quickly went up and grabbed that card. On the back side of it was written, call me tomorrow anytime. We went to our home and next day while I was having lunch I remember about the incident. I quickly took out my card and rang the number. She picked up the call and conversation was like this

Me: hi

She: hi, who is this

Me: you happen to give me card yesterday in so and so club

She: aha! I see, I was waiting for your call

Me: hmm, ya! So tell me about you

She: well, I am sheetal, a businesswoman from south delhi, married with a kid

Me: ohk, I am samir, single, from such and such are, working in such and such company

She: do you know why I gave you my card

Me: no, I dont have any idea

She: I liked the way you behaved on the floor with your decency and humbleness, so I thought you will prove to be a nice friend

Me: oh! Thanks sheetal, but I am not worth such of your praises

So the conversation went on and on and we talked about an hour on phone and talked over routine issues. I also told her that I am single and currently not seeing anyone. We then started talking everyday on whatsapp.

We met over a coffee once after some days and she was looking damn hot. I complimented her on her looks and she blushed and said no one takes care of me and my beauty. This striked me and I could sense she needs more than a friend in me. Later that day we were chatting on watsapp and the conversation moved to sex. She explained that she is sex starved from many months and is not able to control since her husband hardly pays attention to her. She also said that she somehow liked my approach and then and there she had decided about me. She told me that she has fantasy to get her pussy licked for hours and get cummed again and again. I promised her that I will make her all fantasies real. So next weekend, I went to her home. It was more like a bungalow. She welcomed me in.

She was wearing a hot pant which was too tight to show her thunder thighs and projected ass and a tight top through which her boobs were oozing out and ready to tear the top. My dick at once became hard and I scanned her from top to bottom. She blushed and said you have much more to see tonight. I complimented her beauty and said im dying to worship your body tonight. With this she sat on my lap and we started smooching each other.

We kissed and sucked each other like there is no tmorrow. My hands were on her back, on her ass, on her boobs and I was caressing every part of her. We didnt leave the mouths and continued smooching, I sucked her tongue and probed my tongue in her mouth licking her corners of the mouth. I started pressing her bums more and more and also pumped her boobs. I now parted and took her boobs and pumped and pulled them hard. She threw herself backwards on my lap and I pumped more and more. I pulled her nipples through top and I pulled her boobs. She was not wearing any bra. I caressed, squeezed her boobs. She demanded more and more and said squeeze as hard as possible..

I literally squeezed her hard pumped her so bad she screamed loudly and was moaning. I took out her bra and took each boob in my mouth. She let moans and groans and said the voice will not go out. She wanted to cry moan and groan loudly and I let her do so. I sucked her boobs, pumped and squeezed her boobs. I pulled her nipples hard. I pumped each boob to full, I took each boobs, gave her hard bites, love bites and sucked more and more. She moaned and groaned and begged for more and more. I sucked her boobs, licked her nipples.

I pulled her nipples with my teeth on each boob. I pulled her boobs with my mouth. I sucked on for I dont know how long. She already had cummed hard while I was sucking on her boobs. She stood up and I saw her pant it was wet in between her legs. I loved the site so much that I stood between her legs and started licking her pussy on her pants. I pushed my face up and she also sat on my mouth while she was standing.

I licked her pussy over her pants. She told me to lie down and she sat on my mouth and pressed her pussy over my mouth. I kept licking her pussy and she grinded her pussy all over my face. I couldnt control I lifted her up and tore away her pant and grabbed her ass and made her sit on my face and continued to lick her more and more. She moaned and cried loudly. Common come on ahhh, dont stop, dont ever stop, suck suck suck, lick it lick it, eat me, eat me as much as you can. I sucked hard licked her pussy hard, gave her so many kisses and bites on her pussy.

While I was eating her cunt as she was sitting on my face, she moaned so loud and contracted her legs and at once she came all over my face in gushes. She squirted so hard that she filled my mouth and face with her hot cum. I drank every drop of it, licked her pussy more and more. She was ecstasy and started using bad words, common you bastard, common you fucker, my pussy sucker, common you dog, lick my pussy like a dog. Make me your bitch. She now lie on bed and invited me to lick again. She garbed my head and glued my face on her pussy. Her cunt was so much tasty and sweet that I couldnt say no. I kept on licking and sucking hard and hard. Believe me for almost one hour I only sucked and licked her as much as possible. She cummed many times that I dont remember. After that she took my dick and started sucking it. She deep throated many times, gagged but never let it go.

She kept on sucking and licking very hard like a pro. She filled her mouth with saliva and sucked it beautifully. I moaned as she showed her skills. After sometime I warned her that im cumming she didnt stop kept on sucking and I shoot my load in her mouth and she drank with pleasure. She moaned and groaned and said come on you dog taste your cum from my mouth. We smooched hard and I tasted my cum. I also took her cum from her pussy and filled her mouth and we smooched and licked mouths more and more.

After so much of licking and sucking, I then started fucked her in doggy first. I held her by waist and gave thrusts deep and hard. I kept on fucking hard and fast, sometime slow and deep. I help her waist, sometimes I pumped her boobs from below and kept on fucking her hard. She continued to moan so loud. She kept on saying, come on you fucker, come on you fucker, common bastard, dont stop, fuck me for whole night.

She then rode me for some time, I held her by boobs and helped her fucking my dick, after sometime we changed positions, I got on her in missionary and banged her hard. I cummed in her pussy and filled her pussy with my hot cum. When I took out my dick she opened her thighs very wide and said now lick me again. I could see the cum coming out of her pussy. She told me common fucker, dont stop, suck suck suck. I didnt waste a minute and glued my mouth on her pussy and sucked her hard. For the whole night I didn’t stop for a single minute. I kept on licking and eating her cunt and fucking her in every possible position.

We were all drenched in sweat and cum and we didn’t stop. In the morning, we had bath together where we fucked so hard that she dig her nails in my back. I even bite her pussy so hard that it had bite marks on her lips. In the morning she could walk properly and I advised her to take complete rest and also asked her to sit in cold water tub few times a day to reduce pain and swelling. She told me that she needs more fuck again in night. I obliged and in the night I came back. Though she was limping but she wanted more and more. We again had hottest licking sucking and fucking session for whole night. Second night we became more dirty and I used chocolate syrup and some fruits. I even rimmed her asshole and fucked her asshole too.

Ps: comments and suggestions are welcome. This is a 100% true affair and not a fiction. Those who wanna get in touch please mail me. My email is [email protected]

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