Divorced Man’s Sex Journey – Part 2

Hi ISS, I got good response for my real story divorced mans sex journey and I am here continuing my real life story,who ever haven’t read first one please read it.

That night I have went to her home casually wearing short and t shirt which made her little upset but to my surprise she was stunning beauty with bra laced blouse and blue colour saree with perfect assets and I thought no one have touched her and I felt thank to my maid and to my other surprise she was also there arranging our dinner table and was laughing seeing my expression of lusty dog on my face and she was seeing me only in lusty way and fastly I had dinner while having it I was making comments of her beauty to excite her ,she was saying about her life and her hubby died recently and she had no kids and her age is 30 ,her name is sridevi and her sizes are magnificent perfect 34 30 36 and I cant take my eyes from her ass .

She was sitting in such a position than I can clearly see the curve shaped waist and a pot ass down ,my dick was touching dining table, then she asked

Sridevi:maid said that you need in the style of first night our encounter


Sridevi: I too got excited hearing your fantasy to do so , I have surprise for you ,and she asked manjula is everything is ready in room manjula

Then she closed my eyes and taken me to the room decorated as a first night room with lot of roses and flowers and I was so highly excited, I have hugged her and have lifted her in my hands ,which was surprise for her and taken her to the bed while manjula closed the door and now I slowly kept her on bed and came to her face and first kissed on forehead showing her I care for you and slowly I came to her lips which are shivering in mixed feeling of fear and lust while kissing on her eyes and nose, now I have kept my lips on her lips

Her shivering of lips have stopped and they started to respond to my lips and complete silence in room and only smell of roses and jasmine we are taking in ,which are making our excitement more and more, then slowly my tongue has started to enter her mouth and she welcomed it ,now our both tongues are doing a snake dance inside and exchanging our saliva and I can see this excitement made her nipples so stiff ,she had very big and long thick black colored nipples, now without breaking my intimate kiss I started to fold her nipples with my hands and I can see that reaction in kiss ,were she is doing it hard whenever I am folding her nipples, now I have thought she is on heights and now its time to break our kiss.

Now slowly I slide my lips from her lips to her nipples while on the way kissing all around her neck ,now the stiff and horny nipple is in my mouth and other nipple in between my fingers and I started to suck like hungry baby and she was get more excited and while sucking the nipples in middle I was touching her pussy lips to see whether she was wet or not and to my surprise she was already wet and that me so excited as I love to lick those wet pussies and for some more time I have sucked her nipples now I was sliding down to pussy but in middle the sexy belly hole of her has stopped me and it was shining ,other surprise she has pierced it with small ball of gold and my tongue started to praise the art of piercing it there while my one hand fingers are rubbing her pussy .

Slowly I have slide to the lips of pussy and she was wet and I can see those wet as a lipstick to her pussy lips and I started to lick the pussy boundaries first while my hands are slowly rubbing her thighs smoothly, I can see her excitement as she moving her pussy towards my mouth to suck and lick it now slowly I have entered her pussy world with my tongue and I can feel something different from maid ,then I thought each pussy will have it own taste and surprise and I was licking her pussy walls and she was moaning so hard and now I was excited with moans and literally my tongue was paining as I was sucking from long time and I started to lick fast and she got excited and I have came to know by difference in her moaning she is going to cum and I am ready to take her every drop of her juices and she exploded and was licking her pussy .

She felt so good and she was satisfied after so long time and she said ram you are expert in oral and also told I never had such a passionate oral sex before and I asked her can you give return by taking my dick inside your mouth,then she told I havent done upto now but the pleasure I got from your oral act is making me to do ,so you can also get same pleasure as me ,while we were doing these all our maid manjula was peeing from door and to my surprise she got excited and see came inside and asked us I too wanna lick our madam sridevi pussy and it made me more excited as I have never seen lesbian act in real and wanna watch it .

Sridevi also was so attracted to oral because of pleasure she got in it by me and was ready to try lesbian and I said before that you both need to satisfy my dick and told both to suck my dick at a time and both seated on legs down while I was standing and manjula started to suck and sridevi was learning from her how to suck and slowly manjula made sridevi also to join and both has pushed my front skin and my mushroom head is shining in pink color and both of them are playing with it by their tongues and manjula directed sridevi to take inside mouth,sridevi felt some suffocation as it is her first time to take dick inside

Later she was ok with it and slowly she was taking it upto throat and I was in heaven and after sometime I was about to cum and they got to know by my moans and sridevi has taken out my dick outside as she dont want to cum in her mouth ,but manjula know I love to cum in mouth she immediately take it inside her mouth and I cum in her mouth nicely I love to hear comments and no suggestions as it is my real story not a fantasy one, my mail id is [email protected] dont forget to comment buh bye catch you in next story

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