From Strangers To Sex Buddies

Hi Everyone,It’s me Rajiv again. Thanks for all your comments, suggestions, reviews. It helps me big time. After sharing much of my old experiences I thought it’s time for me to share a recent experience of me. Thanks to Indian Sex Story, it helped me meet new people and gave me new opportunities.This story is part fantasy and partially true.This incident happened a couple of weeks back where I received a review from Krithika(Name changed). We used to chat casually and grew close in a matter of weeks. To tell about Krithika, all I knew was that she was married and working as a lecturer in a college in Bangalore. One fine day she invited me to coffee, I was pleasantly surprised as I had not expected to be invited to meet her in such a short span of time. Anyways I decided to meet her and we decided to meet on a Saturday at the coffee day as I wanted it to be as formal as possible. To my surprise, her husband had accompanied her and us three were having tea.

To describe Krithika, compared to my earlier partners I must admit she had much smaller assets, average figure, dark complexion but a really really beautiful smile and cute face. It was 20-25 minutes into the conversation when suddenly her husband asked me if I would like to sleep with his wife. I couldn’t believe my luck, but I was equally skeptical as I had just met them. He then said that it’s entirely my choice and him his open minded and doesn’t mind if I visit his place anytime. We left that day and I was in touch with krithika. The next Friday morning I just checked with krithika if she has any plans for the night. She didn’t have any as her husband was busy over the weekend.

I then texted her husband if it is OK if I visit his wife that night to which he was more than happy as he could hangout and he replied that she is all mine till the next night.

That evening I left early from office, reached home took a shower and drove straight to krithika. I decided to go out for a long drive with her as I hadn’t gone out in a while. She was wearing blue jeans and black skin tight t-shirt. She looked attractive as the black t-shirt looked good on her slim figure. She was wearing a padded bra and those made her breasts look really huge and sexy over her slim figure. We drove on the Mysore-Bangalore highway enjoying the wind. The conversation was casual and friendly and I must say I was enjoying her company. As time passed by I was losing out to Krithika and I decided to pull over. Both of us got out and got back into the rear seat. I gently pulled her hand towards myself. She was approximately 5’2 and I am 6’3″. I felt really huge and her petit body made me feel more powerful. Her shy smile was cute I was totally in a dilemma if I should hug her or kiss her first.

To begin with, i moved close to her, put my hands around her waist and bit her lips as gently as possible. The tender lips were amazing and worth nibbling a million times. We kept nibbling each other for a while and I was just moving my hands on her back. She was pressed against the window and our kisses slowly started getting more passionate. To my amazement, little krithika was full of energy now and she pushed me to the seat and pounced on top of me. She was like a tigress who was going for the kill. She took charge and began to kiss me vigorously and I must admit I was breathless for a moment. Both of us then laid down at the rear seat for a while enjoying the surroundings. There was the constant glare of the headlights and the constant noise of other vehicles even though it was outside the city and little bit deserted.

I was beginning to get erections but we both decided we will wait until we reached home as we didn’t want any trouble in the night. We then took a U-turn and started back our journey to the apartment. We both were extremely hungry, not for food but for sex and I knew that little krithika’s appetite was insatiable. We reached her apartment at around 10 in the night and we had the entire night for us. Once we reached her home. She said she needs to change and she said she has a little surprise for me. She locked herself in the room and took around 30 mins to open the door again. What welcomed me was an amazing transformation. The sexy black t-shirt had changed into an amazing blue saree. She had changed into her traditional best and I knew she wanted it to be a repeat of her first night.

I was kind of nervous if I would be able to satisfy her as now she was more of my friend than a stranger whom I had met on a website. I wanted to give her my 100%. I slowly moved towards her and made her sit in front of the mirror. I wanted to enjoy her beauty while I made love to her. She had tied her long hair into a beautiful plait. I started kissing it slowly from the bottom. The plait was pressed against her back and I started kissing it gently from the bottom near her waists all the way up to her neck. As I did this I could see her shy smile on her face. Then I slowly started kissing, sucking and licking her neck. She was clearly enjoying it as she was leaning her head towards me opening up. I then gently dropped her pallu. Now she was in her white blouse. From the top, her slim figure and her cleavage was definitely a turn on.

I then gently massaged her shoulders to relieve her of her stress. With each press, I slowly started moving down towards her breasts. I grabbed a stool and sat behind her and started cupping her breasts from the back. I gently started massaging her breasts from the back. With the blouse still on, I slowly put my fingers inside her bra and started feeling her nipples. The best part was we could see each other in the mirror. I gently hugged her from behind and started exploring her breasts, nipples while I was sucking her neck. I then slowly unbuttoned her blouse and she was in her bra now. I sat in front of her and started licking her bra. The smell of her perfume was amazing and I kept kissing her breasts. I could mouth it entirely in my mouth and it was a turn on for both me and her. She was pressing me tightly against her breasts and I was literally gasping for breath.After this, I started licking her flat tummy sucking her navel. I then moved behind her and unhooked her bra. I could see her bare breasts in the mirror as I dropped her bra.

Now she was naked above her breast and I was totally dressed up. Looks like this intimidated her and she dragged me in front of her and she literally ripped open my shirt and inner wear. She unzipped me and pulled down my jeans. I was now only in my underwear with my erect penis forming a large lobe under the underwear. Now we both were partially naked and I slowly made her sit on top of me. Her thighs were on top of my hard penis and I was still pressing her breasts from behind totally hugging her. We then slowly moved towards the bed and I lifted her and placed her on the bed.I then slowly pulled out her saree and she was now just in her inner skirt. I then unlaced it and pulled it off. Now we both were in our underwears. We both then passionately kissed and hugged each other. I then ripped off her underwear as I could not control further. I dropped down my underwear and went straight into her. Our difference in height obviously made it difficult as she had to stare at my chest. So I lifted her off the bed and placed her on the table in the bedroom. Now we were absolutely in position and had good eye contact. I again kissed her on her lips and I gently thrust myself inside her. we both hugged each other tightly to get a good grip while I kept thrusting inside her. After several strokes, I ejaculated inside her.

Until I became hard again I kept fingering krithika and she was giving out louder moans each second. She was becoming more and more wild with each second. I wanted to try out anal sex with her as she had a small ass and wanted to get a feel of it. She being ever ready for everything sat on the bed exposing her ass to me. I knew it was going to be painful as it was her first time and the ass hole was tight and small. I applied the lubricant she had given me on my penis and around her ass hole and began to slowly probe her ass. After trying for a couple of times I made the insertion and the rigid insertion was really enjoyable. She gave out loud moans on each thrust and it filled the apartment. It was midnight and the entire house was filled with her moans.

We both knew it was just the beginning of the night ahead and we decided to take a shower. We both proceeded to the bathroom and stood under the shower. I decided it was my turn to scrub Krithika. I planted a kiss on her head and started massaging her hair with shampoo. She was facing me and then I slowly started applying soap on her shoulders and hands. I turned on the water and with the water pouring on us, I started kissing her vigorously and I was getting another round of erection. With the hot water pouring on us I gently lifted her and she immediately clung her legs around my waist to get into position. With her tightly clinging me I began inserting my penis into her again. We both clung on to whatever we could hold on to for balance and we kept supporting each other for insertion. With maximum body contact and hot water pouring on us, it was a new experience for us.

We then started scrubbing each other and I scrubbed her breasts, navel and started licking them. I then sat in front of her and her vagina was right in front of my mouth. I started kissing her vagina and started licking it as if licking an ice cream and while I was doing that she started shivering with pleasure and finally urinated on my mouth. She was bit embarrassed and started apologizing but I enjoyed the hot fluid pouring out of her vagina. I immediately got up and started kissing her. She then knelt down and took my erect penis in her hands and started kissing it. It started getting harder and harder and she started licking and kissing my balls. She was really good at what she was doing and with the hot water pouring on us she kept licking and sucking my penis. She kept doing this until I finally ejaculated all over the face. The hot water quickly cleared her face and I was really tired by now.

But after the anal sex, i knew her ass was tender and it was my responsibility to fix it. I sat in front of her and turned her away from me and started kissing her ass. And I gently started pressing and massaging her ass so that the muscles are relaxed. Finally, we both were tired and we turned the water off and moved out totally wet. We both just went and lied down on the bed not bothering to dry each other. With the AC being ON, the room had become freezing cold and we again cuddled each other tightly to warm us up. We then fell asleep and woke up at 4 in the morning. Both of us were naked and we moved to the kitchen. I placed her on the kitchen table and started fucking her again. After some time she prepared coffee and then we moved to the hall.

She took the first sip of coffee and I kissed her and sucked it out of her mouth. We both did this interchangeability until both our coffee mugs were empty. I made her sleep on the floor and poured some cold juice from the fridge on her vagina and started sucking and licking it out. I then started kissing her from her toes towards her eyes, I literally poured the entire bottle of mango juice all over her body and started licking her. She then dragged me towards her and hugged me and now we both were wet with juice. We both started licking each other clean. We then again took a shower and slept off until next afternoon.I had to leave before Saturday night and I literally had no clothes to wear as Krithika had ripped off my underwear and shirt. I finally wore one of her underwear and had to borrow one of her husband’s shirts.I am still in touch with her and her husband and It was an amazing experience with Krithika and hopefully, i have done justice to her for her trust me. As always, for suggestions, reviews, comments please write to [email protected] and please don’t ask me for krithika’s address or phone number, partially because that is confidential and also am obsessed with her.

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