Ugly, Fat Senior Girl Gave Full Pleasure In College

You know the best thing about college – No one gonna ask you where were you last night. I had sex with my girlfriend a couple of times in the hotels and college. My girlfriend is a year senior to me and her roommate about which I’m telling this story, her name is Sweta. I and my girlfriend were having a wonderful time – she used to send her nude pics occasionally and once she even recorded our sex in a hotel room. I asked her to delete it but somehow her roommate “Sweta” got that clip from her laptop.

Sweta didn’t utter a single word to her but instead, she sent me that video clip on WhatsApp and demanded to have sex with her or else she would send the clip to everyone. As I said ” Ugly, fat”, but here it was not a matter of choice. She said that she would keep it secret and asked me to come to a hotel room, she had already booked.

I bought 3 condoms and followed her instructions. As I opened the door. she was lying on the bed in black bra and panty. How did she knew I love the black bra. Her extra large sized boobs were coming out of the bra. She had put on dark red lipstick. Oh God! I hate lipstick but she was looking like a desi Indian Slut.

As she was my senior I hesitated a bit when I saw her but she pushed me on the bed, came closer to my ear and said “today I’m your whore, fuck me way you want to fuck your girlfriend that she don’t allow “. 1 thing for sure – never trust a girl. My girlfriend was clearly sharing all those messages with this whore. Now I was really angry and a girl in bra and panty trying to seduce me – a perfect scene to destroy her pussy.

I pulled her by her hairs and kissed her lips. Her dark lipstick was on my lips and all over my face. I unhooked her bra and let her boobs get some air. I started squeezing them really hard. She was enjoying it. Meanwhile, my hand slipped under panty. Some hairs but I liked that. I inserted my finger in and she pulled my hairs in excitement. I slapped her, yes I did and she was shocked. I pulled her hairs and said, “You are my whore and toady I’m gonna treat you like a whore”.I removed my shirt and jeans. and then let my monster out. Now I was standing completely nude in front of her holding my dick. She was very very happy after looking at the dick but she didn’t know what was going to happen to her in while. I jumped on her chest and started rubbing my dick on the lips and cheeks. And then I inserted it in the mouth. She was sucking it like a professional porn star.

I got up on the bed and let her give a good blowjob. I should admit she is way better in blowjob then my GF. She was spitting and then swallowing also doing something with her tongue I was getting excited. I pulled her hairs and started fucking her mouth. She was not able to speak or even breath. After some 15 – 20 secs of fucking I cummed all over her face and threw her back on the bed. She rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself. I was lying on the bed and my dick was getting ready for another session. She came out of the bathroom fully naked and started rubbing her pussy. She came to me and whispered – “Now it’s your turn to return the pleasure”. Oh god! I don’t want to lick that pussy but I had no choice left. she sat on the bed, spread her legs and pushed my face towards her pussy.

Her pussy was smelling, she was already wet.I kissed it and then started licking. It was disgusting, my nose was dragged in her pubes. But after a while I started enjoying it and then she squirted. Yes, she did all over my face. I had never seen anyone doing that. She pulled and said – “I’m a dirty slut, please teach me a lesson, fuck me real hard”. I took a condom and gave her. She spits on my dick, rubbed it with her hands and placed the condom on it. And now the real action begin –

First missionary, then doggy, saddle, I fucked her in a lot of different positions. Her screams were making me excited. I dragged her face in the bed and started fucking from behind. I slapped her ass, squeezed her boobs and she was now screaming in pain. Since we I was fucking her for about half an hour now I was breathing heavily and was feeling tired but the testosterone level was way too high. I pushed her on the wall and inserted my dick in her ass. She was now trying to get rid of my grip as she was not able to speak since her mouth was buried in the wall. As soon as the tip of the dick went inside her asshole she started trampling and got afraid as I was going to destroy her asshole that I didn’t let her escape. One more push and half the dick was inside. It was very tight but I was very bold and firm about my target. One more push and the whole dick was in. She was screaming in pain. I’m sure her voice must have been audible from outside the room too.

I paused there and kissed her neck and asked her to shut up. She gained her breath and now I started pumping. It was really tight and I had to put some extra effort to fuck her big fat ass. She was glued on the wall and from behind, I was continuously fucking her. She was moaning like “uhhhh , uhhhh , uhhhh ” on every stroke I made. I pulled my dick outside her ass and yuck! what was that! It was stained in something like shit. I pushed her back on the bed and her ass facing me. I went to spitted in her asshole and again inserted my dick in the same hole. This time she didn’t reacted and I continued fucking her asshole for a couple of minutes and unloaded all my liquid in her ass. I was very tired and was breathing heavily. I slept on her for some minutes and after that I removed my dick from her asshole. removed the condom and threw it in the dustbin.she came to me gave me her phone and said ” thank you for the pleasure, you could delete the video, i wouldn’t share it to anyone”.I kissed her and after that, we had a sex event under the shower and she showed her riding skills on the sofa too. Finally, I cummed again and this time in a missionary position on the table. After that, we got dressed and left the hotel. We split up so that no one could see us together.

None of us told that incident to anyone and I still have the same relation with my girlfriend, she knows nothing. Sweta had deleted the video clip but still, sometimes I had some blowjob sessions with her in the college campus itself. She is an ISS reader too and I’m sure she would be glad to ready her own story. “You are my ugly whore Sweta and I really like the blowjobs you give !”

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