Fuck My Cute Trainee Girl On Her Birthday

Hi guys and girls, ladies and gentelmen, I am ali from delhi 30 years old married guy. I was married just six month before. This is my first story so please forgive my mistakes. If any lady or girl want to contact from delhi or nearby delhi then please contact me on my mail id [email protected].

So come to the story, this happened with me when I was 28 year old, I never had sex before that. I was working as an asst. manager with a reputed firm, our hr introduced me with my new trainee (a cute girl) name roma. She is 22 year old with cute face and small tits and slim body.Her color is very fair like milk or cream. Her body assets are 32 28 30. Her height is 5’2″. She is from a small town of haryana. She is very naughty by nature.

As days were passed she became very close to me because of my soft nature. I know the date that was 13-may-2014. That was her birthday. I got that from her resume. I called her my cabin and wished her, she thanked with a big and cute smile then she turned to sad. I asked her what happen after many try she told me that her boyfriend not wished her.

I stand up from my seat and put my hand on fer hand, then she hugged me and began cry. I cuddle in my arms and said dont worry forget him for today and celebrate your birthday with me. She said thank you very much sir and hugged me back.

I said please come to my flat she agreed only because I m her boss. But I like her cute face and cute body. After office I picked her from bus stop not from office so that no one can notice. She was living in delhi in p.G. We recharged in my flat. I put on my a.C. And sat with her in my room. That time I was living alone in my flat.

She said want to go wash room so I guided her. She put on the tap for washing her feet, but there is a common regulator for shower and tap, and unintentionally she put on the shawer and she completely drenched with water. Her white shirt got completely wet and her black bra is completely visible. I saw very first time a girl like this, she is looking more beautiful, I was staring at her and said wow. She began shy but she is smiling this time, and saying sir please help me. I said please change your cloths. I gave her my t-shirt and a lower.

She changed her cloths from my loose cloths I can easily view her small and cute cleavage.

Then I said her you r looking very beautiful in your wet hair. Then we drink our coffee. Then I asked her where are your wet cloths, she said these r in other room. I said please give me so that I can dry in my washing machine drier. She gave me the cloths I noticed that I also give me her black bra. I smiled and showed her bra. She smiled and feeling shy.

Then I got courage, I said come to me she stepped towards me I caught her palms and said I like you, she said even I like you but afraid from my boyfriend and dont want to lose him. And she began cry then I wiped her tears and hugged her. She hugged me tight then I make some courage and kissed on her lips very gently she did not respond. After 5 mins she respond well and kissed me. We smooched for 10 minutes then I cupped her small boobs over from her tshirt. She closed her eyes.

Then I removed her t shirt and see her really beautiful tits with small brown nipple. I sucked her both nipple one by one. And then remove her lower with her panty. She was totally nude in front of me. Here was small hair on her pussy. I kissed on her pussy and each part of her body then tease her very well. Then she ready for sex, she opened my pant and make it down then take my dick in her mouth like a professional whore.

She told me that her boyfriend like sucking very much even I also like sucking. After 10 min I ejaculated in her mouth she drank my all sperm. Then it is my turn I made laid her on bed then kissed her. Then sucked her boobs and naval then reach her pussy, fucked her pussy with my tongue and she cummed in my mouth.

Now she is begging me to fuck her then I laid her bed and come on her in missionary postion and entered my dick very slowly. She gave a soft moan and I began pumping herShe was making sound aah aah hmmm….

Then we changed position to cowboy style. Now she is jumping on my dick for 10 mins, before I was about to come I told her. Then she take it in her mouth and drank again my all sperm and then kissed me and said thank you sir for making my birthday very special. We fucked there 2 more times. I fucked her in position that can I fuck her. Finally we took the blanket and slept nude in that and wake up in the next morning. That was my first time so I will never ever forget this.

After this incident roma told me that sir this is our first and last time and I dont want to cheat my boyfriend again, so please dont ask again for this either she will leave this job.

So I said ok. We never fucked again but we are good friends, both r married and happy with our life partners. So please tell how my story is.

Any girls, women or bhabhi want to friendship with me then please email me on [email protected]


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