Fucked My Passed Out Aunt

Hi..I am Anuroop working in an MNC in Pune.I m 25 yrs old. I’m 6 foot tall ,very white and have a big cock. Ladies can contact me if they want. I’m always ready to satisfy you..Let’s come to the story.

I was excelling in my office and they sent me for a training tour to Dubai at our head office. It was for a period of 2 months. I was super excited as it was my first trip abroad.

My parents suggested that I could stay at my aunt’s place and I readily agreed as I didn’t want to waste money on lodging. I had bid adieu to my girl friend the previous night with a warm massage session. We kissed and did it twice.. I was super horny thinking about all the girls in Dubai and whether I will be able to get a fuck partner for the duration.. It was a night flight and I reached Dubai in the morning. Let me tell you about my aunt’s family.

My aunt was 40 yrs old and had been married to my uncle (50) for 20 yrs but they don’t have a baby because of my uncle.I used to call her by name i.e; Kusum.They were very wealthy and ultramodern and they used to live in a posh independent house in the palm islands. Coming back , my uncle had come to the airport to receive me and had a good time traveling in the car.

I had imagined that my aunt would be a conservative woman in saree like a normal Marathi lady as I have seen her in the past. Alas, When she welcomed me at the door, she was wearing a banian and a short trousers and she hugged me.My god , that feel was amazing. She was hot af. She had the perfect body and was chubby. I had a boner immediately. 5 Days passed and my uncle had to leave for Cyprus for a conference. I never had a bad intention towards my aunt.

Me and my aunt dropped my uncle at the airport came back. She said she would have bath and make us something to eat. The devil inside me started to raise suddenly. I followed her to her bedroom upstairs without her knowledge. She had closed the room door and didn’t lock it. I was scared like hell that she would find out.

I silently looked through the key hole and I was amazed. She was getting ready for her bath. she was caressing her hair. She tied it into a bun. She took a towel from the cupboard and kept it on the bed.She slowly removed her t shirt and the melons secured in her bra popped out.From my XP it was around 38B. She was very sweaty and was scratching her arm pit. I was on 9th cloud. she was wearing a black bra. she slid her pants down slowly showing her milky soft thighs and disclosing her black panties. Oh my god I just wanted to grope her.she went inside the bathroom and started her bath. I cursed myself that I couldn’t get a view of her bathing.

I took her 25 mins and I was in the same place. She came out naked dripping wet with gorgeous looking breasts with dark round nipples and a clean shaven pussy. The best part was her ass..sexy and big with water droplets allover it.My god I wanted to bang her and bang her hard.I quickly ran to downstairs to my room and I masturbated. Then on I would see her sensuously and grab any opportunity of touching or smelling her. Everyday this use to continue and I was really happy. One evening when I was in my office I got a message From my aunt saying that she is going out with her friends and would be back only late in the night.

I was quite sad that I have to sit alone in the evening. So I ate outside and went home and got myself naked and watched porn and masturbated by sniffing and licking my aunt’s used innerwear. I fell asleep and late in the night I heard a thud as if something had broken. I went out and saw that my aunt had hit the garage door with the car. I quickly rushed outside asked her to get off the car and parked. I smelled my aunt and she was drunk like a madwoman. I asked her why she has drunk like this and she started to blabber something. I helped her up and caught her hip and rested her hands around my shoulder. I felt her breasts for the first time.They were soft as a sponge.

She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and a short skirt. I slowly got her inside and made her sit on the couch. I gave her coffee and went get a pillow.But when I came back I saw her lags were wide open and her shirt slightly lifted up such that her navel was visible. I couldn’t resist the temptation.

I slowly lifted her up and took her to my bed.By mistake my leg slipped and I fell on her. Her boobs pressed against my chest and our lips were so close. She was so drunk so I made the move.I rested my lips on her red petal like juicy lip and kissed her.we kissed for 20 mins and exchanged fluids.

I got up and removed her shirt and skirt and she started to respond. she removed my shirt and touched my dick. But I took control. I slid her panties down and licked her pussy.my god it was a juicy one.I let my inside her and she was dripping wet. I fingered her and she started to moan.She was playing with my hair. I squeezed her breasts and she was lactating.

I drank her milk and was sucking it for over an hour.I t was so tasty that I couldn’t stop it.. I let my dick inside her mouth and she sucked it. Gave me a great blowjob.we were ready for the intercourse. I let it in and fucked her in different styles until I came. Here I am lying naked in a bed with my aunt who I wanted to fuck so badly. i slept off with her naked with nothing covering us.I remember hugging and keeping my mouth in her Armpit area and my dick touching her ass.

She woke up in the morning and was stunned by what had happened last night. She apologized for her mistake but it was too late. I said to her that I really love her and would really won’t mind fucking her again.She gave me a tight slap covering her body with the bed spread.

We looked into each other’s eyes and started kissing and groping. We fucked again and she squirted in my mouth. We fucked like more than a hundred times in the two month span.It has been 2 yrs and we fuck Every time we get a chance.My aunt got pregnant when I was there and she managed to make my uncle believe that it is his child.Phew , thank God for my aunt’s slut skills. The little guy is now 1 year old and has been named Anuroop after me

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