Truth Or Dare Or Sex

Hi guys and girls! This is Dheeraj.. It is my first story. You can reply me back on [email protected]

Coming to the story, this happened 2 years ago. I have a very close friend named Neha. She was my besties ex-gf, we became very close then, even after she broke up with my friend we used to text a lot. One fine day we both very very bored, she came up with an idea, and said lets play truth or dare. I said thats interesting! We started, after some boring rounds I asked her what would you do if you are a guy?

She said: I would get drunk.

As I also never drank I told why cant we get drunk? She agreed. She said she will bunk her college and asked me to pick her up.

The day came I went to her college and waited for an hour, she came late and entered in the car said sorry and gave a hug. I took her to my place and on the way I picked a bottle of vodka from the wine shop. We got to my flat, we started having raw shots, as its my 1st time I felt drowsy in 3 shots.. She said are you a guy at all? I felt little angry and told her lets have more shots and we have 3 more without a break!

Now she was also very drowsy, I put my bottles and glasses aside and I hugged her and told neha darling I like you a lot.. She replied I love you ra nanu vadili velaka( I love you dont let me go) I said I wont. She all of a sudden kissed me! I kissed her back.. I started to hold her very close and tight will kissing making sure that her boobs are being crushed in my chest. Her size is 32-26-30 very lean and fair and short, I am 6″ broad shoulder fair. She was wearing red salwar on that day, while kissing her my hands on her back slowly opened her zip of her top and slid into her top touching her bare back, she got a impulsive shock and bite my lips.

I started exploring her back with my hands! I started to kiss her neck and lower neck while she started to moan. She moans made me mad and I removed her top she wanted me also to go topless which I did.. I now started to kiss her boobs on her bra..While lying over her and sliding my hands into her bottom..

I started to move down while licking her waist and lower waist… I removed her bottom and panty.. I was kissing all around her pussy to tease her she started to lock her legs around me. I was kissing her inner thighs and she was moaning loudly I gave a small kiss on her pussy and she went mad and placed her hand on my head and pushed it into her pussy.. I was still teasing her by just licking her on the pussy.. I found her clit and started to lick it slowly and paced it up.. Neha started to go crazy…

Then I sucked her clit for a while and I moved lower to the clit into the beginnings oh the inner pussy walls… She was a shouting deeper I gave a small bite and she left a loud moan.. She asked me to fuck her.. I removed my denim and boxer.. I placed my dick on her pussy and started tapping her to tease her. I let my penis into the clit and slowly started take circle the clit with my dick.. She kept moaning loudly..

I inserted my stick penis head into her pussy and she started to go crazy.. I was moving my dick circularly inside her vagina and she shouted inside dheeraj plz.. All of a sudden I inserted it and she shouted in pain joy and lust! She bleed..

I slowly started to fuck her while kissing her she was biting my lips and they were bleeding and fucking her for a while she said something is happening to her.. She didnt know its was her first orgasms.. I knew it and I went down and fingered her even when she was telling no no no.. I fingered her for 2-3 mins and she was shaking like fish.. She was moaning loudly and crazily.. It took her 5 mins to get back to normal..

After that she said she loved it. She say my dick and said she never saw a real a dick and she touched it.. A strong impulse passed all through my body I pulled her and kissed her.. She said she will kiss it I say I would love to..

She leaned down and kissed on the head of it I was having current vibration all over my body.. She pushed back my foreskin and kissed.. I asked her to lick.. She licked inside skin and a little precum.. She started to take the whole thing inside at once.. I was moaning already..

She then touched my balls while sucking my cock.. I grabbed her hair and pushed her inside.. She took it deep through…She pulled herself back outside and started giving a handjob and then took the dick inside.. I was in heaven she did that for 5 mins and I told her I am about to come she told me to cum on her face.. I removed my dick and pointed it on her face.. The cum spilled all over her face and her mouth.. She sucked again and cleaned my dick with her saliva.. We had more rounds and slept and woke up and had another amazing session.

And later we became a couple had sex in her car, my bath tub, couch and many places that I will tell in parts to come! Any ladies, girls, aunties in and around hyd or vijayawada contact me to this mail id : [email protected].. Waiting for all the responses.. Thanks ?

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