Fucked The Bitch I Used To Call Aunty

Hey there.I am writing my third story hereI am here for mostly the same reason as you.Get hard/wet and give peace to my horny lustful thoughts.

I am Karan shah, 21 years old, Hailing from Ahmedabad, Good-looking, tall and fit and a decent sized tool enough to satisfy any lady.

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So this is how managed to fuck my close friend’s hot mother.

I and my friend Ishan have been childhood friends and belong to the same group of friends since 5-6 years and the parents are like family friends too, so a lot of incidents where we celebrate festivals and have dinners and stuff.

Now, ishan’s mom.Dharni aunty is one big sized woman..like seriously.. her boobs are like melons and a big ass and a naturally slutty face at times and look like Jennifer Aniston’. Just bigger boobs and ass.

So you can see how it may be a trouble.

Since I started college and all and had been vying aunties a lot and had a. The desire to fuck at least two or three.

This incident happened at the 31st party.

As usual, since past 4 years, our families (5-6 ) celebrate 31st night at Dharni aunty’s farmhouse along with a few other mutual friends.

Us youngsters keep to ourselves and do booze and dance while the parents keep to their crowd.

But the moment I entered the farmhouse and she opened the door, my dick got hard .there she was..standing .In one piece with a nice enough cleavage Show. And little bit longer to the knees. I had my eyes fixed to her cleavage and didn’t look up..she cleared her throat and I looked up to her eyes.

For the first time, I saw in her eyes lust for me. She knew what I was thinking and what I wanted to do to her.

She welcomed me in and as I went by, she slapped my butt and grabbed it in a way no one would see, she came in close and whispered in my ears that

“I want you and I am gonna suck you dry tonight”

Which was enough for me to get an erect dick?

The party went on..it was 10 pm. Most were already drunk and stuff..I was horny as fuck and I. Wanted to get laid with Dharni aunty at any cost.

In my waiting moments of lust, I even groped another girl of our group ‘Sheena’. She was hot too and I couldn’t resist as I was already driven by lust , so I often placed my dick on her ass in attempt to dance with her and she being high grinded back and I squeezed her boobs and rubbed her pussy over her gown and that was what I could limit to as it was dark enough but that to control.

Then my moment came.

I saw Dharni aunty looking for me and signaled me to enter a room after her in 5 minutes.

Those were probably the longest 5 minutes of lust I ever hadAnd then I entered the room she went in making sure no one was watching.

As soon as I stepped inside,She came and grabbed my dick over pants.

I was shocked and then she closed the door with her other hand.The light was kept at minimal with a yellowish glow.

“I know you want to fuck me,” she said teasing my dick.

“I want you so bad aunty. You’re so hot and bomb and giving me hard on all the time.I want to fuck you bad.make you my bitch and …”

“Shhhh. ” She said putting a lip to my finger.“I know.i have been looking for a sex partner anyway. My husband doesn’t satisfy my lust and has no stamina to keep up with me.”“I have been eyeing you since quite a few time. You look hot with your beard and seems like you workout and I had a desire to fuck you and was waiting for this 31st night only to have your dick in my pussy “.

I didn’t wait a moment and I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me and kissed the hell out of her..then the tongue was involved and it was getting wet but we didn’t care and I was sucking her neck and ears too and my hands hard pressing her boobs and tearing down her one piece and grabbed those big boobs finally in my hand and went crazy over them by biting her nipples and sucking her and she was moaning

“Oh, karan yes.fuck me..fuck my boobs.suck them.they are yours only.bite them.suck them”.

I then brought her down to my dick and she removed the belt and pants and underwear and took my hard cock into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I had to grip the wall with one hand and it was the best blowjob ever and I came in around 5 minutes which she didn’t swallow.

I then took her to the bed. Which I later realized it was the master bedroom only.I removed her one piece, and her wet panty and started rubbing her clitoris and kissed her inner thighs and then fingered her pussy and she was wriggling on the bed shouting my name and I inserted another finger and she moaned out a lot and then I started kissing and sucking her pussy and grabbing her boobs with my other hand and pinching her nipples,

She came in just a few minutes, her breasts moving up and down after the organs and she was exhausted as fuck.

But I wasn’t done yet.I climbed over her,And inserted my now again hard cock into her pussy and started drilling her wildly and full strokes and then going slow and fast again and she was moaning all the time

“oooohh yesssss Karan. Fuck me harder, I am your slut..mujhe Teri Randi banale hamesha ki liye. Chod mujhe tu. Chod mujhe. Fuckkkkkk meeeee,ahhhhh ohhh”.

“Ruk Randi, gaand maarne de mujhe Teri”“Wait slut, let me fuck your ass ”.I turned her over and started fucking her ass, it was difficult at first but then slowly it got adjusted and I started drilling it faster and making her moan for me.

And then she told to Change position and wanted to drive me.

She came over me and inserted my cock into her wet pussy and started going up and down and rotating her waist a bit and moaning loudly

Then I took her under me again and gave in every bit of my lust into fucking her and stroking her wildly and pinching her boobs and slapping them at times and then in few minutes we both came at the same time and then laid down side by side, completely exhausted and breathing heavily.

We had sex a few times after that incident.

So horny girls and guys..how did you like the story?Feedbacks would be welcome.Any aunty /girls want to have a discreet chat and more with me can mail me at[email protected]

Your privacy will be guaranteed.

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