Fully Naked Public Dare And Caught

The most embarrassing moment in my life when I was doing my fantasy but I got caught fully naked… Oh my god it was so scary to me I never thought it will happen

Firstly let me tell you how I look I am 5ft 6in tall slim 32 26 34… Struggling hard in modeling career hmm I am good looking fair but not so much fair

I work in Mumbai but no accommodation in Mumbai so whenever I have my modeling assignment I come and stay with my friend Sneha. So my affordable accommodation is in pune 120km from mumbai.

I have done few photo shoots but not major ones I need a good break in modeling

It was my first time dare of getting nude outdoor and that too so much risky

So now let’s start… I always had fantasy to get naked outdoor it turns me on. I stay on 5th floor I have flat on rent. Building structure is 4 flats on 1 floor stairs and 1 elevator. So once late night I was thinking what naked dare I should do outdoor so I planned my dare.

I have already done observation in the building no flats doors are open even in day time so no chance of getting caught at night. I thought of carrying towel with me.. But if I carry it will not be so much excitement.. It must be thrill and I was clean shaved. I wore shorts and t shirt…

It was 11:30pm at night I opened my door saw outside all doors were closed so I stripped fully naked threw my clothes in the flat and came out naked. I was already scared and turned on now the dare was go till the ground floor fully nude hiding through stairs and then come back through elevator and get into flat as soon as possible.

So I firstly sent the elevator to the ground floor and then I started coming down the stairs on 4th floor then 3rd floor

I was so much afraid my heart start beating fast… I was so much scared that if I get caught I can’t even have single piece of cloth to hide my body I saw down to get confirm no one is down there in parking ground floor… Then came to 2nd floor imagine the situation I am fully naked at 11:30 pm coming down through stairs can’t even think of getting caught

So came on 2nd floor and then 1st floor and again checked out if it is safe to get on the ground parking floor it was clear… So came onto the parking floor. Now the dare was done just get into elevator and rush into the flat

So I entered the elevator and pressed the 5th floor button.I was feeling relief the elevator reached on my floor and what the hell I see neighbor uncle is smoking in the corridor now it was not going good as per plan thank god he did not notice elevator came up my heart was beating so fast I was so scared.

So I somehow decided again to take the elevator to the 4th floor and wait inside because I was sure no one will use elevator late night

I decided to wait 5 to 10 min till I hear the noise of door being closed by that idiot uncle .

So that it get confirm he is gone inside his flat and I have clear way to get inside my flat

After 5 min one more shit happened someone pressed button from the ground floor and elevator started moving down oh my god I was so afraid I managed to press 3rd floor button and the elevator stopped on 3rd floor….

So now imagine the situation if I keep elevator door open it will keep shouting (please close the door) so I decided to get out on 3rd floor and let the elevator go down so as they enter elevator I keep hiding on the stairs so as soon as I closed the door of elevator it moved down and I noticed those motherfucking 3 people 1 lady and 2 men started coming up through the stairs and the elevator gown down… And now I can’t go anywhere so I ran upward through stairs and waited in middle of 4th and 5th floor and the mother fucking uncle was still there on 5th floor

I thought the idiots coming up will go to 3rd floor but then I noticed they moved ahead and headed upwards to 4th floor and then again I realized oh my god shitttt they are heading more towards 5th floor and the mother fucking uncle is waiting for his relatives late night shit oh god please help and then the embarrassing moment they caught me fully naked shivering so I ran upwards to my flat and that mother fucking uncle also saw me naked I got into my flat and closed the door I was crying…I hear what they talking they were surprise then they went into their flat …

I was sure that lady will make big issue next morning so early morning I left to Mumbai…And returned a week later when all their relatives were gone and one of my friend told me that whole society knows what happened and I decided to leave the society packed my luggage and left the flat… But thinking of this indecent which turns me on like volcano and masturbating thinking this incident made me cum too… I will never leave my fantasy of doing naked dare

I will do it again tell me how you feel after reading this story

If you loved my story I will try to write one more again when I do next naked dare

I will love to read all your comments of what you think for this incident which was very scary to me awkward, extreme fantasy, and a real turn on

If you wanna see me email me on …. [email protected]

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