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I am about to narrate an incident from one of the wildest sexual relationships I have experienced. I am from Kanpur and yes it’s a true incident and no fantasy. To keep this short, my ex Gf and me were going around for about 2 years in college and we had a rocking sex life, we had sex almost every possible place.

However, one fine day we had to break up and call it quits. I was pretty close to her sis, Dolly, who knew about us going around and I later learned that she knew more about us than we had presumed. It was about 6 months since we had called it splits, and I had not spoken to Dolly.

A lot had changed, the ex GF was now married, was happily settled. I was 25 then. One fortunate Saturday evening, bored of sitting at home and being horny all day (family was out of town and on such occasions were never wasted when I was with my ex) I decided to take a stroll to the market nearby to distract myself and not feel sexually frustrated.

While waiting outside a street corner chat shop, a lady tapped me on the back, I turned to see who it was and it was an unpleasant surprise. It was Dolly. I uncomfortably exchanged pleasantries and by then our turn had come, we ordered together and waited. So after a little idle chat, I realized she has no ill feelings and was genuinely interacting with me.

I got comfortable as well and we chatted like old friends. After finishing, I asked her if she needed help with the shopping bags (we stayed in the same locality within a km. “Yes please, if you don’t mind walking and dropping them off home.” I was a little apprehensive at the thought of visiting her home and she read my mind and responded,

“Don’t worry, mom & dad out of town and it’s just me.” I breathed a sigh of relief as we walked homewards. I subconsciously began to check her out. As she walked ahead of me, her sexy fair curvy waist leading to that lovely round big ass warped in tight slim fit low waist jeans was just mesmerizing.

She had a pretty attractive face to top it off. I would try and catch a glimpse of her melon sized boobs under her deep cut top. She was an impeccable and elegant dresser and now with a slimmer body, she just looked even hotter. I had a huge lust for tall women as they are a rare breed in India. I am 5’11’. She is about 5’6”, 38D-32-40. Damn, was I horny and hard for this woman!

My thick monster was dying to burst out of my jeans. When I have a hard on, even the tightest pairs of briefs fail at suppressing that guy! I was dying to end my 6 months of sexual drought by doing this woman and was secretly hoping she notices it. As I sat down on the couch waiting for my cup of tea wondering if I can get lucky, she returned and sat down beside me and started,

“What’s on your mind harsh, why are you just randomly flipping channels?”, “Oh, nothing just bored thought you will take a bit…?” We began chatting and the topic drifted to how I was now etc.. Asked her how she was? “Well it’s just me, mom & dad are here and when mom&dad travel all the time it gets really bugging and lonely.”

Her loneliness lifted my spirits as my horny mind saw a small window of opportunity and possibility! Asked her if she would like to go out to a movie or dinner as I was home alone as well and had nothing much to do. She replied quite amused, “harsh stop joking, you asking your ex of a sister for date”.

I shot back checking her out ” Trust me you look much better than your sis”. “Oh shut up harsh, don’t try those juvenile lines on me…” she smiled. I responded, “Can’t help it, Dolly, you look very sexy”. She seemed a little surprised but also blushed that I had noticed.

“Ok harsh, how about I cook a quick dinner here for us instead of going out?” …yes!!! I watched her as she got up, I got a front on a glimpse of those huge melons suppressed under the t-shirt and that curvy fair waist and a bit of her belly button. What a sight.

She noticed I was staring and just walked to the kitchen. I followed and stood at the door as she started mixing the flour to make a few rotis. “Stop checking me out and help me harsh, get the vegetable bags and pour some oil into the flour.” I gladly brought the bag in and then opened the can of oil and stood so close that our arms were in contact as I poured the oil.

After which I took a step back and brushed her ass on my way to the sink to wash the oil off my hands, she had a slightly annoyed look on her face. I pretended like I didn’t know…” what happened, why are you giving me a dirty look?” “Oh forget it” and she looked down for a second, I realized she noticed the bulge of my hard on.

and quickly looked back up slightly flustered and focused back on the kneading the flour. It was apparent that her breathing had increased, and drops of sweat were forming on her forehead. I decided to take my chance. The risk got me even more excited and harder. I walked behind her put my arms firmly around her waist and pulled her close and started kissing back of her neck, her ears, and her shoulder and at the same time ensured that she could feel my hard on her nice big ass. She tried resisting but my hold was firm and increased the intensity of my kissing as one hand firmly moved down her belly into her panty while my other firmly moved up to her breast and started pressing them.

Her resistance was slowing giving way and she completely relented the moment my fingers got closer to her fleshy shaven Valley and cunt lips and touched her clit. Seemed like the touch it sent a shock through her “harsh…stop it please…stop it…aaah harsh nooooo…hmmmm…” her breathing increased as my long fingers dug in deeper into her cunt lips and started parting them and rubbing her sensitive flesh. She was getting wetter and wetter. She was squeezing the dough as she began enjoying and giving in to the fingering. Quickly moved my left hand from her breasts and pulled out the t-shirt and then undid her jeans button and take them off.

The freedom of space allowed me to further insert my hand and my fingers found their way to her cunt hole and started drilling her walls. She made it easier by bending forward, arching her big butt up a little and pushing it deeper into my crotch so my fingers could work her cunt even more easily. She was now just moaning loudly.

I turned her around to face me and she looked amazing with her ruffled hair, the sweat beads, her lustful eyes and that massive cleavage in her spaghetti. She smiled and I increased my fingering as I undid my pants and pulled my very thick and fairly long dick out. The sight of which she could not stop looking at.

“Now I know why I found a few pills in her bag,” she said with a naughty smile. I just looked at her and ripped her sprite off with one hand and increased my fingering. I then moved closer and we kissed like wild animals as I pulled her melons out of the bra and tweaked those big nipples and fingered her clit and now dripping cunt.

She finally orgasmed big and I stopped kissing her and told her, that she was even wilder than her sis and now I know where it comes from. I asked her to get the dough off her hands and she promptly did. In the meanwhile, I completely undressed and stripped her off her bra and undid her hair and began enjoying her bare back, neck, shoulder, waist, ass and spanked ass cheeks a few times. Once she was done washing the dough off, what next she asked? I pulled her close and we began kissing again, feeling her lovely warmth and flesh. Our tongues like hot horny, thirsty creatures. I bit her lower lip frequently as my hands played along with her naked body. Squeezing every bit of flesh it could find.

After which..We walked to the couch and I asked her to sit and start sucking me which she promptly did. God, she was a quick learner, in the sense she knew just how I wanted it. Deep, tight and wet. And she tickled my head with her flickering tongue a lot just to see me whine and felt my balls and even sucked them too.

I just held her by a fist full of hair and started asking her to suck me like a whore. Seems like the dirty talk excited her further as she increased her intake. I kept pushing her head in and out and then finally decided I wanna fuck her. I asked her to get on her knees n the couch and decided to do her doggy.

I then quickly positioned my dick at her entrance and with one thrust shoved it in. She let out an amazing moan and I started pumping her gradually. Dolly started moaning and begged me to get faster. “Don’t worry doll I am going to fuck you like a slut and you will enjoy it!”. She screamed out loudly as I picked up my pace.

I started spanking her big butt hard and abusing her calling her a whore and she loved it. Just like her sis. I nailed her ass cheeks, I slapped her breasts and pressed them hard, I literally started pounding her pussy as my thighs collided with her big ass…her pussy was just taking in my red hot dick easily…

she literally collapsed after 2-3 orgasms in about 10 -15 minutes of ruthless pussy pounding. I was about to cum but did not want to cum in her pussy. I wanted to cum in her mouth so asked her to sit up and I started stroking my dick and when I was about to cum I shoved it into her willing mouth. I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth which she lapped up with excitement.

I was surprised that she loves cum. She sucked out every drop and let a little drip down her mouth as well. That was a truly sexy and slutty sight. Rest assured I am sure you can guess that sex was our dinner for the rest of the night and weekend and was had my first and only Anal experience with her.

Dolly was my eager slut for the next two years till she got married and even then we did meet up occasionally and catch up for some wild sex and twice I have had threesomes, with her cousin sister as well, who had caught us unaware. thanks for reading and hope got satisfied helped in jerking off….can mail at [email protected]

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