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Hi friends,

I am Kumar (27) from Hyderabad . I stay at Madhapur. Am a software employee working at hitech city. Am a regular reader of ISS. Today am looking forward to share my real life sex experience with my old couching class friend. Please excuse me if there are any mistakes. Also give me your feedback and if any individual girl / married women want to have relation with me please do mail me @ : [email protected]

She is Anu (age 27 guess) with big boobs and great ass – normal color but with awesome face & body structure and married and hot looking chick. Especially her boobs are the most attractive part of her body. She stays at shamshabad her husband works in night shift for a US based company.

Initially we were just friends and I use to have a very good chat with her and had visited her home couple of times but didn’t have any intension to have an affair with her. She used to share her family and personal details to me at chatting. About her husband not showing much interest on her as he had another gf at his office. She use to feel bad sometimes and I use to console her to be happy and asked her to wait just for good days.

Once I happened to go to her home as her husband was out of station and I called to her home for a causal meet. Then I reached her home in my car and soon I entered her home she opened the gate and the dog at her home was shouting like crazy though I visited her home couple of times earlier. But that time it was a baby and now it had grown big.

Anu is looking very fresh with wet hair. She had head bath and was in new chudidar and she is looking damn hot. Then we went inside and I sat in sofa and having casual talks about routine life. Then she brought me chocolate bar and gave me asked her why ? Then she replied its my birthday, I was surprised and wished her and said sorry as I was not aware of her birthday. She just gave a smile and we continued to talk for a while. She offered coffee and in the mean time I was observing her boobs not intentionally but her figure made me looks to go there. She also observed it couple of times but didn’t say anything. I also gave a naughty smile and ignored. We are just smiling at each other and she knows I was bit naughty boy.

After very long talk and she came till gate and gave me send off. Once I reached home I got a msg from her “Did you reached safe ? ” then we again had chat and she asked ‘hey naughty where are looking at my house’ with a naughty smile. Then I took this as a green signal and started to open up. I replied saying hey anu your looking damn hot in the dress and I couldn’t take out my eyes from you. I explained my crush on her and she also liked me and had crush on me. I was shocked and asked her then why didn’t you tell me till date. Then she said as I am a married women I didn’t want to open as it wouldn’t look good.

Then I started to describe her beauty of her and we slowly moved her steps to bed room talks and she opened up saying her husband was not even touching her since past 3 months and she is very desperate about sex. Then I slowly cooled her and I expressed my interest in having a date with her. She replied saying ‘naku kuda istame but ma husband ellundi vachestaru’ means even I like to have it but my husband will be back to city day after tomorrow. Then I replied saying so we have today and tomorrow with a smile. Then she said will you come again to ma home today with a surprise smile. I said yes. Then she was very happy and we exchanged out hugs and kissed in chat.

I told her ill be starting at 7:00 from my home through outer ring road and by 7:45 ill reach your home. She was ok and said will prepare dinner for me. I said ok and had bit sleep after lunch as I know it may take late night to have full fledge night with anu. I woke up and had bath got a new dress from cupboard and was ready to start and just to inform I called her and she said ok and she said am also about to have bath.

Then I replied wait for me to join she smiled and replied am all yours to night. Am ok to have n number of times you want. My mood got started with that statement itself. Then I took my car and started and in the mid I took 3 packs of condoms. Reached her home this time the dog was in upstairs and still it is shouting at me. I parked car in next road and came back to gate she opened hiding back the gate. For a minute I was out and by the next step I take my mind got blew away she was in back skirt and which is of velvet type cloth.

Again my mood got increased and she closed the gate we stepped in and I fast closed the main door and hugged her from the back and she didn’t has anything inside her. I started squeezing her from the back touching her all over her boobs. Guys it was to my surprise her boobs are still stiff and crazy big. Her nipples are oozing out then she turned and gave lip lock for 5 minutes we exchange out saliva and I stared her kissing all over her face and through and slowly came down to boobs and then she stopped and asked me to wait till dinner but I could wait till then we slowly walked to her bed room in my hug. Bed room was already running with 19 ac temperature. It gave me a good start and started pulling her skirt from the bottom and she again stopped me with a shy smile.

Again I kissed her lip lock and was pressing her boobs she then in the mean time she was closing the eyes and rolling the eyes. Then I asked her to take my dick she didn’t like to suck it but I was as most of the Indian women don’t like to suck the dick. Then I took of my t shirt and panti was in boxer. Then she accepted to take her skirt. Then in single swing I took her skirt her up and she was full nude and I got bursted with her personality complete whitish body and was sucking her boobs and slowly dropped her on bed and was sucking her boobs and rubbing her with my hands all over her body. What a white and smooth body she had… And she was already bit wet down. And I was arresting her legs with my legs on bed and rolling.

Suddenly there was a whistle sound from her kitchen and she got her sense alerted and she told curry is on stove and she wake up and was walking to kitchen nude and her back was also awesome.. For a minute I thought why is her idiot husband is not showing interest on such an sexy lady and again she walked in and I was slowly rubbing my cock. Now she is completely free with me and came on top of me was complementing my cock size. She asked will I able to compete with your tool.. I guess I may not with a smile.

Then I replied saying its ok will do it very smooth and no hurry right. She replied your words doesn’t suit the performance you are doing with me with a smile and we laughing a bit louder and we again started to play I was pressing & sucking her boobs and rubbing her pussy with my left hand. Slowly I came down was kissing her pussy and about to start to suck it she was bit shy but I didn’t stop as I was not in a mood to stop. Stretched her both legs and slowly started her licking. She was moaning bit my name and ahhh ..Haaaa …Hmmm ….. Hhaaaa … Hhaaa .. Kumaarr ..Hmmm . Ahhhh … Slowly she is leaking white from her pussy.. There are tissues ready beside the pillow. I cleaned it to dry pussy and again started sucking it in mean time and finged it slowly her sense was out ….( kumaaarrr pllsss sloowlllyyy deepeerr .. Hmmmm .. Inkkkaaa … Knchammm …..) and she moaning loudly and was pulling my hair badly… She pulled me up and whispered in my ears saying pettu raaa … Plsss … Insert ittt plssss …

Then I removed one pack and I was talking a condom.. Then she stopped it … No condom ra … I want your boy nude in me …. She is hugging me badly and I replied saying it wouldn’t be safe and she replied saying ill take safety bills later.

Then I slowly started to press her boobs and inserted in to her pussy… Guys it was still tight enough and my cock head was enjoying the pain and I was enjoying the pain and anu closed and rolling their eyes and soon I entered her pussy she started to moan heavily and was rolling a bit. Then I hugged her tight and was moving good motion and she is screaming a bit and giving a huge breath … Slowly givnig ahh ahhhh hhhaaa … Ummmm …. Sounds …. Increasing the speed making her scream more and after few mints she started leaking drops from her eyes… Then I stopped and speed and she opened the eyes and gave me kiss lip lock and asked me not stop with tight hug…My back was scratched badly though it was paining a bit it was ok for me as her pussy is giving me enough happiness.

After 8 – 10 mints of nonstop moment up’s and down’s I was about to come whispered she same in her ears she said to leave it in her pussy itself she also leaked it couple of time in the mean time I could feel the liquid smoothness while giving shots. Then I released and was still sleeping on her.

After a while she was on me again and was playing with my hair on chest and rolling the hair… I was enjoying the moments and she cleaned all the come with tissues … Couple of drops were on bed too… Then she went to attached bath room was cleaning her pussy I can hear the sound clearly. She came back and asked me to get ready for dinner. She went to her skirt and I asked can’t we have dinner nude? She smiled and said ok and pulled my hand from bed to dinner table but I was again pulling her to bed. But she said let have dinner first and then we walked to dinner table and she brought all the things to table and we were helping each other sharing the food and doing naught things at table too..

Next sessions are more fun and will update the 2nd,3,4th sessions .. How long it continued till next day afternoon… In a while…

Please do mail me your feedback @ [email protected]

Also fake profiles please stay away. Don’t waste anyone us time by sending nonsense mails. Give me your feedback and if any individual girl / married women want to have relation with me.

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