Girlfriend’s Long Hair Mom – Part 1: Tasting Parvathy


For all these years, Deepa, my girlfriend from highschool, and me were very close. Indeed I used to visit them most of the days. Me and Deepa were pretty serious about our relationship. I had just started my B.Tech from a reputed college and she too got a scholarship to study abroad, we decided to get married only after getting a good job for both of us. Since I was studying in our home town, she didn’t had to think twice about leaving her mother alone here. Although, Parvathy aunty doesn’t need someone to look after. She got married very young, and lost her husband even before Deepa started walking. She did an admirable job taking care for Deepa, without anyone’s help.

Parvathy aunty works at college as an assistant prof. in Physics. At 44 years, I would say, she looked very young for her age, the prettiest face I know and a curvy body structure, not lean but at the same time you wouldn’t find any unwanted fat anywhere; And of course her dense long black hair, reaching just below her perfectly round bottoms. It was not straight, but silky and wavy, she had two short bangs of hair on the sides, which she keeps secured with a hair clip all the times when at work. Even though Deepa has long hair, it was no match for her mother. Being a long hair fetish, while at their house, my hands would be in Deepa’s long hair, and my eyes on aunty’s beautiful long hair. Yes, I admit, I have had more fantasies about Parvathy’s long hair than her daughter’s. But my behaviour towards her was always that of a son’s; gave her the respect she deserves, did no nonsense, but we were very close, talked about everything like friends.

The first touch.

After few months Deepa left for UK for her studies, leaving her mom with me. I her promised I would be visiting most of the days to check if Parvathy is ok. We went together to see her off. Since it would be the first time they will be living away, both of them were sad. Me and Parvathy waved goodbye, I can see her eyes filled with tears, I told her not to worry, we will skype her everyday. Still looking at her daughter leaving she leaned to my shoulder. That was the first time she’s been this close to me.

Without any second thought, I touched her head, and told her it’s ok, she will be back in a jiffy. That’s when I realised the softness on my hands, her beautiful long hair. Parvathy had left her hair open with some clips on top. I couldn’t stop but continued caressing her long hair slowly till the ends. Her hair had the same volume from top till the bottom. I felt the waves on her hair, so soft, so smooth and silky, a little warm near her head and cold when I was going down. This was the first time I am touching Parvathy’s long hair. I felt the ends of her hair on my fingers, a chill went through my spine. I could feel my penis now hard as never before. Deepa was now out of sight, passed the check-in area. Parvathy now back to her senses, smiled at me, ‘let’s go back home’ ‘she will call once she reach there’ Parvathy told me hiding her tears.

I dropped aunty at the gates, and watched her till she was inside her home. I was sitting inside the car, gently stroking my dick through my trousers, while my eyes were glued to her beautiful long hair. All I wanted was to relieve myself and as soon as I reached my room, I undressed myself and started to stroke gently thinking about aunty’s beautiful long hair. As it was not evil enough, I wanted to hear her voice while I masturbate, without wasting time, I rang her.

She took the call. Still stroking my penis, I asked her some stupid things like ‘Were you sleeping ?’ ‘did you eat anything’ ‘don’t worry’ etc etc. just to hear her voice, she had already started sleeping, her voice was very feeble which made it even sexier and I came, I came heavily. As I was lying down while masturbating, I sprayed myself on my tummy. I was breathing heavily, she asked if I was feeling fine. I told her everything’s good. I said good night and stopped the call. My penis was still hard, I stayed there in the bed cherishing the pleasure I had. I wanted her badly. I wanted to touch her beautiful long hair again. So tired I was, I slowly dozed of to sleep, only to wake up in the morning.

But nothing happened again , other than me jerking, thinking about aunty’s long hair. I visit her almost everyday, help her with her chores, shopping etc. I even took many pics of her long hair, which came very useful at the end of the day.

Birthday Party

I used to video chat with Deepa most of the days. 3rd september was Parvathy’s birthday, her 45th. So we decided to give her a surprise cake. Everything was planned, Deepa would be video chatting with her mother, while I come with the cake, and wish her. All at midnight. Being a rainy night, the broadband was not at its best, so no video chat was possible, although we put Deepa’s call in the speaker. She cut the cake, we sang her the birthday song. She gave me the first slice, I ate it. To make it more fun I took a some cream and smeared it on her face. Deepa could hear everything, she ask me to do it again, this time for her too, aunty resisted and unknowingly I pinned her down on the sofa to do so. I was almost sitting on top of her, smeared the cream and kissed her on the lips.

Just for a few seconds I kept kissing her passionately, and she too responded. I swear all these happened so unconsciously, we both were embarrassed. We could still hear Deepa’s laughing, not knowing what all happened here. I stood up fast, and apologised to aunty, hearing this Deepa told me not to do so and was fun, and aunty would understand. I looked at Parvathy, ‘it’s okay, no problems’ ‘I have to clean my face now, lemme do that’. Both of us said goodbye to and hung up the phone.

I told her that I am leaving and apologised again. She walked me to the door. Before leaving I wished her birthday again. Parvathy smiled and hugged me, I hugged her back and was now touching her long hair. I couldn’t control.

The first cut

I hugged her tightly, I could feel her breasts pressing against my body. Holding the back of her neck with my hand I kissed her again, this time with more passion. Both of us were standing at the door kissing each other passionately. Without breaking the kiss, I walked her to the sofa, and pushed her down. I started kissing all over her face, eating the remnants of the cream, cleaning her face. Parvathy was enjoying each and every moment, keeping her eyes closed, she was breathing heavily. After some time I stopped and stood up.

Still lying on the couch, Parvathy opened her eyes ‘Take me, Do whatever you want’ she begged looking at me.

I took her hands, and stood her up. Parvathy was wearing a saree, the usual cotton one for the house. I kissed her again and removed her pallu. Just wearing a cotton blouse, I could now clearly make out her body shape. I tugged her saree down, which fell on the floor. I pulled again on one of the strings of her underskirt, taking it off. There she stood just in her blouse and panties my girlfriends sweet mom. ‘Do you have any idea how beautiful you are’ I asked, now walking around her, enjoying the view of her body. I caressed her open long hair, hugged her from back, kept my face inside her silky long black hair.

My hands now opened the front hooks of her blouse, removing it. I gathered her hair and put it to the front on both sides, and released the bra hooks too. I came back facing her, pulled her bra down. That was the most beautiful view I have ever had. Parvathy was standing there, just in her pink panties, smiling at me. Her thick long hair covering both her beautiful breasts like a weal. Smiling she removed her hair and made a huge bun on top of her head. Her breasts were so firm, no sagging at all, with a dark brown areola and a darker nipple. I kissed on to the nipple, caressing the other with my fingers. I continued sucking her both breasts for a few moments, only stopping to remove my tees.

She was already on her knees, opening my trouser zip by the time I was removing my tshirt. Parvathy pulled my trousers down together with my undies. My rock hard 7” penis sprang out. She caught it with her one hand. ‘Do you want me to wash and come’ I asked her. ‘No I will do the cleaning myself’ telling this she shoved my penis inside her mouth. Parvathy started sucking my penis in no time. Her tongue touching my tip massaging from inside. She was moving her head up and down on my shaft, taking it deeper choking herself with each stroke. With one hand she was holding my penis while the other was softly massaging the balls. Her long hair bun was now loose, I took it and spread it open, making it more beautiful. She continued sucking me and I was sure I would cum any moment, I caught her hair and pulled her up and kissed her lips. Still kissing her, I lifted her, and walked to the bedroom. Her long hair hanging and swaying while I walked.

Eating her up.

I put Parvathy on the bed. I was now fully naked and she only in her panties. My dick was already dripping precum mixed with her saliva. I slowly removed her undies, and she shyly covered her pussy with her both hands smiling. I kissed her and continued kissing her all over. ‘Can I see it’ I asked her and removed her hands. I saw a heavy bush, but still trimmed. ‘Is that a problem’ she asked me. ‘Nothing about you Is a problem my love’ I told her and gently cupped her pussy with my hands. I felt her pubic hair in my hands and the softness of her labia. She shuddered and left out a soft moan. ‘OHH that was so good, I haven’t been touched there for long time other than myself’, PLease don’t stop’. Parvathy told me and closed her eyes. I slowly opened her legs wide enough to spread her labia apart. Although Parvathy was of whitish skin complexion her pussy was dark brown with light pink inside. I slowly and gently massaged her vaginal opening making circular movements around her clitoris.

She was already wet and when I tried putting one of my finger inside her hole, it went inside like butter without any resistance. With my finger still inside her vagina, I kissed on her clitoris and continued to licking it. Parvathy was now in her seventh heaven, she arched her back and was responding to my exploits with my tongue by lifting herself up to my mouth. Catching to my hairs, she was now showing my head into her vagina. My 3 fingers were now inside her moving inside out, I could feel myself touching her insides with each thrusts.

After few minutes I knew she was having her orgasm, when she moaned so loudly and was shivering from head to toe. Parvathy pulled out my fingers from inside her, and pushed my head away not allowing me to kiss her. She was still shivering and was telling me to stop for some time. She was breathing heavily, I stopped and started kissing her both nipples, alternately, finally kissing her lips.

Filling her up

I didn’t want to stop and knelt in between her legs, spreading her. I took my penis and rubbed on her entrance. I slowly inserted my penis in her. Her vagina was not at all loose and still found some resistance entering her fully. I started pushing into her more and more and caught her both legs by her thighs and pressed it sides of her breasts, fucking her deeper and deeper with each thrusts.

Parvathy was also enjoying very much her first fuck after many years. Both of us were moaning loudly, if I was heavily breathing with each thrusts, she was crying endless in ecstasy. I could feel myself hitting her insides with each push I am giving. Parvathy did had an orgasm once again in between as she squeezed my penis with her vagina. I pulled out, and turned her over. I then lifted her waist so that she was kneeling with her with her head still on the pillow. I took my penis and guided it into her from back.

I tried putting my thumb inside her ass hole and she left out a cry. ‘Please not today’ she told me. Spanking her round bottom I gathered her thick long hair and tugged on it, fucking her at the same time. I continued fucking her hard for some more time ‘I want to see to when you are cumming inside me’ aunty told me, without pulling out I turned her now facing me. Her legs were spread and I was lying on top of her, kissing her lips and fucking her vagina. ‘I may cum anytime now’ I whispered into Parvathy’s ear. Hearing this she hugged me and pushed me into her with her legs and hands. I was moving myself in great speeds fucking her really hard, She clenched her hands and legs tightly, moaning and crying at the same time.

I too started cumming inside her, filling her up but still fucking. I was depositing my semen in her, becoming weak and slow with each thrust I was giving and finally lay on top of her exhausted. I could still feel my penis pulsating inside her. We both embraced and lay there side by side, and my limp penis slid out of her.

‘Thank you dear for this wonderful birthday present’ Parvathy told me, I kissed her and told her ‘You are soo beautiful, I too had one of the best moments of my life’ ‘I love you’ and continued kissing her. We were both lying there naked and in each other’s arms till next day morning.

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