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I’m back with fresh story this is my first Office story, those who don’t know about me let me introduce to them. This is Hemanth from Hyderabad (South India) if you want to know more about me then read my previous stories (I don’t like to waste your time so that I said like that), I hope you like them. In this story I’m expressing the fun happened between me and my colleague.

I was working in a social service organisation as technical system operator, where I’m the only one employee who works. Our office is located in commercial area i.e double bedroom flat where 3 organisations (NGO) are shared our office (as organisation head’s are friends) whenever they had important meetings they will use the office. In office 4 employees are there me from our organisation, Sony from other organisation and Vikas, Shamala from other organisation. Sony’s position is same like mine and Shamala’s too but Vikas position is field work (their organisation is the distributor of SBI swipe machine’s and some other like that). Incident happened between Sony and me, when I appointed Sony is already working in that office but Vikas and Shamala not yet appointed.

Sony is 3 years younger than me about her 5.2’, 48kgs, cute face (really saying guys I had crush when I saw her first time), perfect body. Basically I can’t move with girls in starting may be afraid or anything like they may think bad on me (whether she likes me or not, if I talk to her then she not responded to me means I will hurt badly for sure) so I not interacted with her she too.

After 1 month on one day she asked me doubt regarding technical problem (as before day also same problem they face it, her owner asked me and I solved the problem) as today he not there so she asked me I cleared that doubt and explained her how to solve when the problem occurred.

We talked for 15min.s she got clarity from that day we started talking she always calls me Hemanth sir or sir. I call with her name, every Monday she goes to temple, she brings prasadam and distribute to all, she is very sweet girl. Soon we become close like without knowing her when I operated office system her Facebook is in login, so I send friend request to me from her Id and I myself accepted from my account and after 2 days I texted she was in shock how I’m in her friends list? I explained her and she is Ok with that and we started chatting and we exchanged numbers too.

On some vacation I went to my hometown after week days I returned, she enquired why you went. Bla bla…. after 2 days I started listening rumours on her and her owner like she was in love with owner (he is 5 years elder than her). I tried to ask her many times but I thought like she may think bad about me and I stopped ,myself to ask her after a month I’m listening the same rumours and more like they had Tiffin (kiss, hug, oral sex) I took courage and asked her about the rumour, she said who told to you? I said in our office it was rumour (my owner said to me, but I didn’t say to her).

She said nothing like that like that it went. After some days we became very close and even we shared about girl friend, boy friend, any stuff we had, I said that I kissed my gf, she asked my experience, I explained to her bla bla …… In these times she repeatedly asking about that topic about rumour, as I will be very open and frank if I move with anyone close so I reveal it.

I –my owner said that about it

Sony –how he came to know all these?

I –first tell me is it real or not?

Sony –how he came to know? Tell me first?

I –ok baba, I will tell. On one day, when he came to office at 6 you and your owner is in one room and that room is locked, he went back. Like that 2-3 times repeated so he got doubt and on one day he saw you when your back from your owner room your hairs are loosen, you’re faced changed.Now tell me, is it real

Sony –No reply

I –texted many times but no reply

Next day she not came to office I texted her but no respond, after 2 days she is back to office at that time Vikas and Shamala were already appointed, so I waited for situation and I asked her but from her side no response and said please leave the topic, I got angry and I said ok sony it’s your wish to say or not I felt you as my best friend and I shared my all personal too but you have personal’s right.

When I back to home in evening 8:00 I received a message from her

Sony –sorry hemo, I feeling like bad how can I say to you?

I –no problem sony I can take it in a positive way like what makes you to do all these

Sony –rumour is correct, my owner (Hari) is flirting me, not giving salary and trying to make me to fall in love with him but I don’t like him

I –why you don’t like him (with smile)

Sony –hey to be frank how is look say?

I –average?

Sony –I don’t like his face and colour

Basically they both are opposite in all

I –ok later what happened?

Sony –He tried lot and saying that if you do what I ask I will give you your salary and I will give more amounts. As she is from poor family that makes her to do job even she is pursuing her degree, I think he took that is the chance.

Sony –for that also I didn’t agreed and rejected him, when all went from office. He irritated me lot, I got angry and I leaved that day. After 3days I’m back to office at that time he started moving normal and supported me, not forced, my salary giving in time and also he incremented my salary.

I –stopped her and asked when all these happened I too there in office right

Sony –before you appointed only some situations happened (of course I don’t go office regularly) so I don’t know about all. On one day evening 6:30 (daily at 6:00 she will leave)hari came and called me inside

Hari –feeling sad not talking anything

Sony –what happened sir

Hari –said problem bla bla

Sony –I started consoling I think he took advantage and hugged me I don’t know what happening he hugged me I pushed him but my force (energy) is not making him to stop, finally he kissed me

I –hooo like that it went (I really feeling bad with her words)

Sony –yes

I –ok leave it sony whatever happens it will be our sake only

Sony –thank you hemo

After some days, we went to movie on some vacation only me and sony where we discussed more about hari and she started crying to console her I put my hand on her shoulder and making her console. I was shock with her words

Sony –hello boss control don’t take it advantage

I –laughed like anything she too,

We completed watching movie and back to our places, on one day I said to her that about my crush to my shock what she said means she too hard crush on me (first impression) We are happy with our relationship we tease ourselves fight and all, finally the day came it was very romantic climate outside and she looks great, sexy in that dress maximum time in our office only we both and Shamala only stay in office but on that day shamala took leave so I got the chance to enjoy that day. I went near to her and making her feel like aroused like me with my actions and by saying you look good, sexy then before bla bla….

She not cared my words and going for lunch I followed her, she washing her hand in kitchen as my office is 2BHK flat what makes me I don’t know I hugged her from back she shouted on me I got started beating high with that words and I leaved her, she went to dining table and started eating. I was calm and faced my head to ground after some time she looks me and laughing and saying sorry, I went to near her and hugged from back and said sorry.

Now she is ok I took the chance and kissed on neck she is not saying anything I started licking her neck she is screamed and leave the spoon, I took her to kitchen by lifting and make her to wash hand she washed her hand.

I closed the main door and I took her to main office room and pushed her to wall and started kissing forehead, neck, ears, nose licking sucking but she is not stopping me I got full energy and planted a kiss on lips she not reacted in starting but later she responded really well wow what a kiss it was smooth lips young girl, I went to neck from back and kissing, licking her neck she started moaning I started caring her body with my hands rubbing her ass badly she is trying to jump on me like whenI’m sucking her neck she is lifting her legs, she is standing on thumb finger,

I lifted her and made her to sit on chair and I removed her top, inner wears she is in semi nude I planted a kiss on her boobs licking played like (in Japanese movie how they do), I removed her pants under wear wow what a cute pussy she had, she is feeling embarrassing. I removed my dress and now we are in nude in office, she makes me sit on her and kissing, licking my body started with nipples, armpits, cock. As it was her first time (with her boss she just had Tiffin, but with me she is having Lunch), she not perfect in blowjob and hand job I explained her she recovered and tried lot to give me best.

I made her to sleep in table and started licking her pussy, fingering her she is screaming and with that pleasure she is pushing my head with her hands and closing my head with her thigh tightly I’m in a position to not even take breath properly, I eaten her pussy finally I biting it then she released me. Now I took breath and went to 69position we spent 10min.s she licked eaten my cock and ass like anything my bottom is totally with her saliva.

We took some rest and started fucking I fucked her like anything in many positions missionary, doggly style, 69, different spoon positions, she ride on me and I fucked in doggly style by pulling her hair and while fucking I changed my positions, pulling her hair hard I felt riding horse with full pleasure she is shouting, moaning like anything haaa ohhh hmm haaaa paining hemo my stomach is paining please stop it and make me free from your power with those words I cummed forcedly on her ass, soon she slept on floor after 10 min.s I took her bathroom I fucked there in different positions for that she sounding like anything with her sounds in bathgroom resounds are back to my ears and making me go crazy (sounds like soft voice ha hmm haaaa hmm please stop it I can’t take it anymore baby) and we had our bath. It time to leave so we both went to juice point had taken apple juice, ate 2 bananas each and dispersed.

From that day, we started sex chat what we chat we tried in office when we got chance by seeing porn videos we tried all positions which we saw and we had sex in my room whenever chance comes and even in her house too. We behaves like slaves I don’t know exactly how many times we had sex, I even took her virginity of ass, when I took her ass virginity she felt very pain but enjoyed later for the first time she got blood from asshole, she not walk properly for a week she took one week leave.

I applied oil and given massage later I make her bath, sexually I applied chocolate, choco lava, whipped cream, honey, jam, ice-cream and I licked her body like small baby. ( ***I’m romantic not violent please don’t misunderstand me with my writings, it’s just to feel my sexual pleasure I said like that -I saw those kind of stuff in English movies) She loves ice-cream lot so 500ml. Chocolate flavour ice-cream applied to my body and sucked like anything my lollipop cummed many times even though she sucked all. Our healthy relationship is continuing.

I forget to say about other colleague Shamala, she is married lady from andhra 26 years, husband works in small company. She looks average but body structure is awesome, planning to seduce her too I think so she definitely have fun with us by seeing her face, body language and her words I can say that. If I have fun with her then I will post for sure, later I will plan to have threesome.

Please give your valuable suggestions and feedbacks on this story. Don’t forget to ping me if you’re interested too, I hope you guys enjoyed with my narration (passion story) any changes should be done in my way of expressing? – Then please ping me. I penned some stories please go through them and give your valuable feedbacks. I’m the guy from good family just due to interest in sex I started reading stories in ISS, by reading all those stories I got inspired and to make our readers happy I started to pen and share my feelings with you. So I became an author and posting my feelings. Please suggest so that I can make feel our ISS readers. Waiting for good friend


Signing Off, Take care my dear friends.

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