Had D Great Day With My Childhood Friend

Hi I am yash currently working in banglore I am at 26 and my tool size is 5.5 having good structure .. Girls love to have me on bed. You can reach me on [email protected]

Let me tell you one of my recent incident got happen in banglore. One fine sunday I was logged into face book and viewing all my friends recent activity and seeing some beautiful l girls profiles .. Suddenly I got a message from one my childhood friend yashika(name changed) we both studied 8th 10th standard together after she move to some other place and we are just hi bye friends not too close . I only sent a friend request to her when I was in college… She accepted the request we usually talk normally .. Like hi how are you ? .. About studies and other stuffs …

By seeing the message I got surprised I was just thinking why she message me like this and her message was “Hey I next week I am coming to banglore and I need small help from you”.. Wow cool..

Me : sure . Tel me what you want me to do?.

She : nothing I dont have any friends or relatives in banglore .. I have a state level competitive exams on monday .. So I will come over there on next Sunday could you please help me?

Me : I got stunned wow .. A beautiful girl asking me this question ..

Me : ya .. But if you dont have any problem you can stay in my room … I am alone no one is there here ..

She : oh.. Nice I thought you are with your friends ..

Me : no.. you can come here .. If you dont have any problem..

She : thank you so much …

Me : np.. And she asked all about my jobs and other stups ,.

I was just waiting for weak to pass .. Every I was thinking that only … That weak I got new job.. You know wat it is “Cleaning my room” … I was givin new shape to my room…Wow..

Finally saturday came that night I didnt sleep .. I was just messaging her in whatsapp.. Wr you reached ?. Had you dinner ?. Not getting sleep ?.. Bla bla bla…Oh mooring I had a bath and went to jayanagr 4th block to pic up her .. I was reached do early 7.0am .. Usually I wok-up at 10 that day with sleepless night wakeup at 7 am.. .. I was just eating and seeing every buss .. Finally that bus came .. She get down from the bus .. Oh my god without washing her face early morning she looks like angel … I went there took her luggage and we reached my room in btm ..

Me : hey this my room .. Here is the bath room .. you can take bath and fresh up ..

She : ok .. And she went to bath room..

She : hey yash .. I forgot to take my towel, if you dont mine can I use your towel. Oh.. Cool one great thing on Saturday was I brought new towel and had bath ..Me : it was used one .. Is this okay for you ?

She : no problem give me ..And she put her hand outside the bathroom door .. Wow I just touched her hands it was so soft .. I just want to kiss it.. But ..After she took a towel had a bath came out ..

Me : will go out for breakfast.

She : hey you dont have any cooking items in your home ?

Me : ya its there but I not a good cook..

She : smiled and said its okay let me prepare some food … Even I am not good in cooking…

She prepared some rice item .. Wow it was really good ..We both had the food and talking about our family .. Next life , marriage act..

She : when you will get marry ? Do you have any girl friend ?

Me : may be after 2 year .. No I dont have any .. And I dont have any girl friend.

She : okay ..And she asked about my works .. And other things ..

After 11am she asked me .. Shall we go out , so that I can see my examination center tomorrow morning 8 I have exams .. Its good to check it before .. Are you free?.

Me : thats good idea , even I am getting boar here .. Lets go .. We went there ..Checked out the exam center.. And decided to go mohal .. And we wnt to mantri mhoal malleswaram … She shopped some cloths and other stuffs .. Its already 7.30 pm so we decided to have the food outside and go…. We had food and finally reached home at 9.40 pm ..She got too tiered .. I ask ask her to go and sleep ..You have exam tomorrow …

We both slept .. On Monday morning I drooped her near exam center and I went to office ..Evening when reached home .. She prepared all shanks tea night food .. Wow she is so sweet ..I got freshed up and had tea ..

Later she told me I have to go tomorrow .. I said no da ,.. you can stay here anyhow you wont come out of our home ..Talk to your father .. She : no no I told my dod like I was in hotel .. So I have to go ..

.. Later we had dinner .. She took my lap to browse something.. And she show some porn site browsed by me …She asked you are doing all this .. I said hey I am just watching when I got horny ,,

She sailed and start doing her work ..

Me : did you ever had sex ?

She : no and I dont want to have it ..

Me : its okay .. You are not watching porn videos ?.

She : I do .. But very rar ..Okay leave this topic ..

Me : hmm.. I moved to search my bed .. Oh. She was watching porn movie … I just show and give small sound ..

She : suddenly close the window ..And said it got open by mistake ..

Me : its okay .. Everyone will watch … I went closer to her she was a bountiful girl I ever seen

… I really want to fuck her ..I hold her hand … Slowly kisses her … She was responding very well

We kissed almost 10 min and I removed all her cloths and even she help me to remove my cloths

We are totally nude … After kissing I was start kissing her nipples wow so milky she got average boobs but it was awesome .. Its like a shape of mango … I was biting her nipples .. She started moaning slowly aahaa.. Ahaaaa. Come on kiss me .. Fuck me…And she hold my hard cock …. I just ask her to have it .. She smiled and went down .. Wow I put my cock into her pink lips … I was just feeling like I am in haven.. She took it slowly … Slowly .. And start sucking harder wow my juice came out … She had all drop and telling give me some more she just biting my cock … I took some 5 min time to relax and ask her to ly on bed … I was licking her pussy … Even her pussy also so pinkish .. I love having it in my mouth .. I was just eating her outer cover .. She was telling no no … Please leave me aahaa … Umhhaa aahaa… I sucked her pussy around 15 min she give me tasty juice .. I loved it .. Ummaha a

After that we tried each and every posing … I was enjoying more in doggy style .. And when she on my top…

We enjoyed full night and morning 10 she decided to go back to her home… I dropped her in bust stop and came back to my home .. I am waiting for her to come again..

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