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Hello fellow readers, thank you for the hearty response to my previous thread,”Loving Boyfriend Sharing Slutty Girlfriend With His Good Friend ”. Recap for the readers who haven’t read the previous posts. Our relationship started in school, by the time we reached college we were hornier and started experimenting with our sex lives. For feedback [email protected] kik id swtboy11.After being ravaged by Vipin and Madhav my Gf became a total nymphomaniac. I was also addicted to it. I craved for random dicks fucking my beloved girlfriend. I used to look for trustworthy guys online. Meanwhile, my Gf continued her usual exhibitionist tricks like flashing her breasts to men by wearing low cut tops, sexting, and role playing with me.

My gf was 5’2”, petite with vital stats as 34c 28 35. She looked like Ileana the south Indian actress but my was fair. I am 6ft tall, slim figure with 7inch dick. There is an app called honestly where people anonymously share secrets. I posted about my cuckold fantasy over there. I got plenty of replies but a particular guy caught my attention. His name was Anand. He was really polite and talked nicely. I talked to him for a few days. Discussed our sex lives. He insisted on seeing my gf’s nudes. So I sent him some. He got crazy about her. Literally begged me for her. He sent his pic and his dick pic. He was an average looking dark guy , a little on the heavier side but no fat. Anand’s dick was amazing. Yes, its hard to say but yeah I felt that his dick was better than mine.

It was 6.5inch dick but really fat. When my gf saw it, she wanted to fuck him asap. I was also very excite to see that thick dick in my beloved’s pussy. So we arranged a meeting.

We met at CCD in Connaught place, Delhi. He was extremely nice to us. He talked as if he was our slave. My gf felt really confident. So we decided that he would join us in our bed. Later that week, he came to our house. Anand was dressed sharply and smelling good. My gf was impressed. I really wanted to see his big dick in my gf’s pussy so I said that I would just watch. So my gf took Anand to the bedroom.

No sooner did they enter than they had started making out. I didn’t expect Anand to be so confident. He was man handling my gf and pushed her on the bed. He over powered her and nibbled on her neck and licked her cleavage. It was so hot and passionate. I could see my gf drooling and crossing her legs tightly around his broad waist. He kept dry humping her while pushing his tongue in my gf’s mouth. He took off her top and bra together so fast and straight away darted to her nipples. He was like a hungry mad animal. He bit her, licked her made. He was holding her arms tightly and my gf was helplessly just twitching and twisting and moaning like a whore.

Anand took off her lower and her panties. He grabbed her little bush between her legs . My gf screamed with ecstasy. He spread her legs and started licking her dripping pussy. He moved his tongue from her asshole to her clit. For a moment. Even I got jealous because of the way my gf was enjoying his tongue.

Climaxing on his tongue, my gf got up and pushed Anand down. She was hungry for his cock. She took for his t shirt and quickly went down to his jeans. Foreplay was out of the question then, She wanted to be fucked. She took off his undies and OMG. Between the hairy bush there was a big fat dick. It was the fattest dick that we had ever seen. It was as wide as my gf’s wrist. I could see the glow in her eyes. She was thirsty. She wasted no time and started sucking it. It barely fitted in her mouth. Her saliva was dripping all over the thick meat but she kept on going.

Anand could not hold any longer, he forced into missionary position he shoved his fat dick in her pussy. My gf screamed so loudly as if she lost her virginity again. I could his dick being creamed by her pussy. It was stretched like never before and her pussy lips was clasping on his thick shaft. He made long and hard strokes. Her eyes were rolled back and was she drooling continuously. She kept moaning with her each breath. I was in 7th heaven watching her getting fucked like that. I went and sat near her face. She was so horny that he pulled out my dick and started sucking .

So my gf being pleasured by two black dicks, one in her mouth and one in her pussy. Anand turned her around and fucked her in doggy style. I could see her wetness dripping to her thighs. Anand got tired so he asked my gf to ride him in cowgirl position. I thought that she would have been exhausted but no. She kept her hand on his chest and started jumping wildly. Screaming like a whore, she didn’t want to waste that thick lump of wood. Pat splat sound of her ass against his balls was so erotic. She was in pain but the pleasure was overwhelming. She was oozing all over his cock. Tired and sweating over she kept bouncing till she collapsed on him after her fourth orgasm.

We were surprised that Anand still hadn’t cum. He wanted to cum in her mouth. That privilege is only for me but in this case, my GF wanted to show her gratitude and so did it. She knelled before. Anand rubbed his fat cock all over her face, slapped it against her lips and when he was about to cum he shoved it in her mouth. She swallowed it like a whore with some cum dripping down to her neck. She lied exhausted next to him sweaty and wet. It was my turn to cum. So I fucked her mouth for a min and came all over her face.

It was the hottest thing that I had ever witnessed. My gf covered with two guy’s cum lying next to a guy with a fat dick. Her pussy all dripping and red and the guys dick creamed. Just thinking about it makes me hard in an instant. I hope you guys liked this incident. Please leave your feedback at [email protected] or kik at swtboy11. it means a lot to me. People who want to talk about their fantasies or need any help can also contact me.

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