Unexpected Encounter In A Movie Hall

This is a story which happened just a few days ago in a theater near my home.

I came back from work. Completely tired with my work, I needed a small break. I got quarter Old Monk rum and gulped it completely. I took a walk and went to a Kannada movie “Chowka” in a theater near my home.

There were hardly 50 people in the theater. This gave the liberty to sit in any seat that we wish to.

I went on and sat in the middle rows. The movie started rolling. 30 minutes into the movie, Just as when I hoped that the movie will be good, I started realizing that the story is kind of inspired by an American TV Series.

I felt bored. My friends were away on a trip and I was alone in my room too.

I preferred to complete the movie. I opened my cell phone and started looking Facebook and other sites. Me being bisexual, I was looking at soft porn of both men and women.

10 mins later, someone just came with a force and made a thumping sound and sat next to me.

I was shocked and surprised. I looked at his face. He smiled and I smiled back.

Just after the interval, he suddenly threw a small chit of paper on my lap and got up and went. I was taken aback and surprised. I opened the chit and used my cell phone light to read it.

He had written, “You look hot and handsome. If you want some fun, come to men’s toilet within 15 minutes. If you don’t wish to come, I will come back and sit in some other seat. No issues”Now I understood, He might have seen me browsing on my phone and thus he has approached me.

I didn’t wanted to miss the chance. I got up and went to men’s toilet.There he stood, looked like a 20-year-old. Fair and handsome with some tight jeans. Wore a girlish T-shirt and was smiling back at me.Soon as I went near him, he said, “I knew you would come”I asked him, “Are you a gay or bisexual?”. I just wanted to talk to him and be comfortable with him”

He replied and said, “I’m bisexual. But that doesn’t make any difference. You can treat me like a girl if you want”. He bit his lips when he said that. I got my erection right on then and there itself.He walked towards me, held my hand and took me behind a movie hoarding.

I was really surprised to see him making the move in public.“Are we doing it here itself?”, I asked him. “I can’t wait to suck you boy”, he said.

He swiftly unzipped my pants, put his hand inside my underwear and pulled out my tool.

He started sucking the dick swiftly and meanwhile, I was worried about the public.

Just as when he sensed that my attention is elsewhere, he used to start sucking my balls. My God, that felt like heaven on earth. No words to describe the eternal pleasure. He used to take the balls right in his mouth and start rolling it while he stroked my dick. He was really good at it.

I tilted my head back and was enjoying the pleasure of it.He got up and dropped his pants to his knees and turned backward and started positioning my dick at his ass.I understood that he wanted me to fuck him.

“Not here, Let’s go to my room. It is very nearby”, I said.He agreed and walked behind me to my room.

As soon as we entered the room and locked the door, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his pants. He had an apologetic look on his face. But he was expecting me to take his dick in my mouth and suck it.

He had a baby face and I just loved his innocent approach. I pushed him to bed and fell on him and started sucking his nipples. Then I moved to his naval and did circular motions through my tongue. He was breathing heavy and moaning lightly.

I removed his underwear and at one shot, I gulped his dick literally into my throat.

His 6-inch dick was touching the base of my throat and he started moaning loudly.

Staring at his girlish thighs and chest, I continued to suck his dick. He was feeling the pleasure and he held his hand tight on my head.I pulled his legs and positioned his ass right in front of my dick.I was about to do the first push penetration, He said, “Can you fuck me in doggy style?”

I never liked fucking in doggy style, I replied and said, “No. Let’s fuck in missionary position”

He pleaded and asked again. Now, he was killing the heat of the moment. I grunted and said, “Dude, I don’t like the doggy style”.He agreed with missionary position. But he asked me to tie his eyes with a cloth. Till today, he hasn’t told me why he wanted it that way.I inserted my dick in his ass. He shouted with pain. I didn’t stop there. Started banging him and he was biting his lips to suppress the pain. I liked that view of his lips.

After few minutes, both of us started sweating. I leaned down and started licking the sweat from his naval to his nipples. He started smiling. His lips were so cute and I couldn’t resist kissing it.While I continued to fuck him, we both kissed and he was biting my lower lips.

Minutes later, I came inside his ass. While I was about to pull out my dick from his ass,

He said, “Stay on me and lie down on me for some time. I want to feel the pain for few more minutes”.

It was really a nice and sweet incident. He was very innocent. I didn’t want him to go with pain. I gave him a nice blowjob and made him spill his cum right on my nipples (Just the way he wanted to be done)

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