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Hi all readers, I am a great fan of ISS not sure if all stories written are true or not but turns me on. Thank you guys for posting those stories.

Well coming to the story soon after my grad I joined a IT firm and that to night shifts and had so many girls around who were mostly working to enjoy life.

I am 5.9 average built and may be not bad at all at looks and use to have a gf wherever I go. I am a batchelor stay with friends on a flat in Hyderabad.

Then here comes Shalu into picture my colleague chubby not fat though 5.6 may be big boobies and ass who got close to me and slowly chatting hangouts movies night rides, parties drinks etc.

I felt she was either very hungry about sex or got habituated to it.

One day she asked if she could come n stay in my room for some time and as I was alone coz my friends went out of station so I allowed her in. I bought a bottle of vodka and some food for us . She was very drunkard and smoker coz by the time I complete half a fag she used to smoke up and pull my other half fag.

I set up drinks now and we started but we were silent as something else was running in both of our minds and her looks were so tempting and her t shirt was such that whenever she bends to take glass or stuff I was able to see inside till her navel and I started peeping in and she now started getting high and moved to my side leaned on me such that my elbow touching her boobs and my thing started moving from 0 degrees to 45 then 60 degrees and finally when got straight I couldn’t control and started kissing her on cheeks and she was fine and then tried smooching she was moving away but tried again slowly she started playing by giving half kisses and finally she gave it completely I started pulling her clothes now and she never stopped me and then I understood her intentions and continued with a deep kiss later she started to swallow my tongue bite my lips.

I slowly moved my hand into her t shirt and found her boobies too big to handle under her branded bra, She suddenly stopped and asked me to turn the lights off and now I thought I would be able to loose my virginity today. Imagine your first day out and how tense you get and I knew it wasn’t the first time for her.

Lights off we were on bed and I slowly started kissing all over her face like a hungry guy – of course 20 years ka hunger and then started undressing her and she acted as if she was shy but gave me complete cooperation I went down to neck then pulled her bra down and seen those 2 milk factories and played cuddled with them for so long and now she started moving her hand onto my dick which was gaining speed slowly and I later came down to navel the. Turned her around and I even like girls from behind with their open back and moving ass so sexy licked her to ass from top and her ass cheeks were so soft smooth as if balloons filled with water and finally pulled her flowered panty down and have seen the clean shaved beautiful pussy felt it was cute and started kissing smoothly and felt the wet pussy fingered it licked it and I knew she was waiting for me to get into it and I though was tensed and worried about complications but was desperate as well.

My D was already hard and ready and tried pushing it in and failed and again failed now she guided it but failed. I got very angry with myself but later she came to me now and started kissing and was tempting me with expressions my Dick is still hard and tried again and it went in very easily inside her this time and she shouted in pain and I was very happy and then Slowly started moving it further inside and kept pushing hard n harder for few minutes and I removed my dick out when I was about to cum.

Later she came on top of me and then started smooching, licking and she use to leave love bites all over my body and my lips are so pink that she always left bites on it and then she got hold my erected dick and driven my dick into her hole and now it is moving in very freely and she was riding in me and this time it went for even long and then again and I could see her huge boobs now look even big were bouncing in front of eyes and finally i cum in and on her body now. I was feeling very proud of myself and she too was and kissed me all over and left.

I was in heaven and drunk nicely that night and wanted it again and again and so did she. We don’t get my room free and so we planned to go to some other place and planned to go to resorts which were safe and we start kissing and hugging right from entering the door of our room to next day exit to door, we do it in bathroom under shower, on the bed under the bed, standing sitting and all the position we started enjoying , 69 and she herself turned back to her legs and bend in doggy styles and asked me to for it and in fact she use to help me fuck in all different position which I don’t even see in blue films.

We continued sex for next few months and then finally happy ending she married some other guy and settled in some other country now. She taught me how to handle women and forgot to tell you guys she was 5 years elder to me and looked younger to me. I bet she could tempt anyone and everyone and now She made me capable to have Sex almost whole night and so she was spending time with me all those nights despite having so many other guys in her life. Thank you Shalu have great sex life ahead sorry married life ahead.

Comments accepted and relationship as well.

Narration might have been poor but will build up slowly with my other encounters.

Thank you all.

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