Great Experience With A Fat Aunt

Hello ISS readers, I’m sandy back with another story which happened to me a few days back!! Let me give me my introduction first… I’m sandy from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. I’m 19 years old and 5”7’ height with athletic body and white in complexion with a hot rod of 6” inch which is sufficient to satisfy any woman and I’m basically a lover of big boobs and mature woman. Please give me feedback and any girls or woman want to chat or have fun can contact me at [email protected]

Now this story is about a stranger and me.(her name is mallika.. white in complexion but a bit fat plumpy last with sexy measurement 38D-34-36) After i completed my end semester exams almost all the time I was in home playing games and chatting with friends. I have got 3 weeks of holidays left and thought of doing something interesting. I have been missing Lakshmi for a very long time and I wanted some real fun now.

After a couple of days my mom said to bring some groceries from the nearby supermarket and I went to bring those from a nearby market called modern supermarket I parked my car and went inside and started picking the things according to the list my mom gave me when I was about to pick a flour pack I saw a lady who’s a bit fat was trying to lift the packets to keep them in the trolley.

I went to her and offered a hand to help her she immediately accepted my offer and I kept those bags in her trolley and I left her and picking my things and when I was about to leave to the counter she was taking something which fell on the ground and I was stunned by the view her side boobs were visible she was wearing a yellow Saree with matching blouse with a white bra I got an instant hard on by seeing that and I left that place to the counter and left the place and started arranging the things in my car boot at the same time the lady I saw inside was standing beside to my car and fitting her groceries in her car. Again she was having trouble with those bags and I went near her and said hi ….she with a cute smile replied hi and said these bags are too heavy for her to lift and she asked me can I help her arranging them in her boot then I kept the things and we started taking

Me: hello I’m Sandy forwarding my hand for a handshake

She: I’m mallika and thanks for the help Sandy

She: what do you do??

Me: I’m studying here…I completed my 2nd yr. and having my holidays. What do you do?

She: I’m a housewife.

Me: you don’t look like one (I was flirting with her)

She: Hahaha you are really a funny guy and thanks for the help once again. I stay nearby come in let’s have a coffee as a treat for helping me.

Me: aww that’s nice of you but I need to go as my mom will be waiting for me. Some other time sure

She: looks like you r moms kid. Then take my number and ping me on WhatsApp when you are free we will have a treat. I don’t keep others help for free with a smile

Me: haha sure take mine 90*******9

she gave me a missed call and we bid bye and left the place. When I reached the home I checked the number and it was pretty fancy. After lunch I was chatting with my friends on hike messenger and I got a message from mallika in WhatsApp. Then we had a conversation and it became a daily routine and we became best buddies in a week that we started sharing our personal things and then I gotta know that she was actually from Kerala but settled in Vijayawada. She has a daughter studying in Chennai in a reputed university and when I asked about her husband she said he is Australia doing some business there and comes India for every 2 months. Then I thought I may get lucky with her.. soon we became too close that we share some naughty jokes and with some curiosity and lust I asked something

Me: mallika can I ask you something

Mallika: no need to ask permissions just spill it out

Me: I wanna know your sizes

Mallika: haha all boys are the same and I’m plumpy no one why are you excited in me

Me: I like ladies like you the plumpy ones and one with big boobs

Mallika: hmm so you want my measurements ha I’m 38-34-36 and my boobs are 38D

Me: ohh myy godd…. you are so hot your husband is lucky man

Mallika: don’t talk about it he don’t want me now he says I have become too plump and he is not interested in me now

Me: if I was him I would never let you go

Mallika: that’s so sweet of you dear. I’m lucky to have you by my side… if ask you some help would you do that for me

Me: sure malli I will

Mallika: will you satisfy me

I was in heaven and agreed it instantly and then she said me to come to her home that day evening and gave me her address and I reached there at 5 in the evening now starts the real story

I enters her house and was stunned to see her she was in sky blue colour Saree with a sleeveless blouse with no bra I can make that out from her side view of the blouse covering her belly she was sooo sexy and I sat on the sofa and she gave me a lemonade and while drinking she came and sat beside me and kept her hand on my shoulder and talking something I cannot understand that she was talking in Malayalam and when asked her about what she was talking she said she will tell later and took the glass and went inside I saw her ass swinging and I cannot control and went and grabbed her ass and squeezing it she threw me and said wait and go and sit in the bedroom I was waiting there she came and locked the door and gave me a seductive look and I was speechless she came and sat down on the floor near my legs and took my hands kept in her shoulder and said I’m all yours take me….

I immediately took her and placed on bed and started removing her Saree and then her blouse with my teeth and I took her petticoat and she was lying nude then I took off my clothes and both were nude lying in bed . slowly I kissed her neck and started kissing her there and gave some love bites and moved to her earlobes and sucked them then to her forehead and gave some kisses and finally to the lips those were juicy and it lasted for 5 mins and then I came down and started sucking her boobs and pressing the other one I became mad with her silent moans and I bite her nipple and shouted and tickled her nipple with my tongue then I came down and missed her naval her belly was fat and thus her belly button was deep I kissed it deep and sucking it and came down and licked her thighs but didn’t touch her pussy just to make her hype and started feeling her body then she forcedly took my head and kept on her pussy and slapped my cheek and said lick it rascal (naaku ra edava) I started licking her pussy and after 15 mins she released all the cum and I drank all of it without any hesitation. She liked it very much and said you are the only one that drank my juice and I love you no matter what I will be always available for you from now on…..

Then I jumped on her and started kissing her vigorously and exchanged our saliva and then she asked me to fuck her now as she cannot control anymore then I slowly entered her cunt it was very easy and went in smoothly and started fucking her rapidly after 5 mins I asked her to do in doggy style because I like it very much and she agreed and we fucked for another 15 mins and I cummed in her mean while she has 2 orgasms.

We laid in each other’s arms and after an 30 min gap she gave me a blow job that was wonderful and I didn’t experienced like that never before when it was hard I asked her to sit on the chair in the room with one leg on the arm rest and other down on floor and I inserted standing over her and fucking her and I sucking her boobs after 3 mins I felt uncomfortable but that was awesome and made her stand fucked her just standing and we both released our cum at the same time she was moaning like hell

I sat on the bed she was still standing with cum dripping from her vagina that view was mind blowing then we both went into the bathroom to clean up and I saw a bath tub in there and I got an idea and said her that open the water in the tub and lay in it after the tub was full she was in there and I also entered it only our heads were out all the body was in the water and I started fucking in there that was a strange experience for both of us but we enjoyed a lot….. and came outside and dressed ourselves and sat and relaxing…..when I was about to leave she came near me and started crying and said I didn’t get any attention from my husband but you understood me you are more than my husband now…..whenever you want come to me in always there for you anything you need money sleep pleasure anything just come and be with me…I felt soo touched and left her place with a kiss……after then we had sex daily till now going to her home….

i posted this story after she said that I want you to write our story in iss. ..i said that I wrote 5 of them and my past we were soo open now…… hope you all like that…this is a bit long but as it is original one I wanted to tell whole situation…..please post your feedback in my mail [email protected] anyone around and near Vijayawada need any help or some fun can mail me…I started learning massage also and I’m good at that now…if you need any please do mail me and let me know if you like my story. Thank you … yours Sandy

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