Made Love With Collateral Cousin – Part 1

Hi guys, I am aditya (name changed) age 19 height 5’9″. I live near New Delhi. I have average physique and a fat cock with phenomenal stamina. I love girl both ways soft and wild. I am very good at kissing, foreplay and oral too. And I love it. If any girl, bhabhi or aunty wants to have some fun with me, you can contact me at [email protected].

I will make sure that your privacy is maintained as I have my reputation too and I know its not easy for a girl to trust someone. So you need not worry about your privacy or something. Now coming to the story. Its my first story and it may have many spelling mistakes as I am used to it so ignore them.

I belong to a middle class family and this story is about me and my cousin arushi (name changed). I met her in my another cousin’s (maternal aunt’s daughter) wedding last year in june.

We reached my mausi’s home few days before the wedding and had to stay till the wedding.

There I saw her the very first time. She was niece of my uncle. She was extremely sexy. I don’t know her figure but she was damn hot!!! I am a bit shy so I didnt talk to her in starting. Then came the night.

As there were too many people so we had to adjust. All the 5 cousins were in one big room with a double bed and 2 folding cots. One the bed were 3 siblings and rest 2 I .E. Me and her were on adjacent cots. I had a habit of sleeping late so I was just browsing facebook and after sometime I heard a voice. It was her. She asked me, “Kya kar rahe ho? Soye nahi?” I replied, “Kuch nahi bas facebook chala rha hu, neend nahi aa rahi. Anyways tum kyu jaag rahi ho abhi tk?” then she told,

“Mujhe bhi neend nahi aa rahi.” then we started talking about random stuff. She was one year elder to me. So I called her di but she didn’t like it. She said to call me arushi only. I told ok. Then we again started talking about likes and dislikes. In one night we became very close to each other and I started liking her.

Next day we spent whole time with each other as we were the only two of same age. I knew how to drive so I took her for a drive on my uncle’s bike. She liked it. After riding for quite a long time on a narrow road with trees on both sides, I decided to stop the bike. The weather was very pleasant. She asked me, “Kya hua?” I told’ “Kuch nahi bus thak gaya to socha thoda der rukte hai. Mosam acha ho raha hai phir ghar chalenge.” she thought for a while and then said okay. I was very happy.

Then we started talking again sitting adjacently on the bike. My hand was touching hers and she didn’t even remove it. After 5 minutes she put her forehead on my shoulder. Then I put my hand around her shoulder. I was a very serene feeling. We were not talking just feeling the moment. She had her eyes closed.

After sometime I broke the ice and asked to return to home. She was a bit disappointed and wanted to be there for more time but we had to go as it was getting late. That night too we slept on cots but this time we were quit close to each other and talking. I put my hand around her waist and she put her hand on my shoulder. Then I started caressing her back and to my astonishment she did the same. We were too close now.

Then we slept after sometime in each other arms. Next day I woke up late as usual and I was worried if anybody saw us like this but everyone was normal. Now we were getting very close to each other and could not leave each other for a moment.

Next day again we went for a ride and this time she held me very tight and I could feel her boobs and I could not concentrate on driving. After sometime she herself asked to stop the bike so I did. Then we sat on the bike like the previous day but this time our hands were around each other’s waist.

We were just talking about the weather. As it was june the weather was cloudy in the evening and there were mango trees on both side of roads with raw mangoes. I asked her if she would like having a raw mango she became happy as its very sour and she liked it. So I took a raw mango and offered her. We washed it in a tube well and ate it. She told me you are very sweet as I used to treat her well and offered her things like ice creams chocolates etc when we went to market before riding to main road. I told her that you are very beautiful. She kept smiling.

Then we had to leave for home as we were getting late. That night I took laptop of my cousin brother and it had many movies. So I started watching the expendables. Then she came and said to watch any other movie as she wants to watch too but she doesn’t like action movies. So I told her to choose what she wants to watch so she told twilight. So I started the part one. It was late night and everybody else had slept. We were laying on our belly and watching. Our faces started coming closer to each other and after some time our cheeks were touching. Her cheeks were very soft and I still remember that feeling. Slowly our lips started touching sideways. I could not believe it was happening. I could sense that she was smiling. My dick started raising and I had to change my position to give room to my cock.

So I turned towards her and my lips started touching her cheeks and my dick was touching her thigh. She started smiling more and more and she was not even trying to move away. I was feeling her cheek with my nose and lips then occurred the moment I could not expect. She moved her lips towards me and our lips were touching and we could sense each other’s breath. We both were breathing very fast and I kept rubbing my lips on hers. She closed her eyes and kept smiling.

After a minute she opened her lips and we locked each other lips and were kissing like animals. We were hugging so desperately as if it was the last night of our life. We sucked each other’s lips, tongues neck and what not!! Sometimes we were sideways sometimes she was on the top and sometime it was me. My cock was in its full strength and poking her pussy and she was pushing her pussy towards me more and more. We kept kissing till we slept. Next morning I thought how would I face her. But she reacted normal as if nothing happened. That day we went to ride again and we sat there like previous days as anybody could see us if we did kissing or something. But we both were desperately waiting for the night. At night we started talking normally as we never talked about what we did or what we wanted to do.

We were talking as if nothing happened. Then she said that her shoulder is hurting. I knew she was acting but I kept the act going on as I knew it would lead us to something we both were waiting for. I offered to massage her and she accepted. I came very close to her and started massaging her shoulder.

Then I took off her top and told her it would feel better for massage. She said nothing but smiled. Then I took off my t-shirt too and became topless as it was too hot during june. She told me her back was hurting too. So I came more close and put my hand around her waist so I could massage her back. Now we were hugging each other and I was caressing her back instead of massaging. I was really enjoying it. We were so close that our lips started touching but we kept acting normal. Then I took off her bra too as her strap was creating problem in massaging or we can say caressing. She just looked at me and did nothing.

We were under a thin sheet of cotton so nobody could see us naked. Now her boobs were touching my chest and we hugged each other tightly so as to feel each other more and more. Now there was no act. We started loving each other like wild beasts. We sucked each other, every inch of each other. I started going down from her face to her boobs and sucked them like anything. Then I moved to her belly button. She forced my head towards her pussy and I was amazed by her action. I kissed there above her lower then I took off her lower and her panty too.

Now I started kissing her thighs and teasing her. She started to pull me towards her pussy but I kept teasing her then after sometime I finally decided to suck her down there and she was moaning.

Then she took out my dick from my lower and started feeling it with her hand. I asked her to suck it but she didn’t. I did not force her. But I came up with a plan. I laid on her sucking her cunt and we were in 69 pose the difference was she was not sucking my dick. My dick was above her lips and slowly I started moving it downwards slowly as it started touching her lips. Slowly she liked the feeling and started kissing it and which lead to licking and then sucking. Ohhh myyy !!!! It was one of the best feelings of my life. What can give a man more pleasure than a blowjob!!!

After we both reached our orgasm we changed our position. I drank her cum I was salty. She spitted it out and made a bad face so I told sorry. She replied nothing.I will tell how we made love in the next part if very soon but only if I get positive comments and ladies don’t forget to mail me on [email protected]. See you soon in the next part guys.

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