Hell Of A Massage In Thailand

Now I will start to give you some really kinkier stories – You can always get in touch with me on [email protected] for any reason – exchange of ideas, friendship or hook up – girls/women only. I am open to all ideas – I travel quite a bit and no never know! So, let’s start with the sex story.

This happened when I had just returned back to India from abroad after my studies.

While working for an organization, they sponsored me to visit Pattaya, Thailand for a conference for two days only. They did not have the money to sponsor me for any more days and I was more worried that 2 days perhaps was not enough to satisfy my hunger for sex. I had not been laid for more than 6 months, essentially since I had been in India.

Anyhow, beggars can’t be choosers – two days it was. I had heard so much about Thailand and had many friends who were giving seriously weird advises. Bring girls to your hotel room, go for a soapy massage, sandwich massage….the go-go bars have rooms etc. etc. mind you none of them had ever been to Thailand before.

However, I reach Bangkok early in the morning – get my visa on arrival and proceeded to Pattaya by car which was about 4 hours from the Airport. I was so bloody horny that I could not sleep all the way.

Reached the hotel and frankly already horny and with a hard on. I was so horny and given the wrong impression that practically every woman in Thailand is available for a price! (Which is actually completely wrong!) so no matter who I saw, I wanted to fuck her. This included the cleaning lady in the hotel also – anyhow I controlled myself. It was just getting crazy.

I registered myself for the conference and barely managed to sit there all day listening to some boring lectures, I must have slept in between.

Well, the conference day ended around 5.30 pm and I was ready to explore all that Pattaya had to offer. I got ready and moved out alone – as soon as you get out of the hotel many taxi drivers and two wheeler taxi guys start approaching you – Sir, massage? Boom boom – that’s the code for fucking/sex – making these lewd gestures with their hands etc. I got a two wheeler taxi guy – asked for a massage.

I had no idea what to expect, but sat behind him – Pattaya is a small beach tourist place and within five minutes we landed up in a building. I entered and there is this huge hall, around 30 – 40 really beautiful Thai girls/women were sitting behind a glass wall which was extremely well lit– all waving at you and making signs to choose them. It was my first experience and frankly, I was scared, embarrassed and horny all at the same time. Felt like a teenager again. I sat on a sofa nervously checking all the babes out – each one had a number attached to them. The hostess came along and asked what I want, I said a massage, to which she said “only”, and I said no everything.

She asked which girl I liked, I checked them out again and narrowed down to one good looking babe in a short red dress. I don’t remember the number.

Anyhow, the hostess signaled the girl to come out of the “Fishbowl”, that’s what I learned later what the glass chamber where the girls sit is called. She came out, splashed a beautiful smile – welcomed me in the traditional Thai way and took my hand. The money was exchanged at the counter – don’t remember how much and she promptly took me to an elevator, up to our room on the 4th or 5th floor.

The room was very interesting – as soon as you entered there is a very big bathtub to the right, then some space in between and queen size round bed towards the end. It was all very nice, air conditioned and clean I have to admit.

We entered the room together, all the while she held my hand and kept stroking it. My dick was already bursting and hurting hard on in the pants. Till then I really thought it would be like a small five minutes massage and action. But I was in was in for a pleasant surprise!

I sat on the sofa on the side, and asked her name – she gave me a name which I could not pronounce so she asked to be to call her “Bun”. The bun was very pretty, about 5’2”, absolutely flat stomach, small shapely boobs, a pretty always smiling face and lovely legs. Thai girls have the most flawless skin in the world, the skin is so beautiful and smooth – not even a mole on them.

To continue, she asked if I would like to drink anything – mind you, she did not know English and I did not know Thai. All conversations are indicative – hand movements to single words. I asked for a beer just to sooth my nerves. Two beers came and I paid for it.

We started sipping our beers with the bun sitting next to me, leaning on my shoulder pressing her boobs into my hand, – asking simple questions – where from, how many days here, she likes my tattoo etc. I was getting restless now and wanted some action.

She saw it in my eyes and got up and started removing her clothes. Within no time she was completely naked in front of me and very comfortable roaming around naked – beautiful body – lovely small breasts, flat stomach, tiny navel, curvy butts and a thin tuft of pubic hair between her legs.

The site just blew my mind and dick starting throbbing for some action – I thought what the hell let’s start and grabbed her from behind – one arm around her waist, the second one on her boob and mouth kissing the side of the neck from behind. She giggled and said “wait”, I was like OK – not sure what’s there to wait for?

She walked over to the bathtub – seeing her swaying naked ass walking away was quite a sight – driving me hornier. She sat on the bathtub rim – do you remember a sight in pictures and paintings of a naked woman sitting on a rim of a bathtub – slight dent of skin at the waist, naked legs flowing down – it was an amazing sight.

She ran water to fill the tub making sure the temperature of the water was alright and walked back to me naked. Got on the floor, took my shoes off with her so gentle hands. Made me stand up and took my t-shirt off – all the while making direct eye contact with me and always smiling.

Bun unbuttoned my jeans got me out and pulled my undies down. I obviously was already very aroused with a dick in full erection and giving a standing salute. She carefully ran her hand over my chest, tickled my nipples all the way down and held my throbbing dick “you big guy, very good”, I was flattered – I am about 5’9”, strongly built – muscular, good looking and well endowed. She probably says that to every client – I understand but it still sounded really nice. She took me to the bath tub and made me lie down on my back with a towel below my head. My dick was protruding and saluting outside the water – which was a funny sight actually.

Bun entered the bath tub and started her magic from there, started with my legs – massaging my calf muscles and toes one by one – I was not really expecting much it but it was great – the pressure was just right and I was really enjoying myself. It went to the thighs – kneading my muscles very carefully and never touching my throbbing dicks which were hurting to get some attention.

Bun took a luffa, put some soap on it and starting soaping me all over. It including soaping my hard dick very gently, to my balls, below my balls and my ass. The soaping continued upwards where bun spread her legs and sat on my stomach making sure my dick was only entertained by the crack of her ass and although close to her pussy but not allowing it to enter. I could sometimes feel her pussy and pubic hair on my dick while she moved up and down but never allowing it to enter her. It was a heavenly experience – the best feeling ever.

Having completed my upper body – chest, and shoulders – bun got up and sat behind me in the tub. She crossed her legs from behind over my legs in front. Her pussy touching my lower back and her boobs on my back. She was working with her hands massaging my neck, back, and shoulders. She knew her business and gave a massage that even professional masseurs could not do.

We completed the bath, bun let out the water and I thought now the action starts – but behold there was more! She made me lie down on an air mattress on the floor next to the bathtub. Put some soap on me and gave me a body to body massage with her boobs and scrubbing my entire body with her pussy and pubic hair – it is skill how they do it – can’t explain has to be experienced only. It was just the best feeling and when I was turned on my back and bun giving me the body massage including rubbing my hard took between her boobs, it took some real courage and determination not to grab her and ram my tool into her there and then.

I really had to hold on and all the while bun always maintained eye contact and kept a lovely smile on. I grabbed her boobs, started massaging them and pinching her dark brown small nipples very gently, I ran by hands over her pussy – inserted my finger in to start making her hornier for the final action. Bun was very cooperative and made sure I always had access between her legs, I kept on fingering her while she kept massaging me on the air mattress.

We finished with the body to body massage, bun gave me a bath and washed out all the soap from me and her together. All this while I still have my dick rock solid, I offered to bathe her and washed her body from top to both – spending a lot of time washing her pussy and ass. It was really fun and erotic.

We moved towards the bed, dried ourselves with the towels provided and bun made me lie down on my back with the saluting hard on. She arranged for her stuff – lubricating jelly, condom, and tissues. Having everything arranged, she came over and lied next to me with her head on should and starting feeling my chest, nipples and down by stroking my already hard dick. I tried kissing her on her lips, which bun was not very interested in it – I came to know later, they don’t like kissing much for whatever reason.

Anyhow, I had no complaints, she went down and sat between my spread legs. She brought her mouth over my tool and took it all in one go and when she came up making the slurpy sucking noise sllllrrrrp !– that is when I noticed that the condom was already on my dick – a trick they learn of putting the condom on into their mouths. I had no complaints – safety first.

She proceeds to give me an amazing blowjob. She would suck the tip with great expertise, made all the right movements with her tongue and making lovely slurpy sucking noises. I was in heaven, I have had blowjobs before but never as professional as this one that too with the condom on. The best part is while she is giving me a blow job, she would always look up with my dick in her mouth and make sure I was enjoying it! Nothing compares to that feeling.

I was about to cum and so I pulled her up, she then grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy from the top and proceed to ride me like a horse. I remember the feeling, it was a tight pussy and extremely warm, wet and felt really really good over my dick.

I grabbed her boobs with both my hands and brought them towards and sucked on each nipple hard, while she kept on fucking me on the top. That gave me some more time actually, I held her torso and turned her around so that I came on top of her. I took my dick out and started rubbing her already very wet pussy with my fingers – trying to rub her clit to make her hornier and also enjoy with me in the process.

I kept rubbing her pussy and clit with my fingers – I am a master in that foreplay and always ensure that a woman cums at least once before I do – ALWAYS. Well after some considerable time finger fucking her, she made a strange noise and jerked up – assuming she orgasmed (not sure but felt so- she was already very wet and hot down there).

I positioned my tool at the entrance of her pussy and entered her with one big thrust. Fucked her missionary style for 5 -10 minutes in complete rhythm till I came inside her- loads and loads – I don’t remember ever releasing so much of my junk in one go.

I just fell aside totally exhausted and satisfied. Bun then took off the condom and cleaned my dick with the tissues, also gave it a lovely kiss on the tip when done. After I managed to get my breath in a few minutes she lit a cigarette from my pocket and gave it to me. For all you smokers out there, the best cigarette you ever have is after an amazing sex encounter. We shared a cigarette together and it felt like the best moment of my life. She then got up and dressed, which was my queue to do the same – I got ready, gave her a rather big tip and she took the elevator down and saw me out of the building.

Thanks for reading my sex story and if I get a good response, I will narrate further what happened during the trip to Thailand! In the same night, I again take a Thai girl to my hotel room for the night for some amazing kinky sex, also manage to fuck a Mongolian baby – a participant of the workshop. It was one hell of a night and really funny – the Thai girl in my room and the Mongolian baby coming over to meet me! Crazy I tell you. Write back to me to read more about this sex story !!

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