Sex With My Office Junior

Hi everyone, this is minto from chennai,I have been reading iss for a very long time,now finally ready to submit another real story of mine happened few months ago..Expecting your comments [email protected] … any girls aunties looking for relationship can mail.Am ready to serve without any commitments.

About me am aged 26 male working on reputed firm,with good gym physic because of my regular workouts I keep myself fit and that helps me to get more girls into my life. I was promoted as a manager in my concern and I was given a team to handle ,after one month I had a new joiner in my team, she is pooja slim and sexy with beautiful structure ,cute face with right amount of flesh at right place her stats would be (32 28 32).She always wears modern outfits and that suits her really well.One fine day company has organized a party at the outskirts of the city and being new she asked me to help her in reaching that place I immediately agreed and said that I will pick her.

On the way we were discussing about many topics and we found that we both have same ideas about our life.We became very close and from then we started chatting regularly and it moved to shopping outings etc. Once she told me that she likes my character a lot but she doesn’t want any relationship between us. Even I don’t like to stay in commitment since I already had a break up.So we both decided that we will enjoy the life together without any committed relationship. Later we started discussing about girls,love,sex,affairs etc.

One late night conversation she asked me whether I had sex with my ex girl friend I told her that I have made love to her many time she immediately asked me to describe what I did with my ex friend I was shocked but I told her little but she was asking me to describe fully but I stopped wantedly to c her reaction she was so curious and in no mood to leave me ,I told her that am ready to show her in real if she s ready, she told me that she was waiting for this for a very long then immediately we decided to meet in my home on the following weekend .

I have picked her from her home all the way she was asking me so many questions and I was trying to make her comfortable but she was so nervous .Once after reaching home I made her relax and gave a tight hug then I kissed her slowly and asked her to relax. She slowly lyed on my shoulder I just wrapped her on my arms and gave a kiss on her fore head,she just closed her eyes I started kissing her eyes,cheeks,ears and gave a lip lock .It was a passionate kiss which lasted for more than 10 min.I lifted her and made her to sit on my lap facing me I started kissing her lips madely .I hugged her so tight that I could feel her soft boobs crushing on my chest.I placed my hand on her soft boobs and pressed it slowly she started moaning I was fully charged and started to press her boobs hardly.

I lifted her on my arms and moved to my bedroom without breaking the lip lock then I made myself completely nude ,she wrapped herself on bedsheet I went close and started removing her top ,her boobs were so soft with erect nipples I grabbed those boobs and started to press them hard by licking all over her cleavage, then she asked me to remove her bra with my teeth it was so tight but I managed to remove it , I was stunned to c those beautiful pair of well shaped boobs I started to suck her right boobs by massaging her left boobs and then shifted from left to right she was really enjoying and started saying my name.

I slowly moved to her waist and started to lick her tummy hole, by now my hands started to remove her lower and started to rub her pussy over panty , I again started to suck her boobs and I pushed my hand inside her panty she was so wet and had a bush at her pussy I started to rub her pussy slowly and suck her boobs at same time she was going wild and started to give love bites on my body.I went down and removed her panty with my teeth without wasting time I started to lick her pussy deep and inserted my tongue in her love hole and started to taste her juice licked her very hard and she reached her orgasm

She pulled me on top and started to smooch me madly, and started kissing all over my body and took my erect penis on her hand and started giving me a hand job,I was on heaven and I kept my cock on her mouth and asked to give a blow job she initially refused but later enjoyed licking my cock and she sucked so nice that I cummed very soon.

We both hugged so tight kissing each other and she made my cock erect ready again I made her to spread her leg wide and started to lick her again and I slowly inserted my finger and did fingering, then inserted my second and third fingering and started to finger fuck her by now she had her second orgasm.Now she was completely wet and I positioned my cock on entrance of her love hole, and pushed half of my cock went inside she shouted on pain I removed and pushed slowly she told me to stop but I gave a liplock and gave a hard push by now my entire length has gone inside ,she was so tight I could feel the blood coming out from her pussy ,yes I broke her virginity .I stayed in that position for a sometime the slowly started doing in out movements she started enjoying and I started to continue fucking her very fastly and there was thap thap noise filled inside the room.I fucked her in missionary position for almost 10 min and later asked her to come on top of me ,she started riding me I was holding her boobs and fucking her ,later I made her to go on doggy which is my favorite position I came form behind and inserted my cock and started to fuck her very hard and I finally released my huge load off cum on her pussy.We had many sessions after that till we both became tired.

She was so happy after making love with me and hugged me tight and told that she will never forget this experience in her life .We continued having sex when ever we had chance ,now she got married and settled in abroad .Am waiting for some one to enjoy life by having sex without any commitments. Any ladies of any age group can contact me [email protected] . 100% secrecy will be maintained about the relationship. Awaiting for your comments and response. Bye.

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