Her Ass Was So Attractive

Hello friends this is my first story on this website. The incidence I am going to depict was about three years back from today when I was in 12th class. Myself sahil and my friend Naveen we both were in same school but in different streams, he was in commerce while I was in math’s science stream. We were casual friend’s back then as I was new admission in that school that time, though very good friend’s now. His mother was teacher in same school, teaching math’s to lower classes till 9th. When I first saw her mother I could not take my eyes off, she had a kind of finger worth to be starred off.

I don’t know about her sizes, but no matter what if wood see her ass, I can bet upon you won’t leave it before spanking twice, just too awesome. Her first impression to me was killer. I didn’t mention about her to my friend back then as I was new in school and I did not want that kind of image in that school and city who goes mad for a female older than himself. Days passed, we used to have lunch together in recess. One day I saw naveen was called by that hottie teacher during recess, she gave him some instructions, and he shook his head and came back.

I asked who was her. He told she was his mother and told it will get late today as she was having teachers meeting so he should leave by his own convenience. That night I went home and masturbated three times just by imagining her comparatively small boobs and big ass (boobs small in comparison to ass). Past a year when I completed school I left that town and shifted to bhopal doing engineering and naveen went to pune doing become. Later through some inner sources I came to know, I had a very bad image in my school, that teacher actually knew how I looked her, observed her, imagined her.

I was wondering why my grades were less in practicals, this was the reason! That teacher had laid my image so down. When I came to know, my hatred towards her was limitless. What only I imagined was too fuck her hard, hard and harder! I decided to take revenge of all this. I did not even touch her in my school life, infact I stopped staring her since day I came to know he was mother of my friend. But this was it, she, herself never spoke to regarding that, but spread among through all teachers.

chudai ki to banti hai ab uski!! Luckily, after two months when I was accessing face book I visited to my friend’s profile, there I saw that teacher’s profile. I was so happy! First thing I did was masturbated for 3-4days just by seeing those pictures. She was not looking as sexy as she looked in real but it was okay as I was in aggression with her to fuck her ass. After deep thinking and plans I sent her fib friend request. Since she never spoke me on any such matter, she hadn’t any choice but to accept my friend request. First two days went without any conversation, third day I just changed my relationship status from single to in a relationship, this melted ice and mam asked who u in relation with sahil are??

I said, mam since I moved at Bhopal things are changing, people here are no narrower minded! She asked how come people at our town satna are narrow minded. I said they are narrow minded, like if just now I ask your mobile number how hard you will feel it to give , and I don’t know what kind of impression will be created in your mind by me. She said -hmmm, u are right. Silence for two mins then, a mobile number popped out. I was like what the hell! What kind of transition she had been since then? Who gives a fuck I was happy like hell. then we started chatting in messages , we became friends, good ones , closed ones, intimate ones.

She was in her late 40s and her husband was about 8 years older than her. She one night mentioned – I feel highly unsatisfied now a days , my husband does not lasts long enough to give full pleasure , also he doesn’t do any fore play , just hard core intercourse which cant hold any longer than 4 mins. I said – sad it is! Feel pity for you. I mean you yourself are such an attractive woman, how could he be so irresponsible? She said- yaa but I am aging too Na beta, May he doesn’t find me attractive any more… to which I said- are you mad or what? You are still very sexy, infect I dreamt about your ass while I was in school.

After this message there was silence. Even she did not send a message after that for two days. After two days, she asked- are you coming home for holy these holidays, I said yes, but I don’t play holy. She said- can we meet? Me- not a problem, but why you kept silent for two days? She said I was in dilemma what to do and what not to do. Me- have you sorted it out? She- yes, for sure I have that’s why I asked about your holidays visit. I was in seven heavens, but that language I knew what she meant. I went to home on holidays. I played holy very well had some alcohol too. naveen went to nanital with his friends in these holidays.

Who cares about him when I had his super hot mother! We were chatting at holy night, chats turned to sex chats, then I called her, she said her husband was sleeping right next to her. I said – let him have a sleep, we should continue our chats. I gradually asked her to squeeze her boobs and then finger her pussy; she had soft, low meanings for 1 hour that night. This sex chat made our meet confirm tomorrow morning. after talks , she desperately asked me when I was coming , I told I will come after 11 as your husband will also leave to work by then. She agreed happily. Ding dong! She opened the door, I felt she was waiting right at door for me.

When she opened door she was wearing too many clothes. I asked it’s not that cold why are you wearing so many clothes? She smiled and by looking at my eyes whispered , I want you to tear all these and fuck to deepest with all your power today. Whoa!! That line itself turned me on! I readily held her face gave a wet smooch on her lips oat door step and pushed inside. I did not stop kissing her and we felt on couch. I forgot all my hatred, all my aggression but just she and her damn sexy body. I kept my tongue fondling in her mouth. She was playing with my hair.

I was just loving it, it started me giving a hard on. we stopped kissing, I said- you see what changes have you made in my pants just by kissing me , she looked at my tent , moved her hand over there and said- aw sorry my baby , I have no option but to make this tent even larger , and started touching my penis over my pants. Now I was taking out her jacket (did not torn it). Took out her sweater by tearing it apart, she was in orange colored saree now. I did nothing but first looked, scanned all her body with the sareee. She said- what are you waiting for? I am all yours now. I said- first let me see the figure what earlier I died for. She laughed and said- baby don’t just see, fuck this figure now, as hard as you can.

I took saree from her , did not know how to tear it , then again held her and started kissing , this time our hands were exploring our body I was trying to hold her boobs , squeeze them and she was moving hands over my back with her small nails (she must have seen it in some old Hindi movie). I said stop. I caught her, took her to bedroom switched ac on at 16degree, torn apart her blouse right way. She was wearing a smile white colored bra. I then untied her petticoat and torn it too. Now she went took my pants off and started touching my dick. She said why you don’t shave down here.

I said I don’t like it. Then I asked to turn around so that I could open her bra. she turned , I surprised her by first sliding down her panties and making her semi naked with a bra only, she started laughing again saying u are a naughty guy. Then I took my shirt off went close to her and started kissing her passionately. We were touching ourselves everywhere where our hands could reach, and by legs where hands could not reach. I was completely nude and she still was in her bra, I decided to break the hooks of bra and make her completely naked. then I went down to her cleanly shaved pussy, it wasn’t smelling any good but was wet.

I just put my tongue on her whole and started tickling with it, she was feeling good, slowly I started inserting my middle finger in her vagina ,later two fingers at a time. She was completely enjoying it and screaming. She told- if she knew I was so good in foreplay she would have more fuck sessions when I was in school only. I said yes, but you only distracted me, never gave me any attention, she said sorry lets not ruin this movement and enjoy to fullest then took my dick in my hands and took it in front of her face. She was looking at me, I said – babes, just lick it. She again looked and took it inside mouth. She did not well how to do blowjobs.

I took out and put her at the entry of vagina. I asked are you ready? She said- I am ready since last night! don’t make me wait more just push it inside pushed , it did not ho inside completely at first stroke , I wondered her pussy was tight yet , for sure her husband is not satisfying her. I pushed more and started giving humps right then. She was now shouting aah aah aah aaaah ah ah aaaah… i bent down and put my lips over hers while stroking. Meanwhile we started kissing. I was holding her hand, we were in missionary position. It was complete immense pleasure. After 7-8 mins of fucking I was about to cum. I asked where do want all this hot liquid? She said- do it where ever you want in my body.

I took my dick out and splashed all over her belly and boobs. I asked how it was. She said -she loved it completely. She loved it but still not used the word satisfied! I told her to go to bathroom and clean all this cum over her, but do not close door. She asked -why? Is not u drenched yet? I said you go first. She went with the doors opened. I got up from bed went to bathroom and opened shower, she again started laughing and said- devil you are!! Are not finished yet? I smiled and said- mam there is still one more hole left in your most attractive part of body that needs to be satisfied! She was completely in shock but did not utter a word. I took pears soap and started applying all over our body.

I asked her to apply it over my dick, she did, but it was not able to get hard due to soap. I washed it with water then and before I could do some thing, madam took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Her lips were feeling too good over my dick, it readily got erect with in two mins. I said it’s okay now turn of your ass. She said it won’t go in there your dick is too big for my asshole. I said- why do u think I sent u in bathroom with doors opened? I applied soap in my hands and put my fingers in her ass. It slid easily, now it was easy to fuck her. I said bent down in doggie position, she did.

I grab her ass cheeks and put them apart to see asshole for my dick. I put my dick and started pushing it slowly. Now this scream and moaning were very loud as we were inside bathroom. I did not stop kept pushing it inside with all my efforts. Then I started stroking, her screaming turned into loud moans that any guy would enjoy or masturbate even! I kept stroking it for 15-20 mins, it was hard for to cum as I already had cum just few mins back. I held her boobs from below side and increased speed of my strokes even faster. Holding her boobs absolutely gave a feeling that I have to cum.

I told m Cumming babes, she told she wants to drink it, I said no, its only and only for your ass! I came inside her ass. Took bath and went to bed to have rest, in ears she now whispered, sahil m completely satisfied now, thank you. I said welcome mam, anytime. We fucked for 3 more days then after and I fuck her whenever I visit that town. Love [email protected] my email ID, do tell how you felt about my experience, if u liked thanks if you did not sorry.

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