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I am 21 years with a good physique, coming to my mom sneha, she is a sex bomb, most of the men in my locality stare at her ass like hungry dogs, she loves to be in modern outfits, she generally wears leggings and trendy tops, coming to her body she is 34-28-36,both my parents are in corporate field, I never had any bad intensions on my mom but 1 fine day I was aroused by her dress she was in tight t shirt and tight jeans 3/4th,so from that day my feelings were changed on her, I started to take every opportunity to touch n feel her, I used to smell her unwashed inners and shag my cock

I am going to share my story how I was success to convince my sexy mom and how we both enjoy our sex life.

After months of waiting I planned to make it out in a public park coz my dad will be in home as he comes quickly from office. One fine working day I planned and the convo started like this between my darling and me

Me: hey mom today I planned a surprise in the evening

Mom: what is it beta?

Me:mummy it is a surprise!!Tell dad that you have a board meet in the evening and come to public park at 5:30

Mom:public park!!!!!

Me:yes mom in the park!!And no more questions mom .Come it a nice modern dress mom.

Mom:ok son I am excited to know the surprise

Will meet in the park mom byeee!!!!

Mom:bye beta!!!!

I was waiting for the clock to turn 5

I went to a store and bought silk chocolate and condoms

And it was 5 pm and my heart started beating faster, I made a call to my mom and she was on the way to park, after 15mins she came to the park and she was looking hot like a girl in 25,she was wearing a long skinny top and a white leggings, every guy in the park started to look at her and she knew it, she asked me what was the surprise, I said to wait, I searched for a good place in the park and I found it, soon we settled in a corner and it was covered by thick bushes no one can see us,

Now I was tensed how to express my feelings to her, she again asked what are you waiting son show me what is your surprise, I took out silk chocolate and gave it to her, she opened chocolate and I asked to put a bite in my mouth, while she was giving me I wantedly licked her fingers, she didnt mind it and she was also having chocolate, we talked about her busy life for few mins and I asked her for another bite n this time I took her fingers more deep and licked them

I started to talk about dad how busy he is and not able to spend time with family mom was upset with my dad’s busy timetable and she became sad, I asked her about their marriage life ,and she was totally upset and she wanted to leave the place and go home but I somehow stopped her and I said dont worry mom I love you, my mom also said love you too with no other intension, the next word from me was I want you mom

She asked me what??

I said again I want you mom

She was shocked to hear

Mom:what are speaking?Are you mad?

Me:mom you heard me right, I want you

Mom:wtf how dare you think about your mom I such a way

Me:momm calm down please

Mom:stop talking to me I will talk to your dad and put you in a hostel

Me:mom please listen to me

I was pleasing her to listen my words but she was not in a mood to listen in this discussion I hold her hand and was pleasing but she was out of control and slapped me hardly,for few mins my ear was mute but still I was not leaving her and she saw tears in my eyes,those tears came because of her hard slap on my cheek,now slowly she calm down but kept on saying son you are thinking wrong

Me:mom now please listen to me

Mom:yes tell me

Me:mom I love you soo much I know how bad situation your facing with dad

Mom:yes son your dad is not taking care of me it doesnt mean I sleep with others and cheat him

Me:mom your not cheating anyone,you are a women dont you have feelings ?

Mom:in low voice, yes beta but this is not correct

Me:mom we are just sharing our feelings there is nothing wrong in it

Mom: I cant think of it with you son, I am sorry I hit you soo hard your cheek swollen

My mom put her hand on my cheek amd said sorry , I took this as opportunity and hold and kissed her hand,she was about to take off her hand but I hold it tightly, she said son this is wrong,again I kissed her hand,she was pulling back her hand with all her force same way I was holding her hand

Now slowly I moved close to her and kissed her cheek and she pushed me away and scolded me saying its a sin,this time I hold her with all my energy and kissed her cheek, she was resisting me , I slowly moved to her lips and she was moving her head so that I cant reach her lips, with one hand I hold her hair and put my lips on her and started kissing her lips hard, she dint open her lips for 10 mins

Later I left her and stopped kissing he and I pleased her, she said this is wrong son whatever you have done is enough lets go to home your pappa will be waiting, again I started to kiss her lips this time I put my hand and press her right boob, she didn’t open her mouth but her resist level was low and again she pushed me and said I cant do this with you, now I pushed her down on grass and kissed her and squeeze her boobs hard and she left a small moan

I continued for 5 mins and she slowly opened her mouth and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and we smooched for 15 mins,now I got up n sat she also sat and asked me son is this correct I somehow convinced her and she was ok with it but she was afraid as it was a public park and she said lets go home and do someother day as people will see us here, but I was in no mood to miss this chance I said let’s do it here mom it will be exciting ,again I kissed her and we smooched for 10mins and she was in full mood,

She said beta you gave a surprise and now I will give you a gift

Me :what is that mom show me

Mom: beta I am having a surprise for you will be stunned to see what I am going to show you

Me:what is it honey, show me

Mom: I bet you dint see any girl in our area like this

Me:mom what is it show me mom I am eager to see the surprise

Now mom stood on her knees and lifted her to till her belly

I was totally shocked and seeing her with my mouth opened, she was not wearing a normal leggings, it was a white yoga pant, she was wearing a black string panty, her ass was clearly visible as there is only panty string going through her ass, I asked her to turn my side, now I was out of mind,that panty was only covering her pussy line, I can see her pussy lips clearly, I was super excited by her show

Soon I pulled her n made to sit on me and lifted her top till her waist now her ass was resting on my erect dick, I started licking her neck from back, and now I can feel the heat of her body she was rubbing he ass on my dick, she sat beside me and took my cock out and saw it like a hungry animal and said beta you have a big cock than your dad, saying this she lean forward and took my dick deep in her mouth and gave me blowjob for 10mins I closed my eyes and was in heaven ,now I saw wet patch on her pant and rubbed on her pussy, she shivered and hold me tight, I saw all sides and make sure no one was seeing us.

I removed her legging till her knee and I was amazed to see her pussy lips ,it was cleanly shaved and shinning, I rubbed her pussy for 5 mins and juices started to come I moved her panty string a side and put my thumb in her dripping pussy she moaned loud but soon I put my lips on her so that she doesn’t make much noise, she was in heaven and was rubbing my dick hard,

Now I moved down to lick her pussy, it was awesome feeling when I was licking her pink pussy, she was making moans like shhh ahhh ummm sonn likkk it and soon she cum in my mouth and I drank all my mom’s love juice, now she stroked my dick and made it hard I asked her for doggy style but she said not now we will do that style in home, she sat and widen her legs and her pussy was inviting my dick, she hold my dick guided to her pussy it was tight pussy even in this age,

I understood how stupid my dad was for not using this hot wife, slowly I kissed her lips while moving my dick in her pussy, soon I started to move fast and give hard strokes, she was moaning and asking to do it faster fukkk fukkkk your momm motherfuckkerr make your mom your bitchhh fucckkk itt awww harderr tearr your moms pussy hearing this increased my speed and she cum in no minutes,her voice was soo sexy while moaning

While we were in high mom got a call from dad asking still how much time to complete board meet, she said in 20 mins she will be in home

Now she was giving rhythm to my moment and I told her I was about to cum,she pulled me more close and asked use all my force and bang her pussy, I was at high speed and giving her hard strokes thappp thuppp thappp within 5 strokes I was cumming in her pussy and I put my head on her shoulder and took some breath after filling her pussy I removed my dick and she cleaned with her mouth,we went back hone after 20 mins and I slept after having bath and woke up next day at 11 when I woke up I saw a message in my phone it was from my mom saying that thank you honey I love you soo much

This is how I have done with my hot and sexy mom share your opinions friends.

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