Personal Massage To A Couple From Gurgaon

I am working as a professional masseur in NCR. Daily I do various types of message to my customers which are men and women both. I really live my work so much. So I always focused on my way to give smooth and relaxing massages to each and every client. Send your feedback or comments at [email protected]

One day of my previous client who is a beautiful couple called for a personal message at her home. I reached to their home at given time with my equipments and oils. He said first he wants to get message then his wife/gf. I started my work and given my best to fully satisfy him. His wife was watching it and shooting it in her mobile. He was feeling relaxed and good.

Now his wife turn. I asked her to lay down on the massage table by her stomach side with minimum clothes. She was looking very hot and sexy in her bikini but she was feeling shy, may be it was her first time taking message by any male. Now his husband was watching us and shooting all this.

I applied few oil on her naked back and started rubbing it slowly. Touching her pain points and nerves to make her feel relaxed. Now I pulled her bra strip so I can apply oil on her whole back. As I was doing massage and touching her body she was enjoying and sometimes she moan in pleasure. Her husband was also enjoying watching it. He asked me to go further and remove her panty also. So I did that in front of her hubby.

Now I was massaging her sexy butt which was very bouncy. I applied more oil on her ass which flows through her ass crack and went down to her vagina, she might felt the sensation of that oil for which she reacted with a sexy moan like ahhh..

I again started massaging her back her ass her white thighs and long hairless sexy white legs. I also message her feet and toes for which she felt very relaxed.

Then her hubby asked me to provide her nuru massage. For which I have to go further till her orgasm. So I went ahead and started massaging her vagina and asshole. She was really enjoying it. Her moan was keep on increasing. I was also enjoying my work. Then I asked her to turn around, and face her front to me, so I can message her front body, she looked at her husband for an approval and turned back.

I was stunned to see her beautiful sexy figure. She got perfect round boobs small nipples. I applied oil in her boobs and nipples and started rubbing it revolves around her boobs and cleavage. She was very aroused and her hubbs was also playing with his hard cock, while watching it. I was also feeling erection under my pant, which I was trying to hide. She was moaning and seeing her hubby saying I love you sweetheart and he replied back with a lovely kiss.

Then I said should I stop, for which they replied that I have to finish the nuru massage. So I started messaging her again, but it was getting hard for me to control my emotions and erection under my pant. But I have to do my job also.

So I continue with her stomach and filled few oil in her sexy belly. She was shivering in pleasure and I was rubbing her beautiful and amazing waist then suddenly she ripped off her hubby towel to make him nude. I was shocked to these couple action in front of me, she hold his hard cock and started rubbing.. While I was compelled to do my job of massaging her. I went ahead and started rubbing her private area between her beautiful thighs. It was clean shaven and wet.

I started rubbing it and fingering it. She was really enjoying it by moving up her pussy and supporting my fingering into her. I was messaging her vagina, her clitoris and the inner wall she was close to her orgasm. Her moan and actions are making me uncomfortable with my pant.

So I left her like that and asked her hubby that can I stop, for which he again replied no please continue the good work, but this time I finally tell him that I am being uncomfortable due to erection caused under my pant. After listening this, she laughed and asked her hubby to let me feel comfortable by going nude in front of them.

I was surprised to that her hubby really asked me to be naked and be comfortable, then finish job. So I removed my clothes and become nude like couple, she was looking at me and feeling happy to see my nude body and erect cock, she said to her hubby “See jaanu iska kitna bada or mota hai”. I love what she said but not replied, and continue my work of massaging her sexy body boobs belly and thighs.

When I inserted my middle finger to her vagina she moaned like ahhh… Then I slowly repeated my action as I was also enjoying her moan. She was so wet and s-excited she hold my tool in her other hand and started rubbing it.

Now she was holding her hubby cock in her left hand and my cock in her right hand and I was messaging her vagina inner wall, while his hubby was messaging her sexy boobs. It was very erotic and romantic moment. We all are really enjoying it, but I can feel she was enjoying more than us.

During massaging her vagina inner wall I found her g spot and started massaging it, for which she got more aroused and excited. She increased her speed of stroke on my cock and giving good hand job. After some time she had her orgasm and felt fully relaxed. Now I have completed my job and given her complete nuru massage.

Hope you guys also enjoyed it as I experienced it.

Send your feedback or comments at [email protected]

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