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Hey, guys, this is raghu, this my first story on iss ..I’m good looking, having a 6.5-inch dick pleasurable for any woman..My neighbour aunt is Nisha(name changed), she has very good assets of 34-28-36Which would drive any men crazy.She always used come to my home to talk with my mom and they were close. I used to watch her while moving around ,her ass was soo good that I always wished to spank it ,and when ever she bends I never miss to watch her navel which would give me an immediate hard on, I masturbated thinking about her for many times, but I was not talking much with her . One day my mom asked me to go to her home and give her the food that my mom prepared .

As mom said I wnt to her home and I ws about to knock the door but I heard some weird noises from their room, and I kept the food container beside and peeped into the room through the window and I was shocked for a moment by seeing her fingering herself. But later I acted as that I saw nothing and knocked at the door, she came after few seconds and opened the door and gave me smile and I gave the food container telling her that my mom gave and returned back to my home. And at that night I mastrubated by thinking about her.From then I got more urge about fucking her but I dint get a proper idea to convinve/ seduce her to fuck me.One day no one was at home, and my aunt came to my house to talk to my mom and I thought it would be a great idea to seduce her and said her that my mom would come back in 5-10 minutes and asked her to wait.

And as ahe was sitting simply I asked her that lets watch a movie on my laptop so she agreed and played a movie with full of romantic scene s,while watching the movie I touched her boobs 2 times and acted that I dint do anything,but she didnt say anything ,by thinking it as a green signal with full of fear I huged her and said I like you but she pushed me away and went back to her home with out even saying a single word,

And it scared the hell out of me thinking that she would tell my parents about this..And the next day she came to our home when my mom was there I was scared that she would tell me to my mom ,but she didnt.After that a week later my parents were going to our native for two days and my mom said that I should go and eat in nisha aunts house for two days and she has told aunt about this and I agreed to her..The next day I went to nisha aunts home in the morning to have my breakfast but I was very much hesitated .As I went in after a few minutes I asked her sorry for the matter that happened a week ago.

But she smiled and came near to me and said I liked what u did that day and I was shocked hearing that.And she told that her her husband dint fuck her since 3months cause he was busy with his work and go on office work trips for long time..And asked me to satisfy all of her desires since 3 months,by hearing this I dint even waste a minute and hugged her and liplocked she also cooperated with me ,while the kissing was going on I slowly left my hands on here panties and started to rub her pussy on her panties she was already wet and the kissing went on for about 15 mins.Then she took me to her bedroom.I removed her top and leggings I started pressing her boobs upon her bra and licking it those were huge melons and then removed the bra her nipples were hard,and again sucked one boob and pressed the other.

After that she removed my clothes and was shocked by seeing huge tool I told her to suck and she took it in her mouth and sucked it for about 10 min, I was in heave n,after that I removed her pantie and saw cleanly shaved pussy and sucked her pussy and she was moaning ahh ahhhhhhhh ahh eat my pussy,idrank all of her pussy juice which was a great taste.

Then she asked me to put my dick in her pussy,firstly I teased her with my dick in her pussy she moaned and said please put it inside I then pushed my dick insider her but her pussy was so tight as she did not have sex for three months and then I pumped it in hardly and it went in she screamed in pain then I slowly pushed it in and out and increased my speed she moaned ahhhh ahhh ahhh fuck me faster im your bitch fuck me ahh ahhh and she cummed over my dick but I dint stop fucking her when I was about to cum she asked me to cum inside her pussy as she will take a pill ,and then took my dick out and she cleaned it with her mouth..

Now I made her to stand in doggy style and tried to put my dick in her virgin ass hole but it was too tight and finally pushed it in and she screamed later she enjoyed her ass fuck and was moaning and later I cummed in her ass and then rested for a while and had our breakfast and had sex until evening and both took shower and had sex there also and got dressed and sat watching tv by the time her husband would arrive and had dinner in there house and went to my home to sleep…And the next day also we fucked until evening those two days were great days in my life with my aunty..Any aunties ,ladie s,girls from bangalore can contact me at [email protected] I will satisfy you without revealing your identity..

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