Hot Sex In Rain On Rooftop

Hii readers this is my second story I am sharing with you all , do read my first one to know how we met and got into physical relationship and please dont forget to mail your feedback and comments , interested people can also mail me at [email protected]

Now coming to the story it had already been a month and a half since we both got physical , last time we had stopped at oral sex when I had visited my girls home ,since then we never got chance again since both of our homes are not free , but we made out , kissed and caressed each other most of the times whenever we went to movies and sometimes even in her college in a place where no one visits usually. Every night we sex chatted and exchanged nude pics and waited for our next sessions.Lust was building between us day by day and we could not do anything more than kissing and caressing.We could not control anymore and we decided to meetup and finally get some action

Last night we decided about the place and time and everything. It was holidays for us both after our exams. I left my home the next day and waited for my girl in a juice stall she arrived after 15mins .. I could see the glow and lust on her face and we had some juice and we immediately left. It was drizzling at 11 and we didnt bother about it . The place we decided was a rooftop of city complex that was newly built in the area.

As it was new it had very less shops and less people and people never visited the rooftop. We took the lift to the last floor and then took stairs to the rooftop. We took some time to settle and we were already half wet since it was raining . I did not waste anymore time and I went near her and kissed ……I placed my hands on her boobs and caressed them … That was my fav part and she always enjoyed it. I pulled her lower lips holding them between my lips and she moaned and scratched my back ..I could feel her nails on my back over my tees.I grabbed her butt and squeezed them so hard she moaned like calling for help.

I broke the kiss and unbuttoned her shirts till I could see her tits. Those boobs were popping out from her black vests. She did not wear her bra ..I could see her nipples pointing out since the clothes were wet. I removed her vest till her neck and sucked her boobs like her baby , she held my head and pushed my face deep inside.I sucked her boobs for about 20 mins …She pulled my head back and asked me to lick her vagina with a very horny face …I wanted to tease her more but she begged and asked please and pushed my head down towards her belly .The rain showers were getting heavier .. I sat on my knees and grabbed her butts and pulled her closed to my face.

I opened her buttons from her pant and lowered them till her knees. She was already wet.I teased her more by kissing her thighs and giving love bites on her thighs and kissed over her pussy over her inner wear . I could smell the sweetness of her pussy.She was going irresistible and was moaning in pleasure.

I pulled her underwear down and planted a kiss on her pussy lips.She shivered. And pushed my head deep inside.. I kissed her pussy lips and tasted her juices for the first time … I got a big kick and I went mad … I automatically started smooching with her pussy lips /…. I could see that she was going crazy as she tried pushing my head deep inside her pussy ….

Next I put my two fingers and opened her hole a little and put my tongue inside her wet pussy … I reached her well full of juices …..I sucked her deep inside her pussy … While my hands supporting the act … I sucked them continuously for about 15 mins and she came … Her juices started flowing out …And I had to lick her juices and I took them all and left her pussy only with my saliva

I always wanted to try this move as its my favourite ….I turned her around and kissed her ass cheeks pushed her to wall and licked her butt crack .I inserted my finger and reached her ass hole and tried inserting my finger into them …..I pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and put my tongue between them and reached as deep as possible ….She was moaning with pleasure

Now it was her turn to get down,she had promised me for a blowjob the last time. My dick had become big already she went on her knees and and unbuttoned my pants and my cock jumped out .

She took it in her mouth and first licked the tip of it . That was the first time ever a girl had kissed my cock.I was on my cloud 9.. I cant even find words to explain that feeling .

After some time she got little intense and increased her speed … She licked my cock deep inside … I asked her for deep throat …She smiled and tried it … She swallowed 3/4th of my cock in the starting… She pulled it out and I could see her saliva falling down in drops from my cock and her mouth. This time I caught her head and pushed it fully and my cock reached her throat…

She made gaugling sounds and coughed couple of times with my cock still in her mouth .She did this for about 10mins. I can never forget this ten mins in my life. She had blew couples of cock before.She had good experience and she was a pro in sucking cock. I was coming and asked her if I could come in her mouth ..She gave a naughty smile and opened her mouth wide for me … She massaged it for seconds and I shot a huge load of come in her mouth …. She took it in and tasted it and she spit it out after some time as she could not swallow them all

We got dressed to leave the place … But the action was not enough so we kissed again for about 15 mins in the rain with our cloths on and finally left the place.The best hing about this story is she knows I am posting and she is okay with it unless we revel our identities.

More stories to come guys… Keep following

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