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Hi friends and I am Adatya from Banglore and I am 24 and working with private I-MNC. This experience happened to me at my elder bros wedding.

It was before 2 years when my bro was to get married and all the functions were well organised. Relatives and friends gathered at our home and my dad has made all the arrangements for everyone to stay.

My Masi from Baroda also came with her married daughter Shruti and she was 29 at that time. She got married just 3 months ago and her husband could not come due to scheduled business trip.

She was perfect married lady with gorgeous looks and perfect Indian figure. A day before weddings night everyone was in full mood of joy and songs were sung and rituals were carried out every once had dinner and went to sleep and few were still enjoying the music.

I was tired and went to sleep on terrace as there was not proper place to sleep. My cousin Shruti was finding the place to sleep. My mom suggested her to go on terrace as I was there to take care of her. She came with some bed sheet and pillow.

I saw her and made arrangements to sleep beside me. I was tired due to hectic schedule and arrangements of wedding. I and Shruti both slept and she was just asking me about my life and everything. I said I am tired Shruti please let me sleep.

She was little bit annoyed and said ok you sleep. I closed my eyes tried to sleep. It was around 12.30 when I was on my initial stage of sleep found that something is crawling on my chest. I slightly found that Shruti’s hand came onto my chest as she was trying to sleep.

I had no such intentions at that moment. I kept aside her hand and again started sleeping. Few minutes later: now her hand was at my navel part and crawling and she was in deep sleep I felt and thought of removing her hand but this time I was feeling nice.

Now my sleep went away and my heart was beating very fast. I was anxious to see what happens next or it was just movements in deep sleep. Nothing happened for next few minutes as I pretended to be in deep sleep.

After few minutes she turned towards me and we are facing each other and eyes of both were closed in sleep her pallu came down showing perfect sized cleavage.

My mind turned horny and my body was shaking. I wanted to touch that milky white cleavage but was scared of consequences. I gathered some courage and slowly went very near to Shruti and our faces were just 8-10 cms away.

I pretended to be in deep sleep and slowly moved my hand over shoulder. Looking at no sign of Shruti’s slowing rolled my fingers near her cleavage. I started moving my hands on her blouse and was enjoying but still my hands were shaking of fear of getting caught red handed.

Few moments later I stopped and took my hand away. I turned back and wanted to check the reaction from Shruti. After few moments I thought it was just an act in deep sleep. I again tried to sleep and now I was really in deep sleep after 15 minutes.

In deep sleep I felt something was moving around my vest as some insect is trying to poke into in sleep I moved my hands to check and felt that it was Shruti and her fingers rolling into my vest. I caught hold of fingers and turned back and saw Shruti smiling.

I whispered into her ears: what are doing. She gave a naughty smile and said nothing just having some fun, do you want me to stop. I was shocked and had no answers. I then slowly said, No you continue but I also should be getting the piece of enjoyment.

She giggled and nodded her head in positive manner. I now turned face towards her and kept my hands on her breast. I got green signal which made me eager to have sex. I started unbuttoning her blouse and opened her hair locks.

She sat opened her blouse. Now she was just in bra and opened hairs. I then asked her to remove her bra also. She did it but said me to go slow as I was very fast. I again lied down with soft milky perfect size boobs. I came on her starter licking her neck, face, cheeks and then her soft lips.

She started to smooch my lips and entered her tongue in my mouth. Like: she was expert in doing it. We licked each other’s tongue for next 10 minutes.

I came down slightly to get access of Shruti and her milky white boobs, and started licking her nipples. She started moaning softly as I was gulping whole of her boobs. Her boobs were like cotton bowls and her brown nipples were erect.

After fully sucking her boobs went further down to lick her navel part that was so soft that I bite little hard with my teeth, this made her moaning hard. Now I was biting her navel part here and there. I went down and opened her saree and then her petticoat. She was now in just panty and that too I snatched away.

I parted her legs and slowly took my tongue near her clean shaved pussy. I slowly started rolling my tongue up and down on her pussy; this made her moaning slowly and asking me to do more and more. I wanted to tease her now and took my tongue off she stopped moaning and looked at me.

I just smiled and this made her hornier. She held my head and again pushed in her cunt. I licked her cunt as juices came out and i swallowed every drop of it. I opened her pussy with my fingers and pushed my tongue fully inside. I was rolling my tongue in her pussy very deeply.

She was moaning like a horny bitch. I stopped and asked her get ready for fuck. She said no and I was now very much annoyed and in no mood to stop. She said you did your part now it’s her turn. I didn’t understand meanwhile she asked me to take off my t-shirt and lay down.

I did it as good boy she came on me and started kissing my cheeks, neck and smooch my lips. I was in seventh heaven enjoying the hot session. She started biting my cheeks and neck and then lips. She came down licking my chest. She was biting my chest part and I was enjoying it very much and breathing very heavily.

She went down and pulled down my shorts and then my vest. My dick was already hard on and wanted to come out. It was really hard, and hot, which Shruti held with her hand and started moving my up and down.

I wanted her to now suck which she did without wasting a single second. She started rolling her tongue on my hard- hot dick, then rolling on my shaft and then licking my balls.

She then fully took my dick in her mouth and gave me a blow job. She was moving her mouth up and down. I was breathing hard and moaning. I asked her to stop as I was about to cum but she said she was ok with it. I cum lot of in her mouth which she swallowed like hot juices.

I was relived as she came on me and laid down on me we were kissing each other and after few minutes my dick again sprang up feeling nude body of Shruti. I made her lay down and asked to spread her legs. She did it and came down and inserted my dick half in her pussy.

She again said me to go slow. I again gave a full thrust and now my dick fully went in her pussy. I took her legs across my waist holding her waist tightly with my hands and started fucking her slowly. I was feeling warmth of her pussy and my slow stroking made her moan softly.

My hunger grew and I increased my speed and she was moaning and asking to fuck her more and more. She had orgasm and juices started coming out of her pussy after 20 minutes I felt I am going to explode and asked her what to do. She said go ahead I cum heavily in her cunt and this made Radhika relieved.

We had another fucking session around 4.00 am. We woke up and joined other family members in the wedding. Till the wedding was over we used to kiss and smooch whenever we got the chance. She went back to her home after wedding was over. Please reply me at [email protected]

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