Hot Sex With My Aunty – Part 1

Hi friends, it is Raj from Bangalore.I am a big fan of ISS. This is one of best website so far I crossed. Special thanks for iss team for good maintained.

So now coming to the story it’s not a story it’s a real incident happened in my life so it’s 100% true. I am writing for first for feedback please mail to [email protected].

So coming back to the story it is between me and my aunty her name is leela 36-29-39. She is not our family member, but she is like our family member because she is my mom dads friend. She has 2 kids her husband is working as security in some company but not interest in sex. This I came to know when I failed in sslc and working as courier delivery. So whenever I go to her area I used to visit her house & drink water so at home she would be in nighty or saree in both she looks hot so when she gives water to drink I will get a good view of here boobs(cleavage) in nighty, in saree saree side of boob can been seen & my dick raises, but she don’t see that all.

As usual one day I went home drank water she asked how’s mom dad & bro I said all are fine. But again she asked how is your small bro again I said he’s fine but she asked same thing & again I said same things but she asked same thing in double meaning but I did not get that thing because I was busy we had a target & fixed time were to be delivered to customer so I didn’t take so much about her words.

At night when I was sleeping my aunt’s words flashed to my mind & I was thinking why did she ask like that & came to know she was asking about my cock & I shagged my dick & slept nicely.

So next day I was not having that route so I didn’t go there so after 3days I got the same route so again I went to aunt house she was in saree & her side boob was pooping out so my dick got in mood in my mind was running just push her to wall & remove her blouse suck & bite her boobs, but my heart was in fear were she will kick & inform to my parents, so I asked for restroom so I went & shagged by cock & came out she asked me why so late in naughty.

She asked again what for your small brother nice handwork you have given I was shocked I kept silent & said not like that just pissing only she laughed & gave water to me so I wantedly I slip the water on my pant so aunt immediately she removed here saree pallu & started to wipe my dick I got a good view of her boobs(cleavage) by seeing I was unable to control so again my dick started to raise she then started to wipe my cock on pant & I was sing her boobs she saw be staring on her boobs she pressed my cock it was paining so I screamed she asked why did you scream I said paining she said don’t worry I will make cure & removed my pant zip & took my dick out she said it’s very nice & kissed he lips were so juicy as soon as her lips feel on my cock it was like a current passed in my body.

So she started to take my cock in her mouth fully & sucked as she was sucking I was in wonders of the world, heaven. Slowly she got up & asked did you like it I said yes, she still didn’t cover her boobs here pallu was still down, she asked what did you like in me I said your lips, boobs, ass sh was surprise to hear from me she said I thought you are a small boy but you like so much in me ha I said yes.

Again she asked only so much ha still anything is there I said I want to see your navel she asked why I love women’s showing there navel & wearing saree below navel so she adjusted he saree & showed m here navel it was so hot & deep I didn’t think she will have such a sexy navel. If anyone has seen actress kiran rathod’s navel by seeing again my cock raised she asked what you like my navel ha again your small bro has raised I said yes I loved it, I asked here can I insert my cock in your navel she was shocked & happy to hear she only took my cock & inserted in her navel it was so deep my cock head jammed in here she was in mood & nice sound hahaha umumumu hahahah she was saying it’s too nice your cock is playing nicely in my navel I love it so I slowly pressed here back & pinched she screamed & said it’s paining I said you will enjoy. Suddenly clock raised a sound it was 12’o’ clock here children will come for lunch at 12.30 I said I can’t control she said please understand my situation & took my cock & started to stroke, I hold her hand & said not hand by your beautiful lips.

So again she needle down & took my cock in mouth & started to suck I said aunty so nice it is ha uncle is lucky to have you as a wife sup aunty like that only hahaha hahaha ahaha suddenly aunty bitted my cock I screamed I said it’s paining why did you do like that she said I like to do like that sorry & again started to suck, when I was about to come I pushed my full cock into her mouth & hold her head she started to pull me back but she didn’t I come fully in her mouth she drank fully of my juice but still I didn’t leave her I was holding like that only after few seconds I freed her, she asked why did you do like that I said simply so we both went to bathroom on the way I removed her saree fully she asked why did you remove I said it will wet

Now she was in blouse & petticoat only so we reached bathroom she was bending & cleaning & washing her face with eyes closed by seeing her boobs I got mad so I asked aunty I want to piss she said piss I wantedly I pissed on her boobs but still she was bending only she just opened her eyes & said what is this toilet basin ha it’s my boobs I said I liked it so only she said ok & she lifted her saree & started to piss I went back of her & sat I put my hand on her neck & started to press her boobs in one hand & other went to her pussy but still she was pissing suddenly I inserted my finger inside she said ha I was fingering suddenly next door grandmother started to shout has she need curd & aunty said I am having bath afterwards I will give you then aunty came to about children so she said not now

So I washed her pussy and again she stated to wash hand I just a mug of water and poured exactly on her boobs she started to shout why did you do like that see I am wet now I said sorry just simply so we both came out & went to bedroom I took a towel & started to wipe myself. Aunty selected new dress to wear because of wet I made so aunty was about to remove I said wait she asked what I said I will remove she said ok & I started to remove her boobs now her boobs were out she was wearing red bra it was so sexy to see her she said noting just see but not doing noting because children’s are coming so I just removed her bra, took a towel & started to wipe it as wiping I removed her petticoat she was not wearing panty I wiped her fully body & I was about insert finger but she hold my hand & said no. I was in sad so took a new bra started to dress her & dressed completely.

We came to hall & saw time it was 1’o’ clock then only aunty came to know kid’s will come at 1.30 as it was Friday I was happy I was about to press her boobs soon that next door grandmother same for curd, back only uncle came . So uncle asked what so far I said just like that & came out.

In next part I will write how I fucked my aunty. Please send me your feedbacks so that I can improve my narration in next part. My id [email protected].

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