How I Explored Myself- Part 1

Hello, everyone. I am a regular reader of Indian sex story. Well, I used to crossdress, when I hit my puberty. I cross-dress a lot when I am alone. Now I am in Assam. Earlier when I was in Delhi I used to stay alone. I was studying in Delhi University (regular college). I used to be in nighty when I was at home. Even after college I come back home and changed myself in nighty. And when my cook used to come, then I changed myself to hot pants and a loose t-shirt but inside I used to wear bra and panty.

On Saturday night I used to party alone at home with drinks and self-pampering. I used to get ready with full makeup sometimes in Indian attire and sometimes Western. After a couple of months, I was tired of all these and wanted to explore more. There was a Bengali barber shop car park Delhi. I went there to have a face and a head massage. There was a lean good looking guy I met, who started massaging my face. Then after he was done with face massage. He started with my head massage. While he was massaging my head he went downwards to my neck and ended to my chest.

He was super stunned when he started massaging my chest because my chest is 36c. I got quite horny. He was pressing my chest passionately. I asked him to stopped and I left for home. This happened for a couple of weeks. After few weeks he asked for my number and said he can give me home service. I agreed and gave him my number.

On Sunday morning I was having a hangover and I badly wanted a full body massage. But I was not able to go out as it was heavily raining. I called him and asked him if he could come. He agreed and came. After 30 mins, the doorbell rang and I was in hot pants and camisole. I opened the door and he was full wet. I asked him to come inside. He came and I told me to dry himself. I gave him a towel and told him to change his clothes. He agreed and he opened his t-shirt. I was stunned to see his physic.

Then asked me when to massage me. I said whenever it suits him. He told me he is ready and showed him my bedroom. I told him to wait as I need to change. I went to the bathroom to change but I forgot my towel in my cupboard. I asked him to get my towel from the cupboard. He got it for me but later on, I realized that my cupboard was half of bra, panty, saree, blouse, nighty, salwar kameez. I came out with shy. But he didn’t react. He asked me to lay down. He started massaging me.

When the massage of breasts part came, he was smiling and starting enjoying with my breasts. I was getting horny and started breathing heavily. He got me and pinched my nipple. I moaned loudly. Then came closer to me. I opened my eyes and saw his lips in front of mine. Within a fraction of a second, I opened my lips and started kissing me. He kissed me for 10 mins. Then we stopped. I asked him to leave though he wasn’t ready as well as me. Because I wanted him to explore my feminine part. When he was about to leave I told him to have lunch and leave. He agreed and stayed back.

I went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for him. While I was cooking for him. He grabbed me from behind and kissed me on my neck and requested me to come in saree. I was immediately turned on. I know he was horny as well as me too. I left the kitchen and went to my bedroom and locked the door. I opened all my clothes and took a pink padded bra and panty. I started wearing my bra and panty. I adjusted my breasts to give a good cleavage. Then I took a pink sleeveless blouse deep neck cut and deep back open one. After that, I took a pink petticoat and started wearing. I grabbed the pink started wearing it. I adjusted the pallu so that it give a good cleavage.

After I was done with clothes. I applied pink lipstick wore some Bangles with pink bindi and I also applied some sindoor as a housewife getting fucked, my someone. I came out of the room and went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch for him. He came again and grabbed me. I turned around and started kissing him. He immediately lifted me and made me sit on the self. He started kissing me wildly and I was responding back madly. He lifted my saree and started caressing my ass. I was moaning heavily. I got down from the shelf and opened his zip and he took his dick in my mouth. He was enjoying it.

I sucked for around 15 mins. He lifted me up again, opened my blouse and kissed my nipples. I was not able to control anymore and I asked him to fuck me. He showed me my bedroom. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my bedroom. He lifted my petticoat and saree and started fucking me for around 20 mins. Later on, he came inside me. I was so fucking satisfied that finally, I was able to explore myself as a feminine to a male.

After the session, he wanted to stay with me for a couple of days. I agreed and said he can stay with me. We stayed as a husband and wife for one week. And he fucked me day and night and I used to be me saree or salwar whole day as his wife. I was loving those moments with him. Then one day he wanted to have some drinks with me as his wife. I agreed and he got a bottle. I changed myself in red bra panty and transparent nighty with full makeup. My boobs were popping out.

Even I was shocked to see the growth of my boobs from 36c to 36d. This growth was all because of his love, caring and his male sperm inside me twice a day from past one week. We started the party and we got Drunk. He passed away after 8 pegs and I was in my 4th peg. I was quite high. Then the door bell rang. Without any fear, I went to open the door in a nighty with my boobs Popping out and as soon as I opened the door I was super shocked to see the person. It was none other than my landlord.

This sex story continues in the second part. Till then my planet Romeo I’d is: anxiety 10

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