How I Fucked My Virgin Student

Hi, myself Ashish from hyderabad and am following iss from the past five years and this site is very much helpful for me to do this encounter sorry if I made any mistakes in writing pls forgive me with your valuable comments and feedback at [email protected]

Coming to the story this happened two years back at that time I used to take home tutorials to the students of 10 and inter I got a tuition class in bannara hills for intermediate student her name is fathima name changed for privacy and her figure is awesome by watching her my mind went blank she was in her tee s and shorts her boobs are main assets they were round and big she is beautiful like angel and I went to teach her class and came back to hostel but I am unable to get sleep because of her and I slept and woke up next day I went to class and completed my class after one week we were a little bit of free and we were talking about all the things than we exchange our numbers and I got a plan to trap her I used to send msgs to her like good morning good night etc

Some days went like that one day I went to take class she is in her room I went there the door is not closed properly and she was changing her dress and peeped from the open door and my mind went blank by watching her in bra and panty her boobs popping out from her bra am stunned for a while and came into my sense at that time she was in her shorts and tees and I knocked the door she said come in and went inside and I said today am unable to teach you study than she said ok and after went to my hostel am in dreams of fathima and at 10 pm I sdnt a msg hi than she replied hi sir than she asked wt happen sir why are you so much tensed than I said nothing than I said if I tell something you won’t get angry na than she said no sir you can ask than I asked her do you have bf than she said no sir

Fat: do you have gf

Me: no

Me: why dont you have bf your looking awesome

Fat: no sir

Me: you know you’re so beautiful fat

Fat: thanks and she said going to sleep gni8

Next day morning I sent msg and she didn’t reply and evening I went to her home she was alone in her home and as usual I went to first floor and am damn stuck by watching fathima from the window she is watching porn I . Her system and rubbing her pussy from the top of her dress I went near door and knocked she switched off her system and came like she dont know anything I came in to the room and she took her books and came we started talking and I said you’re looking gorgeous she said thanks and I praised a lot about her beauty and she sat beside me so when I will teach I can feel her thighs and boobs sometimes but she cannot say anything and I got a hint that she is also enjoying my touch than I put my hand on her thighs she said nothing and I rubbed her thighs she is feeling well and breath went high than I got courage and I planted a kiss on her lips she also enjoyed it and we both are in heaven

Then I put both my hands on her boobs and pressing and feeling the enjoy of kiss and boobs and slowly I put my right hand it her tees and started pressing her boobs and then kissed her on neck earlobes for ten minutes and went down to her boobs a.D sucks them from top of her dress she is enjoying it and pushing my head towards her boobs than I hiked her dress and saw her melons which are half cupped by her bra and I unhooked her bra and the melons came out from the prison they were white with brown nipples I put right boobs nipple in my mouth and biting gently one by one she was moaning ohhhh come on baby suck me ohhh ohhhh ohhhhh come on and I sucks her bobs for fifteen mins than she said its my turn and she sat in front of me and opened my zip and bring out my 7 cock and said wow superb and started licking and kissing my cock lime a expert for fifteen minutes and I said about to cum she said no problem come in my mouth

After 5 mins my load filled in her mouth she swallowed every drop and went washroom and came back and hugged and now she is in her shorts only we both are in lip kiss for ten minutes and am enjoying the bigboobs also than I put my hand in to hr shorts and went nearby her pussy. And rubbed her pussy and put my middle finger into her pussy she shivered and bite my lip.

And I removed her short and panty in one jerk now is nude in front of me and she removed all my clothes we were in our birth suits now and I said her to lay down on bed and parted her legs and saw the most beautiful love triangle with pink lips and said both your vertical and horizontal lips are pink she smiled and I started eating her pussy wildly and she is moaning lime hell hmmm ahhhh darling lick me …… And pushing my head into her pussy after five minutes she got her orgasm

I swallowed every drop of her cum and she got up and took my tool and we got into 69 position and sucks for five minutes and she said I cant wait please fuck me sir pls fuck me than I got up and parted her legs and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy and teased her and gave a gentle push and my cock head went in and she screamed loudly and I planted a kiss on her lips and waited for five minutes and now she is cool and I gave a hard stroke my cock went half and she is crying in pain

Then I started moving in and out after five minutes she is also enjoying than I gave one more hard stroke and it went fully but she is enjoying it lime that I gave hard strokes for 15 minutes and I said to her she said no than removed my cock and cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it and we slept for half an hour and cleaned our bodies in shower and had some coffee and after this whenever we got chance we fucked and after two months she introduced her friend I will tell you how I fucked her friend in her house in my next story.

Sorry if I made a mistake forgive me. If any Hyderabad girls aunties unsatisfied or else threesome you can mail me at [email protected]

Pls send your feedbacks and comments to my story I am eagerly waiting for your comments and feedbacks @ [email protected]

Thank you so much ISS for giving me the opportunity thanks a lot…

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